> Cycle.js is a fully reactive JavaScript framework for Human-Computer Interaction. Cycle *Core* is the minimum required tools you need for building applications. It is comprised of one single function, `, drivers)`. ## Installing [![npm version](]( `npm install rx @cycle/core` Note: `rx` is a **required** dependency. Without it, nothing will change. ## I came here because I want to... - Understand how Cycle.js works in general: go to - Understand how Cycle *Core* itself works: read the [docs]( and the [tests]( - File a bug report for anything Cycle-related: [open an issue]( - Ask a question such as "How do I ...?": [open a StackOverflow question with `cyclejs` tag]( or ask in the [Gitter chat room]( - Contribute a new driver: [open an issue]( ## LICENSE [The MIT License (MIT)]( - - - [![Build Status](]( [![Code Climate](]( [![Dependency Status](]( [![devDependency Status](]( [![JS.ORG](](