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1{"version":3,"file":"Cache.js","sourceRoot":"","sources":["../../../../src/cache/core/types/Cache.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":"AAIA,MAAM,KAAW,KAAK,CA0GrB;AA1GD,WAAiB,KAAK;AA0GtB,CAAC,EA1GgB,KAAK,KAAL,KAAK,QA0GrB","sourcesContent":["import { DataProxy } from './DataProxy';\nimport { Modifier, Modifiers } from './common';\nimport { ApolloCache } from '../cache';\n\nexport namespace Cache {\n export type WatchCallback<TData = any> = (\n diff: Cache.DiffResult<TData>,\n lastDiff?: Cache.DiffResult<TData>,\n ) => void;\n\n export interface ReadOptions<TVariables = any, TData = any>\n extends DataProxy.Query<TVariables, TData> {\n rootId?: string;\n previousResult?: any;\n optimistic: boolean;\n returnPartialData?: boolean;\n canonizeResults?: boolean;\n }\n\n export interface WriteOptions<TResult = any, TVariables = any>\n extends Omit<DataProxy.Query<TVariables, TResult>, \"id\">,\n Omit<DataProxy.WriteOptions<TResult>, \"data\">\n {\n dataId?: string;\n result: TResult;\n }\n\n export interface DiffOptions<\n TData = any,\n TVariables = any,\n > extends Omit<ReadOptions<TVariables, TData>, \"rootId\"> {\n // The DiffOptions interface is currently just an alias for\n // ReadOptions, though DiffOptions used to be responsible for\n // declaring the returnPartialData option.\n }\n\n export interface WatchOptions<\n TData = any,\n TVariables = any,\n > extends DiffOptions<TData, TVariables> {\n watcher?: object;\n immediate?: boolean;\n callback: WatchCallback<TData>;\n lastDiff?: DiffResult<TData>;\n }\n\n export interface EvictOptions {\n id?: string;\n fieldName?: string;\n args?: Record<string, any>;\n broadcast?: boolean;\n }\n\n // Although you can call cache.reset() without options, its behavior can be\n // configured by passing a Cache.ResetOptions object.\n export interface ResetOptions {\n discardWatches?: boolean;\n }\n\n export interface ModifyOptions {\n id?: string;\n fields: Modifiers | Modifier<any>;\n optimistic?: boolean;\n broadcast?: boolean;\n }\n\n export interface BatchOptions<\n TCache extends ApolloCache<any>,\n TUpdateResult = void,\n > {\n // Same as the first parameter of performTransaction, except the cache\n // argument will have the subclass type rather than ApolloCache.\n update(cache: TCache): TUpdateResult;\n\n // Passing a string for this option creates a new optimistic layer, with the\n // given string as its layer.id, just like passing a string for the\n // optimisticId parameter of performTransaction. Passing true is the same as\n // passing undefined to performTransaction (running the batch operation\n // against the current top layer of the cache), and passing false is the\n // same as passing null (running the operation against root/non-optimistic\n // cache data).\n optimistic?: string | boolean;\n\n // If you specify the ID of an optimistic layer using this option, that\n // layer will be removed as part of the batch transaction, triggering at\n // most one broadcast for both the transaction and the removal of the layer.\n // Note: this option is needed because calling cache.removeOptimistic during\n // the transaction function may not be not safe, since any modifications to\n // cache layers may be discarded after the transaction finishes.\n removeOptimistic?: string;\n\n // If you want to find out which watched queries were invalidated during\n // this batch operation, pass this optional callback function. Returning\n // false from the callback will prevent broadcasting this result.\n onWatchUpdated?: (\n this: TCache,\n watch: Cache.WatchOptions,\n diff: Cache.DiffResult<any>,\n lastDiff: Cache.DiffResult<any> | undefined,\n ) => any;\n }\n\n export import DiffResult = DataProxy.DiffResult;\n export import ReadQueryOptions = DataProxy.ReadQueryOptions;\n export import ReadFragmentOptions = DataProxy.ReadFragmentOptions;\n export import WriteQueryOptions = DataProxy.WriteQueryOptions;\n export import WriteFragmentOptions = DataProxy.WriteFragmentOptions;\n export import UpdateQueryOptions = DataProxy.UpdateQueryOptions;\n export import UpdateFragmentOptions = DataProxy.UpdateFragmentOptions;\n export import Fragment = DataProxy.Fragment;\n}\n"]}
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