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1{"version":3,"file":"types.js","sourceRoot":"","sources":["../../src/core/types.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":"AAe8D,CAAC","sourcesContent":["import { DocumentNode, GraphQLError } from 'graphql';\n\nimport { ApolloCache } from '../cache';\nimport { FetchResult } from '../link/core';\nimport { ApolloError } from '../errors';\nimport { QueryInfo } from './QueryInfo';\nimport { NetworkStatus } from './networkStatus';\nimport { Resolver } from './LocalState';\nimport { ObservableQuery } from './ObservableQuery';\nimport { QueryOptions } from './watchQueryOptions';\nimport { Cache } from '../cache';\nimport { IsStrictlyAny } from '../utilities';\n\nexport { TypedDocumentNode } from '@graphql-typed-document-node/core';\n\nexport interface DefaultContext extends Record<string, any> {};\n\nexport type QueryListener = (queryInfo: QueryInfo) => void;\n\nexport type OnQueryUpdated<TResult> = (\n observableQuery: ObservableQuery<any>,\n diff: Cache.DiffResult<any>,\n lastDiff: Cache.DiffResult<any> | undefined,\n) => boolean | TResult;\n\nexport type RefetchQueryDescriptor = string | DocumentNode;\nexport type InternalRefetchQueryDescriptor = RefetchQueryDescriptor | QueryOptions;\n\ntype RefetchQueriesIncludeShorthand = \"all\" | \"active\";\n\nexport type RefetchQueriesInclude =\n | RefetchQueryDescriptor[]\n | RefetchQueriesIncludeShorthand;\n\nexport type InternalRefetchQueriesInclude =\n | InternalRefetchQueryDescriptor[]\n | RefetchQueriesIncludeShorthand;\n\n// Used by ApolloClient[\"refetchQueries\"]\n// TODO Improve documentation comments for this public type.\nexport interface RefetchQueriesOptions<\n TCache extends ApolloCache<any>,\n TResult,\n> {\n updateCache?: (cache: TCache) => void;\n // The client.refetchQueries method discourages passing QueryOptions, by\n // restricting the public type of options.include to exclude QueryOptions as\n // an available array element type (see InternalRefetchQueriesInclude for a\n // version of RefetchQueriesInclude that allows legacy QueryOptions objects).\n include?: RefetchQueriesInclude;\n optimistic?: boolean;\n // If no onQueryUpdated function is provided, any queries affected by the\n // updateCache function or included in the options.include array will be\n // refetched by default. Passing null instead of undefined disables this\n // default refetching behavior for affected queries, though included queries\n // will still be refetched.\n onQueryUpdated?: OnQueryUpdated<TResult> | null;\n}\n\n// The client.refetchQueries method returns a thenable (PromiseLike) object\n// whose result is an array of Promise.resolve'd TResult values, where TResult\n// is whatever type the (optional) onQueryUpdated function returns. When no\n// onQueryUpdated function is given, TResult defaults to ApolloQueryResult<any>\n// (thanks to default type parameters for client.refetchQueries).\nexport type RefetchQueriesPromiseResults<TResult> =\n // If onQueryUpdated returns any, all bets are off, so the results array must\n // be a generic any[] array, which is much less confusing than the union type\n // we get if we don't check for any. I hoped `any extends TResult` would do\n // the trick here, instead of IsStrictlyAny, but you can see for yourself what\n // fails in the refetchQueries tests if you try making that simplification.\n IsStrictlyAny<TResult> extends true ? any[] :\n // If the onQueryUpdated function passed to client.refetchQueries returns true\n // or false, that means either to refetch the query (true) or to skip the\n // query (false). Since refetching produces an ApolloQueryResult<any>, and\n // skipping produces nothing, the fully-resolved array of all results produced\n // will be an ApolloQueryResult<any>[], when TResult extends boolean.\n TResult extends boolean ? ApolloQueryResult<any>[] :\n // If onQueryUpdated returns a PromiseLike<U>, that thenable will be passed as\n // an array element to Promise.all, so we infer/unwrap the array type U here.\n TResult extends PromiseLike<infer U> ? U[] :\n // All other onQueryUpdated results end up in the final Promise.all array as\n // themselves, with their original TResult type. Note that TResult will\n // default to ApolloQueryResult<any> if no onQueryUpdated function is passed\n // to client.refetchQueries.\n TResult[];\n\n// The result of client.refetchQueries is thenable/awaitable, if you just want\n// an array of fully resolved results, but you can also access the raw results\n// immediately by examining the additional { queries, results } properties of\n// the RefetchQueriesResult<TResult> object.\nexport interface RefetchQueriesResult<TResult>\nextends Promise<RefetchQueriesPromiseResults<TResult>> {\n // An array of ObservableQuery objects corresponding 1:1 to TResult values\n // in the results arrays (both the TResult[] array below, and the results\n // array resolved by the Promise above).\n queries: ObservableQuery<any>[];\n // These are the raw TResult values returned by any onQueryUpdated functions\n // that were invoked by client.refetchQueries.\n results: InternalRefetchQueriesResult<TResult>[];\n}\n\n// Used by QueryManager[\"refetchQueries\"]\nexport interface InternalRefetchQueriesOptions<\n TCache extends ApolloCache<any>,\n TResult,\n> extends Omit<RefetchQueriesOptions<TCache, TResult>, \"include\"> {\n // Just like the refetchQueries option for a mutation, an array of strings,\n // DocumentNode objects, and/or QueryOptions objects, or one of the shorthand\n // strings \"all\" or \"active\", to select every (active) query.\n include?: InternalRefetchQueriesInclude;\n // This part of the API is a (useful) implementation detail, but need not be\n // exposed in the public client.refetchQueries API (above).\n removeOptimistic?: string;\n}\n\nexport type InternalRefetchQueriesResult<TResult> =\n // If onQueryUpdated returns a boolean, that's equivalent to refetching the\n // query when the boolean is true and skipping the query when false, so the\n // internal type of refetched results is Promise<ApolloQueryResult<any>>.\n TResult extends boolean ? Promise<ApolloQueryResult<any>> :\n // Otherwise, onQueryUpdated returns whatever it returns. If onQueryUpdated is\n // not provided, TResult defaults to Promise<ApolloQueryResult<any>> (see the\n // generic type parameters of client.refetchQueries).\n TResult;\n\nexport type InternalRefetchQueriesMap<TResult> =\n Map<ObservableQuery<any>,\n InternalRefetchQueriesResult<TResult>>;\n\n// TODO Remove this unnecessary type in Apollo Client 4.\nexport type { QueryOptions as PureQueryOptions };\n\nexport type OperationVariables = Record<string, any>;\n\nexport type ApolloQueryResult<T> = {\n data: T;\n /**\n * A list of any errors that occurred during server-side execution of a GraphQL operation.\n * See https://www.apollographql.com/docs/react/data/error-handling/ for more information.\n */\n errors?: ReadonlyArray<GraphQLError>;\n /**\n * The single Error object that is passed to onError and useQuery hooks, and is often thrown during manual `client.query` calls.\n * This will contain both a NetworkError field and any GraphQLErrors.\n * See https://www.apollographql.com/docs/react/data/error-handling/ for more information.\n */\n error?: ApolloError;\n loading: boolean;\n networkStatus: NetworkStatus;\n // If result.data was read from the cache with missing fields,\n // result.partial will be true. Otherwise, result.partial will be falsy\n // (usually because the property is absent from the result object).\n partial?: boolean;\n};\n\n// This is part of the public API, people write these functions in `updateQueries`.\nexport type MutationQueryReducer<T> = (\n previousResult: Record<string, any>,\n options: {\n mutationResult: FetchResult<T>;\n queryName: string | undefined;\n queryVariables: Record<string, any>;\n },\n) => Record<string, any>;\n\nexport type MutationQueryReducersMap<T = { [key: string]: any }> = {\n [queryName: string]: MutationQueryReducer<T>;\n};\n\n// @deprecated Use MutationUpdaterFunction instead.\nexport type MutationUpdaterFn<T = { [key: string]: any }> = (\n // The MutationUpdaterFn type is broken because it mistakenly uses the same\n // type parameter T for both the cache and the mutationResult. Do not use this\n // type unless you absolutely need it for backwards compatibility.\n cache: ApolloCache<T>,\n mutationResult: FetchResult<T>,\n) => void;\n\nexport type MutationUpdaterFunction<\n TData,\n TVariables,\n TContext,\n TCache extends ApolloCache<any>\n> = (\n cache: TCache,\n result: Omit<FetchResult<TData>, 'context'>,\n options: {\n context?: TContext,\n variables?: TVariables,\n },\n) => void;\nexport interface Resolvers {\n [key: string]: {\n [ field: string ]: Resolver;\n };\n}\n"]}
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