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1{"version":3,"file":"abstract.js","sourceRoot":"","sources":["../../../../src/lib/models/types/abstract.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":";;AAKA,MAAsB,IAAI;IAA1B;QAKa,SAAI,GAAW,MAAM,CAAC;IA+EnC,CAAC;IAhEG,MAAM,CAAC,IAAU;QACb,OAAO,KAAK,CAAC;IACjB,CAAC;IAMD,QAAQ;QACJ,IAAI,MAAM,GAAQ,EAAE,CAAC;QACrB,MAAM,CAAC,IAAI,GAAG,IAAI,CAAC,IAAI,CAAC;QAExB,OAAO,MAAM,CAAC;IAClB,CAAC;IAKD,QAAQ;QACJ,OAAO,MAAM,CAAC;IAClB,CAAC;IAQD,MAAM,CAAC,iBAAiB,CAAC,CAAS,EAAE,CAAS;QACzC,IAAI,CAAC,CAAC,MAAM,KAAK,CAAC,CAAC,MAAM,EAAE;YACvB,OAAO,KAAK,CAAC;SAChB;QACD,SAAS,EAAE,KAAK,IAAI,EAAE,GAAG,CAAC,EAAE,KAAK,GAAG,CAAC,CAAC,MAAM,EAAE,EAAE,GAAG,KAAK,EAAE,EAAE,EAAE,EAAE;YAC5D,MAAM,EAAE,GAAG,CAAC,CAAC,EAAE,CAAC,CAAC;YACjB,KAAK,IAAI,EAAE,GAAG,CAAC,EAAE,EAAE,GAAG,KAAK,EAAE,EAAE,EAAE,EAAE;gBAC/B,IAAI,CAAC,CAAC,EAAE,CAAC,CAAC,MAAM,CAAC,EAAE,CAAC,EAAE;oBAClB,SAAS,SAAS,CAAC;iBACtB;aACJ;YAED,OAAO,KAAK,CAAC;SAChB;QAED,OAAO,IAAI,CAAC;IAChB,CAAC;IAQD,MAAM,CAAC,eAAe,CAAC,CAAS,EAAE,CAAS;QACvC,IAAI,CAAC,CAAC,MAAM,KAAK,CAAC,CAAC,MAAM,EAAE;YACvB,OAAO,KAAK,CAAC;SAChB;QACD,KAAK,IAAI,KAAK,GAAG,CAAC,EAAE,KAAK,GAAG,CAAC,CAAC,MAAM,EAAE,KAAK,GAAG,KAAK,EAAE,KAAK,EAAE,EAAE;YAC1D,IAAI,CAAC,CAAC,CAAC,KAAK,CAAC,CAAC,MAAM,CAAC,CAAC,CAAC,KAAK,CAAC,CAAC,EAAE;gBAC5B,OAAO,KAAK,CAAC;aAChB;SACJ;QAED,OAAO,IAAI,CAAC;IAChB,CAAC;CACJ;AApFD,oBAoFC","sourcesContent":["/**\n * Base class of all type definitions.\n *\n * Instances of this class are also used to represent the type `void`.\n */\nexport abstract class Type {\n\n /**\n * The type name identifier.\n */\n readonly type: string = 'void';\n\n /**\n * Clone this type.\n *\n * @return A clone of this type.\n */\n abstract clone(): Type;\n\n /**\n * Test whether this type equals the given type.\n *\n * @param type The type that should be checked for equality.\n * @returns TRUE if the given type equals this type, FALSE otherwise.\n */\n equals(type: Type): boolean {\n return false;\n }\n\n /**\n * Return a raw object representation of this type.\n * @deprecated Use serializers instead\n */\n toObject(): any {\n let result: any = {};\n result.type = this.type;\n\n return result;\n }\n\n /**\n * Return a string representation of this type.\n */\n toString(): string {\n return 'void';\n }\n\n /**\n * Test whether the two given list of types contain equal types.\n *\n * @param a\n * @param b\n */\n static isTypeListSimilar(a: Type[], b: Type[]): boolean {\n if (a.length !== b.length) {\n return false;\n }\n outerLoop: for (let an = 0, count = a.length; an < count; an++) {\n const at = a[an];\n for (let bn = 0; bn < count; bn++) {\n if (b[bn].equals(at)) {\n continue outerLoop;\n }\n }\n\n return false;\n }\n\n return true;\n }\n\n /**\n * Test whether the two given list of types are equal.\n *\n * @param a\n * @param b\n */\n static isTypeListEqual(a: Type[], b: Type[]): boolean {\n if (a.length !== b.length) {\n return false;\n }\n for (let index = 0, count = a.length; index < count; index++) {\n if (!a[index].equals(b[index])) {\n return false;\n }\n }\n\n return true;\n }\n}\n"]}
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