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1{"version":3,"file":"browser.js","sourceRoot":"","sources":["../../../src/lib/serialization/browser.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":"","sourcesContent":["/**\n * Shared serialized symbols\n * The shared symbols can be used in node or in a browser web application.\n *\n * There are 2 types of symbols:\n * - Object\n * - Container\n *\n * ## Object\n * Object symbols (XXXObject) represents the final structure of a JSON object after it was\n * serialized by the native typedoc serializers. It is a type composition of Container symbols.\n *\n * ## Container\n * Container symbols (XXXContainer) are partial symbols used to compose an Object symbol.\n *\n * ## Object vs Container symbols\n * While Container symbols might look redundant they are not, when an external serialization plugin\n * is used it will, most likely, alter the structure of the output, the plugin can then use the\n * Container symbols to expose custom Object symbols with minimal effort.\n */\n\nexport interface ReflectionContainer {\n id: number;\n name: string;\n kind: number;\n kindString: string;\n flags: ReflectionFlagsObject;\n originalName?: string;\n}\n\nexport interface DefaultValueContainer {\n defaultValue: string;\n}\n\nexport interface TypeContainer {\n type: TypeObject;\n}\n\nexport interface TypeParameterContainer {\n typeParameters: TypeContainer[];\n}\n\nexport interface DecoratesContainer {\n decorates: TypeObject[];\n}\n\nexport interface DecoratorsContainer<T> {\n decorators: T[];\n}\n\nexport interface SourceReferenceContainer<T> {\n sources: T[];\n}\n\nexport interface GroupsContainer<T> {\n groups: T[];\n}\n\nexport interface CategoriesContainer<T> {\n categories: T[];\n}\n\nexport interface ContainerReflectionContainer<TChildren> {\n children: TChildren[];\n}\n\nexport interface CommentContainer<TComment> {\n comment: TComment;\n}\n\nexport interface SignatureReflectionContainer<TParameters> {\n /**\n * A type that points to the reflection that has been overwritten by this reflection.\n *\n * Applies to interface and class members.\n */\n overwrites?: TypeObject;\n\n /**\n * A type that points to the reflection this reflection has been inherited from.\n *\n * Applies to interface and class members.\n */\n inheritedFrom?: TypeObject;\n\n /**\n * A type that points to the reflection this reflection is the implementation of.\n *\n * Applies to class members.\n */\n implementationOf?: TypeObject;\n\n parameters?: TParameters[];\n}\n\nexport interface DeclarationReflectionContainer<T> {\n /**\n * A list of call signatures attached to this declaration.\n *\n * TypeDoc creates one declaration per function that may contain ore or more\n * signature reflections.\n */\n signatures?: T[];\n\n /**\n * The index signature of this declaration.\n */\n indexSignature?: T[];\n\n /**\n * The get signature of this declaration.\n */\n getSignature?: T[];\n\n /**\n * The set signature of this declaration.\n */\n setSignature?: T[];\n\n /**\n * A list of all types this reflection extends (e.g. the parent classes).\n */\n extendedTypes?: TypeObject[];\n\n /**\n * A list of all types that extend this reflection (e.g. the subclasses).\n */\n extendedBy?: TypeObject[];\n\n /**\n * A list of all types this reflection implements.\n */\n implementedTypes?: TypeObject[];\n\n /**\n * A list of all types that implement this reflection.\n */\n implementedBy?: TypeObject[];\n\n}\n\nexport interface ReflectionObject extends ReflectionContainer,\n Partial<CommentContainer<CommentObject>>,\n Partial<DecoratesContainer>,\n Partial<DecoratorsContainer<DecoratorObject>> { }\n\nexport interface ParameterReflectionObject extends ReflectionObject,\n TypeContainer,\n DefaultValueContainer {}\n\nexport interface ContainerReflectionObject extends ReflectionObject,\n Partial<SourceReferenceContainer<SourceReferenceObject>>,\n Partial<GroupsContainer<ReflectionGroupObject>>,\n Partial<CategoriesContainer<ReflectionCategoryObject>>,\n ContainerReflectionContainer<ReflectionObject> {}\n\nexport interface DeclarationReflectionObject extends ContainerReflectionObject,\n DefaultValueContainer,\n Partial<TypeContainer>,\n Partial<TypeParameterContainer>,\n Partial<SignatureReflectionContainer<ParameterReflectionObject>>,\n DeclarationReflectionContainer<SignatureReflectionObject> {}\n\nexport interface SignatureReflectionObject extends ReflectionObject,\n Partial<SignatureReflectionContainer<ParameterReflectionObject>>,\n Partial<TypeContainer>,\n Partial<TypeParameterContainer> { }\n\nexport interface CommentObject {\n shortText?: string;\n text?: string;\n returns?: string;\n tags?: CommentTagObject[];\n}\n\nexport interface CommentTagObject {\n tag: string;\n text: string;\n param?: string;\n}\n\nexport interface DecoratorObject {\n /**\n * The name of the decorator being applied.\n */\n name: string;\n\n /**\n * The type declaring the decorator.\n * Usually a ReferenceType instance pointing to the decorator function.\n */\n type?: TypeObject;\n\n /**\n * A named map of arguments the decorator is applied with.\n */\n arguments?: any;\n}\n\nexport interface ProjectReflectionObject extends ContainerReflectionObject { }\n\nexport interface SourceReferenceObject {\n fileName: string;\n line: number;\n character: number;\n}\n\nexport interface TypeObject {\n\n /**\n * The type name identifier.\n */\n type: 'void' | 'array' | 'intersection' | 'intrinsic' | 'reference' | 'reflection' | 'stringLiteral' | 'tuple' | 'typeParameter' | 'union' | 'unknown' | string;\n\n // array\n /**\n * For Array type only, The type (T) of the array's elements.\n */\n elementType?: TypeObject;\n\n // intersection\n /**\n * For intersection type only, the types the union consists of.\n * For union type only, the types the union consists of.\n */\n types?: TypeObject[];\n\n // intrinsic, reference, typeParameter, unknown\n /**\n * For intrinsic type only, The name of the intrinsic type like `string` or `boolean`.\n *\n * For reference type only, The name of the referenced type.\n * If the symbol cannot be found cause it's not part of the documentation this\n * can be used to represent the type.\n *\n * For typeParameter type only, the name of the type.\n *\n * For unknown type only, the name of the type.\n */\n name?: 'Object' | 'string' | 'number' | 'boolean' | 'this' | string;\n\n // reference\n /**\n * The reflection id for this type\n */\n id?: number;\n\n /**\n * For reference type only, The type arguments of this reference.\n */\n typeArguments?: TypeObject[];\n\n // reflection\n /**\n * For reflection type only, The reflection of the type.\n */\n declaration?: ReflectionObject;\n\n // stringLiteral\n /**\n * For stringLiteral type only, The string literal value.\n */\n value?: string;\n\n // tuple\n /**\n * For tuple type only, The ordered type elements of the tuple type.\n */\n elements?: TypeObject[];\n\n // typeParameter\n /**\n * For typeParameter type only, The constraint type for the generic type.\n */\n constraint?: TypeObject;\n}\n\nexport interface ReflectionGroupObject {\n /**\n * The title, a string representation of the typescript kind, of this group.\n */\n title: string;\n\n /**\n * The original typescript kind of the children of this group.\n */\n kind: number;\n\n /**\n * A list of reflection id's for this group.\n */\n children?: number[];\n\n /**\n * A list of categories for this group.\n */\n categories?: ReflectionCategoryObject[];\n}\n\nexport interface ReflectionCategoryObject {\n /**\n * The title, a string representation of the typescript kind, of this category.\n */\n title: string;\n\n /**\n * A list of reflection id's for this category.\n */\n children?: number[];\n}\n\nexport interface ReflectionFlagsObject {\n /**\n * Is this a private member?\n */\n isPrivate?: boolean;\n\n /**\n * Is this a protected member?\n */\n isProtected?: boolean;\n\n /**\n * Is this a public member?\n */\n isPublic?: boolean;\n\n /**\n * Is this a static member?\n */\n isStatic?: boolean;\n\n /**\n * Is this member exported?\n */\n isExported?: boolean;\n\n /**\n * Is this a declaration from an external document?\n */\n isExternal?: boolean;\n\n /**\n * Whether this reflection is an optional component or not.\n *\n * Applies to function parameters and object members.\n */\n isOptional?: boolean;\n\n /**\n * Whether it's a rest parameter, like `foo(...params);`.\n */\n isRest?: boolean;\n\n /**\n *\n */\n hasExportAssignment?: boolean;\n\n isConstructorProperty?: boolean;\n}\n"]}
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