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1import { DialogProps } from "../../components";
2import { IHotkeyProps } from "./hotkey";
3export interface IHotkeysDialogProps extends DialogProps {
4 /**
5 * This string displayed as the group name in the hotkeys dialog for all
6 * global hotkeys.
7 */
8 globalHotkeysGroup?: string;
10export declare function isHotkeysDialogShowing(): boolean;
11export declare function setHotkeysDialogProps(props: Partial<IHotkeysDialogProps>): void;
12export declare function showHotkeysDialog(hotkeys: IHotkeyProps[]): void;
13export declare function hideHotkeysDialog(): void;
15 * Use this function instead of `hideHotkeysDialog` if you need to ensure that all hotkey listeners
16 * have time to execute with the dialog in a consistent open state. This can avoid flickering the
17 * dialog between open and closed states as successive listeners fire.
18 */
19export declare function hideHotkeysDialogAfterDelay(): void;