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1import type { Timezone, TimezoneWithNames } from "./timezoneTypes";
2export declare function isValidTimezone(timeZone: string | undefined): boolean;
3export declare function getTimezoneShortName(tzIanaCode: string, date: Date | undefined): string;
5 * Augments a simple {@link Timezone} metadata object with long and short names formatted by `date-fns-tz`.
6 */
7export declare function getTimezoneNames(tz: Timezone, date?: Date | number | undefined): TimezoneWithNames;
8export declare const mapTimezonesWithNames: (date: Date | undefined, timezones: Timezone[] | TimezoneWithNames[]) => TimezoneWithNames[];
9export declare function getInitialTimezoneItems(date: Date | undefined, showLocalTimezone: boolean): TimezoneWithNames[];