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1import { Bounds, Nullable, SimpleDocument, SimpleElement, SimpleNode, ElementBuilder, Environment } from "@glimmer/interfaces";
2import { DOMTreeConstruction } from "@glimmer/runtime";
3declare class NodeDOMTreeConstruction extends DOMTreeConstruction {
4 protected document: SimpleDocument; // Hides property on base class
5 constructor(doc: Nullable<SimpleDocument>);
6 // override to prevent usage of `this.document` until after the constructor
7 protected setupUselessElement(): void;
8 insertHTMLBefore(parent: SimpleElement, reference: Nullable<SimpleNode>, html: string): Bounds;
9 // override to avoid SVG detection/work when in node (this is not needed in SSR)
10 createElement(tag: string): SimpleElement;
11 // override to avoid namespace shenanigans when in node (this is not needed in SSR)
12 setAttribute(element: SimpleElement, name: string, value: string): void;
14declare function serializeBuilder(env: Environment, cursor: {
15 element: SimpleElement;
16 nextSibling: Nullable<SimpleNode>;
17}): ElementBuilder;
18export { NodeDOMTreeConstruction, serializeBuilder };
19//# sourceMappingURL=index.d.ts.map
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