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1export declare let controllerCommonModulesInternal: any;
2/** The collection of utility functions in JS-Controller, formerly `lib/tools.js` */
3export declare const controllerToolsInternal: any;
5 * Resolve a module that is either exported by @iobroker/js-controller-common (new controllers) or located in in the controller's `lib` directory (old controllers).
6 * @param name - The filename of the module to resolve
7 * @param exportName - The name under which the module may be exported. Defaults to `name`.
8 */
9export declare function resolveNamedModule(name: string, exportName?: string): any;
11 * Converts a pattern to match object IDs into a RegEx string that can be used in `new RegExp(...)`
12 * @param pattern The pattern to convert
13 */
14declare function pattern2RegEx(pattern: string): string;
15export declare const commonTools: {
16 pattern2RegEx: typeof pattern2RegEx;
17 password: any;
18 letsEncrypt: any;
19 session: any;
20 zipFiles: any;
22export {};