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1{"version":3,"file":"TSDocValidationConfiguration.js","sourceRoot":"","sources":["../../src/configuration/TSDocValidationConfiguration.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":";;;AAAA;;GAEG;AACH;IAAA;QACE;;;;;;;;;;WAUG;QACI,wBAAmB,GAAY,KAAK,CAAC;QAE5C;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;WAgBG;QACI,0BAAqB,GAAY,KAAK,CAAC;QAE9C;;;;;WAKG;QACI,kCAA6B,GAAY,KAAK,CAAC;IACxD,CAAC;IAAD,mCAAC;AAAD,CAAC,AAxCD,IAwCC;AAxCY,oEAA4B","sourcesContent":["/**\r\n * Part of the {@link TSDocConfiguration} object.\r\n */\r\nexport class TSDocValidationConfiguration {\r\n /**\r\n * Set `ignoreUndefinedTags` to true to silently ignore unrecognized tags,\r\n * instead of reporting a warning.\r\n *\r\n * @remarks\r\n * Normally the parser will issue errors when it encounters tag names that do not\r\n * have a corresponding definition in {@link TSDocConfiguration.tagDefinitions}.\r\n * This helps to catch common mistakes such as a misspelled tag.\r\n *\r\n * @defaultValue `false`\r\n */\r\n public ignoreUndefinedTags: boolean = false;\r\n\r\n /**\r\n * Set `reportUnsupportedTags` to true to issue a warning for tags that are not\r\n * supported by your tool.\r\n *\r\n * @remarks\r\n * The TSDoc standard defines may tags. By default it assumes that if your tool does\r\n * not implement one of these tags, then it will simply ignore it. But sometimes this\r\n * may be misleading for developers. (For example, they might write an `@example` block\r\n * and then be surprised if it doesn't appear in the documentation output.).\r\n *\r\n * For a better experience, you can tell the parser which tags you support, and then it\r\n * will issue warnings wherever unsupported tags are used. This is done using\r\n * {@link TSDocConfiguration.setSupportForTag}. Note that calling that function\r\n * automatically sets `reportUnsupportedTags` to true.\r\n *\r\n * @defaultValue `false`\r\n */\r\n public reportUnsupportedTags: boolean = false;\r\n\r\n /**\r\n * Set `reportUnsupportedHtmlElements` to true to issue a warning for HTML elements which\r\n * are not defined in your TSDoc configuration's `supportedHtmlElements` field.\r\n *\r\n * @defaultValue `false`\r\n */\r\n public reportUnsupportedHtmlElements: boolean = false;\r\n}\r\n"]}
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