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1{"version":3,"file":"Standardization.js","sourceRoot":"","sources":["../../src/details/Standardization.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":";;;AAAA;;;GAGG;AACH,IAAY,eA8BX;AA9BD,WAAY,eAAe;IACzB;;;;;OAKG;IACH,gCAAa,CAAA;IAEb;;;;OAIG;IACH,wCAAqB,CAAA;IAErB;;;;;;;OAOG;IACH,kDAA+B,CAAA;IAE/B;;OAEG;IACH,gCAAa,CAAA;AACf,CAAC,EA9BW,eAAe,GAAf,uBAAe,KAAf,uBAAe,QA8B1B","sourcesContent":["/**\r\n * Used to group the {@link StandardTags} definitions according to the level of support\r\n * expected from documentation tools that implement the standard.\r\n */\r\nexport enum Standardization {\r\n /**\r\n * TSDoc tags in the \"Core\" standardization group are considered essential.\r\n * Their meaning is standardized, and every documentation tool is expected\r\n * to recognize them. The TSDoc parser library typically provides dedicated APIs\r\n * for accessing these tags.\r\n */\r\n Core = 'Core',\r\n\r\n /**\r\n * TSDoc tags in the \"Extended\" standardization group are optional. Documentation tools\r\n * may or may not support them. If they do, the syntax and semantics should conform to\r\n * the TSDoc standard definitions.\r\n */\r\n Extended = 'Extended',\r\n\r\n /**\r\n * TSDoc tags in the \"Discretionary\" standardization group are optional. Although the\r\n * syntax is specified, the semantics for these tags are implementation-specific\r\n * (and sometimes difficult to describe completely without referring to a specific\r\n * implementation). Discretionary tags are included in the TSDoc standard to ensure that\r\n * if two different popular tools use the same tag name, developers can expect the syntax\r\n * to be the same, and the semantics to be somewhat similar.\r\n */\r\n Discretionary = 'Discretionary',\r\n\r\n /**\r\n * The tag is not part of the TSDoc standard. All used-defined tags are assigned to this group.\r\n */\r\n None = 'None'\r\n}\r\n"]}
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