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1export declare function areClose(value1: number, value2: number): boolean;
2export declare function greaterThanOrClose(value1: number, value2: number): boolean;
3export declare function greaterThan(value1: number, value2: number): boolean;
4export declare function lessThan(value1: number, value2: number): boolean;
5export declare function isZero(value: number): boolean;
6export declare function greaterThanZero(value: Object): boolean;
7export declare function notNegative(value: Object): boolean;
8export declare const radiansToDegrees: (a: number) => number;
9export declare const degreesToRadians: (a: number) => number;
11 * Map value changes across a set of criteria
12 * @param val value to map
13 * @param in_min minimum
14 * @param in_max maximum
15 * @param out_min starting value
16 * @param out_max ending value
17 * @returns
18 */
19export declare function valueMap(val: number, in_min: number, in_max: number, out_min: number, out_max: number): number;