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1import { InjectionToken } from '@angular/core';
2import { RuntimeChecks, MetaReducer } from './models';
3export declare const _ROOT_STORE_GUARD: InjectionToken<void>;
4export declare const _INITIAL_STATE: InjectionToken<unknown>;
5export declare const INITIAL_STATE: InjectionToken<unknown>;
6export declare const REDUCER_FACTORY: InjectionToken<unknown>;
7export declare const _REDUCER_FACTORY: InjectionToken<unknown>;
8export declare const INITIAL_REDUCERS: InjectionToken<unknown>;
9export declare const _INITIAL_REDUCERS: InjectionToken<unknown>;
10export declare const STORE_FEATURES: InjectionToken<unknown>;
11export declare const _STORE_REDUCERS: InjectionToken<unknown>;
12export declare const _FEATURE_REDUCERS: InjectionToken<unknown>;
13export declare const _FEATURE_CONFIGS: InjectionToken<unknown>;
14export declare const _STORE_FEATURES: InjectionToken<unknown>;
15export declare const _FEATURE_REDUCERS_TOKEN: InjectionToken<unknown>;
16export declare const FEATURE_REDUCERS: InjectionToken<unknown>;
18 * User-defined meta reducers from StoreModule.forRoot()
19 */
20export declare const USER_PROVIDED_META_REDUCERS: InjectionToken<MetaReducer<any, import("./models").Action>[]>;
22 * Meta reducers defined either internally by @ngrx/store or by library authors
23 */
24export declare const META_REDUCERS: InjectionToken<MetaReducer<any, import("./models").Action>[]>;
26 * Concats the user provided meta reducers and the meta reducers provided on the multi
27 * injection token
28 */
29export declare const _RESOLVED_META_REDUCERS: InjectionToken<MetaReducer<any, import("./models").Action>>;
31 * Runtime checks defined by the user via an InjectionToken
32 * Defaults to `_USER_RUNTIME_CHECKS`
33 */
34export declare const USER_RUNTIME_CHECKS: InjectionToken<RuntimeChecks>;
36 * Runtime checks defined by the user via forRoot()
37 */
38export declare const _USER_RUNTIME_CHECKS: InjectionToken<RuntimeChecks>;
40 * Runtime checks currently in use
41 */
42export declare const ACTIVE_RUNTIME_CHECKS: InjectionToken<RuntimeChecks>;
43export declare const _ACTION_TYPE_UNIQUENESS_CHECK: InjectionToken<void>;