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2 * This method is specifically for updating a JSON file using the filesystem
3 *
4 * @remarks
5 * If you are looking to update a JSON file in a tree, look for ./ast-utils#updateJsonInTree
6 * @param path Path of the JSON file on the filesystem
7 * @param callback Manipulation of the JSON data
8 */
9export declare function updateJsonFile(path: string, callback: (a: any) => any): void;
10export declare function copyFile(file: string, target: string): void;
11export declare function directoryExists(name: any): boolean;
12export declare function fileExists(filePath: string): boolean;
13export declare function createDirectory(directoryPath: string): void;
14export declare function renameSync(from: string, to: string, cb: (err: Error | null) => void): void;
15export declare function isRelativePath(path: string): boolean;