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1{"version":3,"file":"context-utils.js","sourceRoot":"","sources":["../../../src/trace/context-utils.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":";AAAA;;;;;;;;;;;;;;GAcG;;;AAEH,8CAAsD;AAItD,uDAAsD;AAEtD;;GAEG;AACH,IAAM,QAAQ,GAAG,0BAAgB,CAAC,gCAAgC,CAAC,CAAC;AAEpE;;;;GAIG;AACH,SAAgB,OAAO,CAAC,OAAgB;IACtC,OAAQ,OAAO,CAAC,QAAQ,CAAC,QAAQ,CAAU,IAAI,SAAS,CAAC;AAC3D,CAAC;AAFD,0BAEC;AAED;;;;;GAKG;AACH,SAAgB,OAAO,CAAC,OAAgB,EAAE,IAAU;IAClD,OAAO,OAAO,CAAC,QAAQ,CAAC,QAAQ,EAAE,IAAI,CAAC,CAAC;AAC1C,CAAC;AAFD,0BAEC;AAED;;;;GAIG;AACH,SAAgB,UAAU,CAAC,OAAgB;IACzC,OAAO,OAAO,CAAC,WAAW,CAAC,QAAQ,CAAC,CAAC;AACvC,CAAC;AAFD,gCAEC;AAED;;;;;;GAMG;AACH,SAAgB,cAAc,CAC5B,OAAgB,EAChB,WAAwB;IAExB,OAAO,OAAO,CAAC,OAAO,EAAE,IAAI,mCAAgB,CAAC,WAAW,CAAC,CAAC,CAAC;AAC7D,CAAC;AALD,wCAKC;AAED;;;;GAIG;AACH,SAAgB,cAAc,CAAC,OAAgB;;IAC7C,OAAO,MAAA,OAAO,CAAC,OAAO,CAAC,0CAAE,WAAW,EAAE,CAAC;AACzC,CAAC;AAFD,wCAEC","sourcesContent":["/*\n * Copyright The OpenTelemetry Authors\n *\n * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the \"License\");\n * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.\n * You may obtain a copy of the License at\n *\n * https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0\n *\n * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software\n * distributed under the License is distributed on an \"AS IS\" BASIS,\n * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.\n * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and\n * limitations under the License.\n */\n\nimport { createContextKey } from '../context/context';\nimport { Context } from '../context/types';\nimport { Span } from './span';\nimport { SpanContext } from './span_context';\nimport { NonRecordingSpan } from './NonRecordingSpan';\n\n/**\n * span key\n */\nconst SPAN_KEY = createContextKey('OpenTelemetry Context Key SPAN');\n\n/**\n * Return the span if one exists\n *\n * @param context context to get span from\n */\nexport function getSpan(context: Context): Span | undefined {\n return (context.getValue(SPAN_KEY) as Span) || undefined;\n}\n\n/**\n * Set the span on a context\n *\n * @param context context to use as parent\n * @param span span to set active\n */\nexport function setSpan(context: Context, span: Span): Context {\n return context.setValue(SPAN_KEY, span);\n}\n\n/**\n * Remove current span stored in the context\n *\n * @param context context to delete span from\n */\nexport function deleteSpan(context: Context): Context {\n return context.deleteValue(SPAN_KEY);\n}\n\n/**\n * Wrap span context in a NoopSpan and set as span in a new\n * context\n *\n * @param context context to set active span on\n * @param spanContext span context to be wrapped\n */\nexport function setSpanContext(\n context: Context,\n spanContext: SpanContext\n): Context {\n return setSpan(context, new NonRecordingSpan(spanContext));\n}\n\n/**\n * Get the span context of the span if it exists.\n *\n * @param context context to get values from\n */\nexport function getSpanContext(context: Context): SpanContext | undefined {\n return getSpan(context)?.spanContext();\n}\n"]}
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