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1{"version":3,"file":"Renderer.mjs","sources":["../src/Renderer.ts"],"sourcesContent":["import { RENDERER_TYPE } from '@pixi/constants';\nimport { extensions, ExtensionType } from '@pixi/extensions';\nimport { Matrix } from '@pixi/math';\nimport { settings } from '@pixi/settings';\nimport { deprecation, isWebGLSupported } from '@pixi/utils';\nimport { UniformGroup } from './shader/UniformGroup';\nimport { SystemManager } from './system/SystemManager';\n\nimport type { ColorSource } from '@pixi/color';\nimport type { MSAA_QUALITY } from '@pixi/constants';\nimport type { ExtensionMetadata } from '@pixi/extensions';\nimport type { Rectangle } from '@pixi/math';\nimport type { ICanvas } from '@pixi/settings';\nimport type { BackgroundSystem } from './background/BackgroundSystem';\nimport type { BatchSystem } from './batch/BatchSystem';\nimport type { ContextSystem } from './context/ContextSystem';\nimport type { FilterSystem } from './filters/FilterSystem';\nimport type { FramebufferSystem } from './framebuffer/FramebufferSystem';\nimport type { MultisampleSystem } from './framebuffer/MultisampleSystem';\nimport type { BufferSystem } from './geometry/BufferSystem';\nimport type { GeometrySystem } from './geometry/GeometrySystem';\nimport type { IRenderableObject, IRenderer, IRendererOptions, IRendererRenderOptions, IRenderingContext } from './IRenderer';\nimport type { MaskSystem } from './mask/MaskSystem';\nimport type { ScissorSystem } from './mask/ScissorSystem';\nimport type { StencilSystem } from './mask/StencilSystem';\nimport type { IRendererPlugins, PluginSystem } from './plugin/PluginSystem';\nimport type { ProjectionSystem } from './projection/ProjectionSystem';\nimport type { ObjectRendererSystem } from './render/ObjectRendererSystem';\nimport type { GenerateTextureSystem, IGenerateTextureOptions } from './renderTexture/GenerateTextureSystem';\nimport type { RenderTexture } from './renderTexture/RenderTexture';\nimport type { RenderTextureSystem } from './renderTexture/RenderTextureSystem';\nimport type { ShaderSystem } from './shader/ShaderSystem';\nimport type { StartupSystem } from './startup/StartupSystem';\nimport type { StateSystem } from './state/StateSystem';\nimport type { TextureGCSystem } from './textures/TextureGCSystem';\nimport type { TextureSystem } from './textures/TextureSystem';\nimport type { TransformFeedbackSystem } from './transformFeedback/TransformFeedbackSystem';\nimport type { ViewSystem } from './view/ViewSystem';\n\n// eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/no-empty-interface\nexport interface Renderer extends GlobalMixins.Renderer {}\n\n/**\n * The Renderer draws the scene and all its content onto a WebGL enabled canvas.\n *\n * This renderer should be used for browsers that support WebGL.\n *\n * This renderer works by automatically managing WebGLBatches, so no need for Sprite Batches or Sprite Clouds.\n * Don't forget to add the view to your DOM or you will not see anything!\n *\n * Renderer is composed of systems that manage specific tasks. The following systems are added by default\n * whenever you create a renderer:\n *\n * | System | Description |\n * | ------------------------------------ | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |\n *\n * | Generic Systems | Systems that manage functionality that all renderer types share |\n * | ------------------------------------ | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |\n * | {@link PIXI.ViewSystem} | This manages the main view of the renderer usually a Canvas |\n * | {@link PIXI.PluginSystem} | This manages plugins for the renderer |\n * | {@link PIXI.BackgroundSystem} | This manages the main views background color and alpha |\n * | {@link PIXI.StartupSystem} | Boots up a renderer and initiatives all the systems |\n * | {@link PIXI.EventSystem} | This manages UI events. |\n *\n * | WebGL Core Systems | Provide an optimised, easy to use API to work with WebGL |\n * | ------------------------------------ | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |\n * | {@link PIXI.ContextSystem} | This manages the WebGL context and extensions. |\n * | {@link PIXI.FramebufferSystem} | This manages framebuffers, which are used for offscreen rendering. |\n * | {@link PIXI.GeometrySystem} | This manages geometries & buffers, which are used to draw object meshes. |\n * | {@link PIXI.ShaderSystem} | This manages shaders, programs that run on the GPU to calculate 'em pixels. |\n * | {@link PIXI.StateSystem} | This manages the WebGL state variables like blend mode, depth testing, etc. |\n * | {@link PIXI.TextureSystem} | This manages textures and their resources on the GPU. |\n * | {@link PIXI.TextureGCSystem} | This will automatically remove textures from the GPU if they are not used. |\n * | {@link PIXI.MultisampleSystem} | This manages the multisample const on the WEbGL Renderer |\n *\n * | PixiJS High-Level Systems | Set of specific systems designed to work with PixiJS objects |\n * | ------------------------------------ | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |\n * | {@link PIXI.GenerateTextureSystem} | This adds the ability to generate textures from any PIXI.DisplayObject |\n * | {@link PIXI.ProjectionSystem} | This manages the `projectionMatrix`, used by shaders to get NDC coordinates. |\n * | {@link PIXI.RenderTextureSystem} | This manages render-textures, which are an abstraction over framebuffers. |\n * | {@link PIXI.MaskSystem} | This manages masking operations. |\n * | {@link PIXI.ScissorSystem} | This handles scissor masking, and is used internally by {@link PIXI.MaskSystem} |\n * | {@link PIXI.StencilSystem} | This handles stencil masking, and is used internally by {@link PIXI.MaskSystem} |\n * | {@link PIXI.FilterSystem} | This manages the filtering pipeline for post-processing effects. |\n * | {@link PIXI.BatchSystem} | This manages object renderers that defer rendering until a flush. |\n * | {@link PIXI.Prepare} | This manages uploading assets to the GPU. |\n * | {@link PIXI.Extract} | This extracts image data from display objects. |\n *\n * The breadth of the API surface provided by the renderer is contained within these systems.\n * @memberof PIXI\n */\nexport class Renderer extends SystemManager<Renderer> implements IRenderer\n{\n /** @ignore */\n static extension: ExtensionMetadata = {\n type: ExtensionType.Renderer,\n priority: 1,\n };\n\n /**\n * The type of the renderer. will be PIXI.RENDERER_TYPE.CANVAS\n * @member {number}\n * @see PIXI.RENDERER_TYPE\n */\n public readonly type = RENDERER_TYPE.WEBGL;\n\n /**\n * Options passed to the constructor.\n * @type {PIXI.IRendererOptions}\n */\n public readonly options: IRendererOptions;\n\n /**\n * WebGL context, set by {@link PIXI.ContextSystem this.context}.\n * @readonly\n * @member {WebGLRenderingContext}\n */\n public gl: IRenderingContext;\n\n /**\n * Global uniforms\n * Add any uniforms you want shared across your shaders.\n * the must be added before the scene is rendered for the first time\n * as we dynamically buildcode to handle all global var per shader\n *\n */\n public globalUniforms: UniformGroup;\n\n /** Unique UID assigned to the renderer's WebGL context. */\n public CONTEXT_UID: number;\n\n // systems\n\n /**\n * Mask system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly mask: MaskSystem;\n\n /**\n * Context system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly context: ContextSystem;\n\n /**\n * State system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly state: StateSystem;\n\n /**\n * Shader system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly shader: ShaderSystem;\n\n /**\n * Texture system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly texture: TextureSystem;\n\n /**\n * Buffer system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly buffer: BufferSystem;\n\n /**\n * TransformFeedback system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public transformFeedback: TransformFeedbackSystem;\n\n /**\n * Geometry system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly geometry: GeometrySystem;\n\n /**\n * Framebuffer system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly framebuffer: FramebufferSystem;\n\n /**\n * Scissor system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly scissor: ScissorSystem;\n\n /**\n * Stencil system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly stencil: StencilSystem;\n\n /**\n * Projection system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly projection: ProjectionSystem;\n\n /**\n * Texture garbage collector system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly textureGC: TextureGCSystem;\n\n /**\n * Filter system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly filter: FilterSystem;\n\n /**\n * RenderTexture system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly renderTexture: RenderTextureSystem;\n\n /**\n * Batch system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly batch: BatchSystem;\n\n /**\n * plugin system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly _plugin: PluginSystem;\n\n /**\n * _multisample system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly _multisample: MultisampleSystem;\n\n /**\n * textureGenerator system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly textureGenerator: GenerateTextureSystem;\n\n /**\n * background system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly background: BackgroundSystem;\n\n /**\n * _view system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly _view: ViewSystem;\n\n /**\n * _render system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly objectRenderer: ObjectRendererSystem;\n\n /**\n * startup system instance\n * @readonly\n */\n public readonly startup: StartupSystem;\n\n /**\n * Create renderer if WebGL is available. Overrideable\n * by the **@pixi/canvas-renderer** package to allow fallback.\n * throws error if WebGL is not available.\n * @param options\n * @private\n */\n static test(options?: Partial<IRendererOptions>): boolean\n {\n if (options?.forceCanvas)\n {\n return false;\n }\n\n return isWebGLSupported();\n }\n\n /**\n * @param {PIXI.IRendererOptions} [options] - See {@link PIXI.settings.RENDER_OPTIONS} for defaults.\n */\n constructor(options?: Partial<IRendererOptions>)\n {\n super();\n\n // Add the default render options\n options = Object.assign({}, settings.RENDER_OPTIONS, options);\n\n this.gl = null;\n\n this.CONTEXT_UID = 0;\n\n this.globalUniforms = new UniformGroup({\n projectionMatrix: new Matrix(),\n }, true);\n\n const systemConfig = {\n runners: [\n 'init',\n 'destroy',\n 'contextChange',\n 'resolutionChange',\n 'reset',\n 'update',\n 'postrender',\n 'prerender',\n 'resize'\n ],\n systems: Renderer.__systems,\n priority: [\n '_view',\n 'textureGenerator',\n 'background',\n '_plugin',\n 'startup',\n // low level WebGL systems\n 'context',\n 'state',\n 'texture',\n 'buffer',\n 'geometry',\n 'framebuffer',\n 'transformFeedback',\n // high level pixi specific rendering\n 'mask',\n 'scissor',\n 'stencil',\n 'projection',\n 'textureGC',\n 'filter',\n 'renderTexture',\n 'batch',\n 'objectRenderer',\n '_multisample'\n ],\n };\n\n this.setup(systemConfig);\n\n if ('useContextAlpha' in options)\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n // eslint-disable-next-line max-len\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'options.useContextAlpha is deprecated, use options.premultipliedAlpha and options.backgroundAlpha instead');\n // #endif\n options.premultipliedAlpha = options.useContextAlpha && options.useContextAlpha !== 'notMultiplied';\n options.backgroundAlpha = options.useContextAlpha === false ? 1 : options.backgroundAlpha;\n }\n\n this._plugin.rendererPlugins = Renderer.__plugins;\n this.options = options as IRendererOptions;\n this.startup.run(this.options);\n }\n\n /**\n * Renders the object to its WebGL view.\n * @param displayObject - The object to be rendered.\n * @param {object} [options] - Object to use for render options.\n * @param {PIXI.RenderTexture} [options.renderTexture] - The render texture to render to.\n * @param {boolean} [options.clear=true] - Should the canvas be cleared before the new render.\n * @param {PIXI.Matrix} [options.transform] - A transform to apply to the render texture before rendering.\n * @param {boolean} [options.skipUpdateTransform=false] - Should we skip the update transform pass?\n */\n render(displayObject: IRenderableObject, options?: IRendererRenderOptions): void\n {\n this.objectRenderer.render(displayObject, options);\n }\n\n /**\n * Resizes the WebGL view to the specified width and height.\n * @param desiredScreenWidth - The desired width of the screen.\n * @param desiredScreenHeight - The desired height of the screen.\n */\n resize(desiredScreenWidth: number, desiredScreenHeight: number): void\n {\n this._view.resizeView(desiredScreenWidth, desiredScreenHeight);\n }\n\n /**\n * Resets the WebGL state so you can render things however you fancy!\n * @returns Returns itself.\n */\n reset(): this\n {\n this.runners.reset.emit();\n\n return this;\n }\n\n /** Clear the frame buffer. */\n clear(): void\n {\n this.renderTexture.bind();\n this.renderTexture.clear();\n }\n\n /**\n * Removes everything from the renderer (event listeners, spritebatch, etc...)\n * @param [removeView=false] - Removes the Canvas element from the DOM.\n * See: https://github.com/pixijs/pixijs/issues/2233\n */\n destroy(removeView = false): void\n {\n this.runners.destroy.items.reverse();\n\n this.emitWithCustomOptions(this.runners.destroy, {\n _view: removeView,\n });\n\n super.destroy();\n }\n\n /** Collection of plugins */\n get plugins(): IRendererPlugins\n {\n return this._plugin.plugins;\n }\n\n /** The number of msaa samples of the canvas. */\n get multisample(): MSAA_QUALITY\n {\n return this._multisample.multisample;\n }\n\n /**\n * Same as view.width, actual number of pixels in the canvas by horizontal.\n * @member {number}\n * @readonly\n * @default 800\n */\n get width(): number\n {\n return this._view.element.width;\n }\n\n /**\n * Same as view.height, actual number of pixels in the canvas by vertical.\n * @default 600\n */\n get height(): number\n {\n return this._view.element.height;\n }\n\n /** The resolution / device pixel ratio of the renderer. */\n get resolution(): number\n {\n return this._view.resolution;\n }\n set resolution(value: number)\n {\n this._view.resolution = value;\n this.runners.resolutionChange.emit(value);\n }\n\n /** Whether CSS dimensions of canvas view should be resized to screen dimensions automatically. */\n get autoDensity(): boolean\n {\n return this._view.autoDensity;\n }\n\n /** The canvas element that everything is drawn to.*/\n get view(): ICanvas\n {\n return this._view.element;\n }\n\n /**\n * Measurements of the screen. (0, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight).\n *\n * Its safe to use as filterArea or hitArea for the whole stage.\n * @member {PIXI.Rectangle}\n */\n get screen(): Rectangle\n {\n return this._view.screen;\n }\n\n /** the last object rendered by the renderer. Useful for other plugins like interaction managers */\n get lastObjectRendered(): IRenderableObject\n {\n return this.objectRenderer.lastObjectRendered;\n }\n\n /** Flag if we are rendering to the screen vs renderTexture */\n get renderingToScreen(): boolean\n {\n return this.objectRenderer.renderingToScreen;\n }\n\n /** When logging Pixi to the console, this is the name we will show */\n get rendererLogId(): string\n {\n return `WebGL ${this.context.webGLVersion}`;\n }\n\n /**\n * This sets weather the screen is totally cleared between each frame withthe background color and alpha\n * @deprecated since 7.0.0\n */\n get clearBeforeRender(): boolean\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n // eslint-disable-next-line max-len\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'renderer.clearBeforeRender has been deprecated, please use renderer.background.clearBeforeRender instead.');\n // #endif\n\n return this.background.clearBeforeRender;\n }\n\n /**\n * Pass-thru setting for the canvas' context `alpha` property. This is typically\n * not something you need to fiddle with. If you want transparency, use `backgroundAlpha`.\n * @deprecated since 7.0.0\n * @member {boolean}\n */\n get useContextAlpha(): boolean | 'notMultiplied'\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n // eslint-disable-next-line max-len\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'renderer.useContextAlpha has been deprecated, please use renderer.context.premultipliedAlpha instead.');\n // #endif\n\n return this.context.useContextAlpha;\n }\n\n /**\n * readonly drawing buffer preservation\n * we can only know this if Pixi created the context\n * @deprecated since 7.0.0\n */\n get preserveDrawingBuffer(): boolean\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n // eslint-disable-next-line max-len\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'renderer.preserveDrawingBuffer has been deprecated, we cannot truly know this unless pixi created the context');\n // #endif\n\n return this.context.preserveDrawingBuffer;\n }\n\n /**\n * The background color to fill if not transparent\n * @member {number}\n * @deprecated since 7.0.0\n */\n get backgroundColor(): ColorSource\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n // eslint-disable-next-line max-len\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'renderer.backgroundColor has been deprecated, use renderer.background.color instead.');\n // #endif\n\n return this.background.color;\n }\n\n set backgroundColor(value: ColorSource)\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'renderer.backgroundColor has been deprecated, use renderer.background.color instead.');\n // #endif\n\n this.background.color = value;\n }\n\n /**\n * The background color alpha. Setting this to 0 will make the canvas transparent.\n * @member {number}\n * @deprecated since 7.0.0\n */\n get backgroundAlpha(): number\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n // eslint-disable-next-line max-len\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'renderer.backgroundAlpha has been deprecated, use renderer.background.alpha instead.');\n // #endif\n\n return this.background.alpha;\n }\n\n /**\n * @deprecated since 7.0.0\n */\n set backgroundAlpha(value: number)\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n // eslint-disable-next-line max-len\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'renderer.backgroundAlpha has been deprecated, use renderer.background.alpha instead.');\n // #endif\n\n this.background.alpha = value;\n }\n\n /**\n * @deprecated since 7.0.0\n */\n get powerPreference(): WebGLPowerPreference\n {\n // #if _DEBUG\n // eslint-disable-next-line max-len\n deprecation('7.0.0', 'renderer.powerPreference has been deprecated, we can only know this if pixi creates the context');\n // #endif\n\n return this.context.powerPreference;\n }\n\n /**\n * Useful function that returns a texture of the display object that can then be used to create sprites\n * This can be quite useful if your displayObject is complicated and needs to be reused multiple times.\n * @param displayObject - The displayObject the object will be generated from.\n * @param {object} options - Generate texture options.\n * @param {PIXI.SCALE_MODES} options.scaleMode - The scale mode of the texture.\n * @param {number} options.resolution - The resolution / device pixel ratio of the texture being generated.\n * @param {PIXI.Rectangle} options.region - The region of the displayObject, that shall be rendered,\n * if no region is specified, defaults to the local bounds of the displayObject.\n * @param {PIXI.MSAA_QUALITY} options.multisample - The number of samples of the frame buffer.\n * @returns A texture of the graphics object.\n */\n generateTexture(displayObject: IRenderableObject, options?: IGenerateTextureOptions): RenderTexture\n {\n return this.textureGenerator.generateTexture(displayObject, options);\n }\n\n /**\n * Collection of installed plugins. These are included by default in PIXI, but can be excluded\n * by creating a custom build. Consult the README for more information about creating custom\n * builds and excluding plugins.\n * @private\n */\n static readonly __plugins: IRendererPlugins = {};\n\n /**\n * The collection of installed systems.\n * @private\n */\n static readonly __systems: Record<string, any> = {};\n}\n\n// Handle registration of extensions\nextensions.handleByMap(ExtensionType.RendererPlugin, Renderer.__plugins);\nextensions.handleByMap(ExtensionType.RendererSystem, Renderer.__systems);\nextensions.add(Renderer);\n"],"names":[],"mappings":";;;;;;;;AA2FO,MAAM,SAAA,GAAN,cAAuB,aAC9B,CAAA;AAAA,EAuMI,YAAY,OACZ,EAAA;AACI,IAAM,KAAA,EAAA,CAAA;AA7LV,IAAA,IAAA,CAAgB,OAAO,aAAc,CAAA,KAAA,CAAA;AAgMjC,IAAA,OAAA,GAAU,OAAO,MAAO,CAAA,EAAI,EAAA,QAAA,CAAS,gBAAgB,OAAO,CAAA,CAAA;AAE5D,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,EAAK,GAAA,IAAA,CAAA;AAEV,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,WAAc,GAAA,CAAA,CAAA;AAEnB,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,cAAA,GAAiB,IAAI,YAAa,CAAA;AAAA,MACnC,gBAAA,EAAkB,IAAI,MAAO,EAAA;AAAA,OAC9B,IAAI,CAAA,CAAA;AAEP,IAAA,MAAM,YAAe,GAAA;AAAA,MACjB,OAAS,EAAA;AAAA,QACL,MAAA;AAAA,QACA,SAAA;AAAA,QACA,eAAA;AAAA,QACA,kBAAA;AAAA,QACA,OAAA;AAAA,QACA,QAAA;AAAA,QACA,YAAA;AAAA,QACA,WAAA;AAAA,QACA,QAAA;AAAA,OACJ;AAAA,MACA,SAAS,SAAS,CAAA,SAAA;AAAA,MAClB,QAAU,EAAA;AAAA,QACN,OAAA;AAAA,QACA,kBAAA;AAAA,QACA,YAAA;AAAA,QACA,SAAA;AAAA,QACA,SAAA;AAAA,QAEA,SAAA;AAAA,QACA,OAAA;AAAA,QACA,SAAA;AAAA,QACA,QAAA;AAAA,QACA,UAAA;AAAA,QACA,aAAA;AAAA,QACA,mBAAA;AAAA,QAEA,MAAA;AAAA,QACA,SAAA;AAAA,QACA,SAAA;AAAA,QACA,YAAA;AAAA,QACA,WAAA;AAAA,QACA,QAAA;AAAA,QACA,eAAA;AAAA,QACA,OAAA;AAAA,QACA,gBAAA;AAAA,QACA,cAAA;AAAA,OACJ;AAAA,KACJ,CAAA;AAEA,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,MAAM,YAAY,CAAA,CAAA;AAEvB,IAAA,IAAI,qBAAqB,OACzB,EAAA;AAGI,MAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,2GAA2G,CAAA,CAAA;AAEhI,MAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,kBAAqB,GAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,eAAmB,IAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,eAAoB,KAAA,eAAA,CAAA;AACpF,MAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,eAAkB,GAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,eAAoB,KAAA,KAAA,GAAQ,IAAI,OAAQ,CAAA,eAAA,CAAA;AAAA,KAC9E;AAEA,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,kBAAkB,SAAS,CAAA,SAAA,CAAA;AACxC,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,OAAU,GAAA,OAAA,CAAA;AACf,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,GAAI,CAAA,IAAA,CAAK,OAAO,CAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACjC;AAAA,EApFA,OAAO,KAAK,OACZ,EAAA;AACI,IAAA,IAAI,SAAS,WACb,EAAA;AACI,MAAO,OAAA,KAAA,CAAA;AAAA,KACX;AAEA,IAAA,OAAO,gBAAiB,EAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC5B;AAAA,EAuFA,MAAA,CAAO,eAAkC,OACzC,EAAA;AACI,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,cAAA,CAAe,MAAO,CAAA,aAAA,EAAe,OAAO,CAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACrD;AAAA,EAOA,MAAA,CAAO,oBAA4B,mBACnC,EAAA;AACI,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,KAAA,CAAM,UAAW,CAAA,kBAAA,EAAoB,mBAAmB,CAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACjE;AAAA,EAMA,KACA,GAAA;AACI,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,MAAM,IAAK,EAAA,CAAA;AAExB,IAAO,OAAA,IAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACX;AAAA,EAGA,KACA,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,cAAc,IAAK,EAAA,CAAA;AACxB,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,cAAc,KAAM,EAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC7B;AAAA,EAOA,OAAA,CAAQ,aAAa,KACrB,EAAA;AACI,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,OAAQ,CAAA,KAAA,CAAM,OAAQ,EAAA,CAAA;AAEnC,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,qBAAA,CAAsB,IAAK,CAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,OAAS,EAAA;AAAA,MAC7C,KAAO,EAAA,UAAA;AAAA,KACV,CAAA,CAAA;AAED,IAAA,KAAA,CAAM,OAAQ,EAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAClB;AAAA,EAGA,IAAI,OACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,OAAQ,CAAA,OAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACxB;AAAA,EAGA,IAAI,WACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,YAAa,CAAA,WAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC7B;AAAA,EAQA,IAAI,KACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAO,OAAA,IAAA,CAAK,MAAM,OAAQ,CAAA,KAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC9B;AAAA,EAMA,IAAI,MACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAO,OAAA,IAAA,CAAK,MAAM,OAAQ,CAAA,MAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC9B;AAAA,EAGA,IAAI,UACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,KAAM,CAAA,UAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACtB;AAAA,EACA,IAAI,WAAW,KACf,EAAA;AACI,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,MAAM,UAAa,GAAA,KAAA,CAAA;AACxB,IAAK,IAAA,CAAA,OAAA,CAAQ,gBAAiB,CAAA,IAAA,CAAK,KAAK,CAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC5C;AAAA,EAGA,IAAI,WACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,KAAM,CAAA,WAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACtB;AAAA,EAGA,IAAI,IACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,KAAM,CAAA,OAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACtB;AAAA,EAQA,IAAI,MACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,KAAM,CAAA,MAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACtB;AAAA,EAGA,IAAI,kBACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,cAAe,CAAA,kBAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC/B;AAAA,EAGA,IAAI,iBACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,cAAe,CAAA,iBAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC/B;AAAA,EAGA,IAAI,aACJ,GAAA;AACI,IAAO,OAAA,CAAA,MAAA,EAAS,KAAK,OAAQ,CAAA,YAAA,CAAA,CAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACjC;AAAA,EAMA,IAAI,iBACJ,GAAA;AAGI,IAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,2GAA2G,CAAA,CAAA;AAGhI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,UAAW,CAAA,iBAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC3B;AAAA,EAQA,IAAI,eACJ,GAAA;AAGI,IAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,uGAAuG,CAAA,CAAA;AAG5H,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,OAAQ,CAAA,eAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACxB;AAAA,EAOA,IAAI,qBACJ,GAAA;AAGI,IAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,+GAA+G,CAAA,CAAA;AAGpI,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,OAAQ,CAAA,qBAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACxB;AAAA,EAOA,IAAI,eACJ,GAAA;AAGI,IAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,sFAAsF,CAAA,CAAA;AAG3G,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,UAAW,CAAA,KAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC3B;AAAA,EAEA,IAAI,gBAAgB,KACpB,EAAA;AAEI,IAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,sFAAsF,CAAA,CAAA;AAG3G,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,WAAW,KAAQ,GAAA,KAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC5B;AAAA,EAOA,IAAI,eACJ,GAAA;AAGI,IAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,sFAAsF,CAAA,CAAA;AAG3G,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,UAAW,CAAA,KAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC3B;AAAA,EAKA,IAAI,gBAAgB,KACpB,EAAA;AAGI,IAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,sFAAsF,CAAA,CAAA;AAG3G,IAAA,IAAA,CAAK,WAAW,KAAQ,GAAA,KAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GAC5B;AAAA,EAKA,IAAI,eACJ,GAAA;AAGI,IAAA,WAAA,CAAY,SAAS,iGAAiG,CAAA,CAAA;AAGtH,IAAA,OAAO,KAAK,OAAQ,CAAA,eAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACxB;AAAA,EAcA,eAAA,CAAgB,eAAkC,OAClD,EAAA;AACI,IAAA,OAAO,IAAK,CAAA,gBAAA,CAAiB,eAAgB,CAAA,aAAA,EAAe,OAAO,CAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACvE;AAeJ,CAAA,CAAA;AA3iBO,IAAM,QAAN,GAAA,UAAA;AAAM,SAGF,SAA+B,GAAA;AAAA,EAClC,MAAM,aAAc,CAAA,QAAA;AAAA,EACpB,QAAU,EAAA,CAAA;AACd,CAAA,CAAA;AA8hBA,QApiBS,CAoiBO,YAA8B,EAAC,CAAA;AAM/C,QA1iBS,CA0iBO,YAAiC,EAAC,CAAA;AAItD,UAAA,CAAW,WAAY,CAAA,aAAA,CAAc,cAAgB,EAAA,QAAA,CAAS,SAAS,CAAA,CAAA;AACvE,UAAA,CAAW,WAAY,CAAA,aAAA,CAAc,cAAgB,EAAA,QAAA,CAAS,SAAS,CAAA,CAAA;AACvE,UAAA,CAAW,IAAI,QAAQ,CAAA;;;;"}
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