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1{"version":3,"file":"canUploadSameBuffer.mjs","sources":["../../src/batch/canUploadSameBuffer.ts"],"sourcesContent":["import { isMobile } from '@pixi/settings';\n\n/**\n * Uploading the same buffer multiple times in a single frame can cause performance issues.\n * Apparent on iOS so only check for that at the moment\n * This check may become more complex if this issue pops up elsewhere.\n * @private\n * @returns {boolean} `true` if the same buffer may be uploaded more than once.\n */\nexport function canUploadSameBuffer(): boolean\n{\n return !isMobile.apple.device;\n}\n"],"names":[],"mappings":";;AAUA,SAAA,mBAAA,GAAA;AACI,EAAO,OAAA,CAAC,SAAS,KAAM,CAAA,MAAA,CAAA;AAC3B;;;;"}
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