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1{"version":3,"file":"autoDetectResource.mjs","sources":["../../../src/textures/resources/autoDetectResource.ts"],"sourcesContent":["import type { ISize } from '@pixi/math';\nimport type { ICubeResourceOptions } from './CubeResource';\nimport type { IImageResourceOptions } from './ImageResource';\nimport type { Resource } from './Resource';\nimport type { ISVGResourceOptions } from './SVGResource';\nimport type { IVideoResourceOptions } from './VideoResource';\n\n/*\n * Allow flexible options for resource plugins\n */\nexport type IResourcePluginOptions = { [key: string]: any };\n\n/*\n * All allowable options for autoDetectResource\n */\nexport type IAutoDetectOptions = ISize\n| ICubeResourceOptions\n| IImageResourceOptions\n| ISVGResourceOptions\n| IVideoResourceOptions\n| IResourcePluginOptions;\n\n/**\n * Shape of supported resource plugins\n * @memberof PIXI\n */\nexport interface IResourcePlugin<R, RO>\n{\n test(source: unknown, extension: string): boolean;\n new (source: any, options?: RO): R;\n}\n\n/**\n * Collection of installed resource types, class must extend {@link PIXI.Resource}.\n * @example\n * class CustomResource extends PIXI.Resource {\n * // MUST have source, options constructor signature\n * // for auto-detected resources to be created.\n * constructor(source, options) {\n * super();\n * }\n * upload(renderer, baseTexture, glTexture) {\n * // Upload with GL\n * return true;\n * }\n * // Used to auto-detect resource\n * static test(source, extension) {\n * return extension === 'xyz' || source instanceof SomeClass;\n * }\n * }\n * // Install the new resource type\n * PIXI.INSTALLED.push(CustomResource);\n * @memberof PIXI\n * @type {Array<PIXI.IResourcePlugin>}\n * @static\n * @readonly\n */\nexport const INSTALLED: Array<IResourcePlugin<any, any>> = [];\n\n/**\n * Create a resource element from a single source element. This\n * auto-detects which type of resource to create. All resources that\n * are auto-detectable must have a static `test` method and a constructor\n * with the arguments `(source, options?)`. Currently, the supported\n * resources for auto-detection include:\n * - {@link PIXI.ImageResource}\n * - {@link PIXI.CanvasResource}\n * - {@link PIXI.VideoResource}\n * - {@link PIXI.SVGResource}\n * - {@link PIXI.BufferResource}\n * @static\n * @memberof PIXI\n * @function autoDetectResource\n * @param {string|*} source - Resource source, this can be the URL to the resource,\n * a typed-array (for BufferResource), HTMLVideoElement, SVG data-uri\n * or any other resource that can be auto-detected. If not resource is\n * detected, it's assumed to be an ImageResource.\n * @param {object} [options] - Pass-through options to use for Resource\n * @param {number} [options.width] - Width of BufferResource or SVG rasterization\n * @param {number} [options.height] - Height of BufferResource or SVG rasterization\n * @param {boolean} [options.autoLoad=true] - Image, SVG and Video flag to start loading\n * @param {number} [options.scale=1] - SVG source scale. Overridden by width, height\n * @param {boolean} [options.createBitmap=PIXI.settings.CREATE_IMAGE_BITMAP] - Image option to create Bitmap object\n * @param {boolean} [options.crossorigin=true] - Image and Video option to set crossOrigin\n * @param {boolean} [options.autoPlay=true] - Video option to start playing video immediately\n * @param {number} [options.updateFPS=0] - Video option to update how many times a second the\n * texture should be updated from the video. Leave at 0 to update at every render\n * @returns {PIXI.Resource} The created resource.\n */\nexport function autoDetectResource<R extends Resource, RO>(source: unknown, options?: RO): R\n{\n if (!source)\n {\n return null;\n }\n\n let extension = '';\n\n if (typeof source === 'string')\n {\n // search for file extension: period, 3-4 chars, then ?, # or EOL\n const result = (/\\.(\\w{3,4})(?:$|\\?|#)/i).exec(source);\n\n if (result)\n {\n extension = result[1].toLowerCase();\n }\n }\n\n for (let i = INSTALLED.length - 1; i >= 0; --i)\n {\n const ResourcePlugin = INSTALLED[i] as IResourcePlugin<R, RO>;\n\n if (ResourcePlugin.test && ResourcePlugin.test(source, extension))\n {\n return new ResourcePlugin(source, options);\n }\n }\n\n throw new Error('Unrecognized source type to auto-detect Resource');\n}\n"],"names":[],"mappings":"AAyDO,MAAM,YAA8C,GAAC;AAgCrD,SAAA,kBAAA,CAAoD,QAAiB,OAC5E,EAAA;AACI,EAAA,IAAI,CAAC,MACL,EAAA;AACI,IAAO,OAAA,IAAA,CAAA;AAAA,GACX;AAEA,EAAA,IAAI,SAAY,GAAA,EAAA,CAAA;AAEhB,EAAI,IAAA,OAAO,WAAW,QACtB,EAAA;AAEI,IAAM,MAAA,MAAA,GAAU,wBAA0B,CAAA,IAAA,CAAK,MAAM,CAAA,CAAA;AAErD,IAAA,IAAI,MACJ,EAAA;AACI,MAAY,SAAA,GAAA,MAAA,CAAO,GAAG,WAAY,EAAA,CAAA;AAAA,KACtC;AAAA,GACJ;AAEA,EAAA,KAAA,IAAS,IAAI,SAAU,CAAA,MAAA,GAAS,GAAG,CAAK,IAAA,CAAA,EAAG,EAAE,CAC7C,EAAA;AACI,IAAA,MAAM,iBAAiB,SAAU,CAAA,CAAA,CAAA,CAAA;AAEjC,IAAA,IAAI,eAAe,IAAQ,IAAA,cAAA,CAAe,IAAK,CAAA,MAAA,EAAQ,SAAS,CAChE,EAAA;AACI,MAAO,OAAA,IAAI,cAAe,CAAA,MAAA,EAAQ,OAAO,CAAA,CAAA;AAAA,KAC7C;AAAA,GACJ;AAEA,EAAM,MAAA,IAAI,MAAM,kDAAkD,CAAA,CAAA;AACtE;;;;"}
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