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1{"version":3,"names":["isPackagerRunning","packagerPort","process","env","RCT_METRO_PORT","data","fetch","_error"],"sources":["../src/isPackagerRunning.ts"],"sourcesContent":["/**\n * Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.\n *\n * This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the\n * LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.\n *\n */\n\nimport {fetch} from './fetch';\n\n/**\n * Indicates whether or not the packager is running. It returns a promise that\n * returns one of these possible values:\n * - `running`: the packager is running\n * - `not_running`: the packager nor any process is running on the expected port.\n * - `unrecognized`: one other process is running on the port we expect the packager to be running.\n */\nasync function isPackagerRunning(\n packagerPort: string | number = process.env.RCT_METRO_PORT || '8081',\n): Promise<'running' | 'not_running' | 'unrecognized'> {\n try {\n const {data} = await fetch(`http://localhost:${packagerPort}/status`);\n\n return data === 'packager-status:running' ? 'running' : 'unrecognized';\n } catch (_error) {\n return 'not_running';\n }\n}\n\nexport default isPackagerRunning;\n"],"mappings":";;;;;;AAQA;AARA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;;AAIA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA,eAAeA,iBAAiB,CAC9BC,YAA6B,GAAGC,OAAO,CAACC,GAAG,CAACC,cAAc,IAAI,MAAM,EACf;EACrD,IAAI;IACF,MAAM;MAACC;IAAI,CAAC,GAAG,MAAM,IAAAC,YAAK,EAAE,oBAAmBL,YAAa,SAAQ,CAAC;IAErE,OAAOI,IAAI,KAAK,yBAAyB,GAAG,SAAS,GAAG,cAAc;EACxE,CAAC,CAAC,OAAOE,MAAM,EAAE;IACf,OAAO,aAAa;EACtB;AACF;AAAC,eAEcP,iBAAiB;AAAA"}
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