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1import type { NavigationState, ParamListBase } from '@react-navigation/routers';
2import type * as React from 'react';
3import type { EventMapBase, TypedNavigator } from './types';
5 * Higher order component to create a `Navigator` and `Screen` pair.
6 * Custom navigators should wrap the navigator component in `createNavigator` before exporting.
7 *
8 * @param Navigator The navigtor component to wrap.
9 * @returns Factory method to create a `Navigator` and `Screen` pair.
10 */
11export default function createNavigatorFactory<State extends NavigationState, ScreenOptions extends {}, EventMap extends EventMapBase, NavigatorComponent extends React.ComponentType<any>>(Navigator: NavigatorComponent): <ParamList extends ParamListBase>() => TypedNavigator<ParamList, State, ScreenOptions, EventMap, NavigatorComponent>;
12//# sourceMappingURL=createNavigatorFactory.d.ts.map
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