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1{"version":3,"names":["createMemoryHistory","index","items","pending","interrupt","forEach","it","cb","history","id","window","state","findIndex","item","get","backIndex","path","i","push","nanoid","slice","length","pushState","replace","replaceState","go","n","nextIndex","lastItemIndex","Promise","resolve","reject","done","interrupted","clearTimeout","timer","Error","title","document","ref","setTimeout","splice","onPopState","currentIndex","Math","max","last","pop","removeEventListener","addEventListener","listen","listener"],"sources":["createMemoryHistory.tsx"],"sourcesContent":["import type { NavigationState } from '@react-navigation/core';\nimport { nanoid } from 'nanoid/non-secure';\n\ntype HistoryRecord = {\n // Unique identifier for this record to match it with window.history.state\n id: string;\n // Navigation state object for the history entry\n state: NavigationState;\n // Path of the history entry\n path: string;\n};\n\nexport default function createMemoryHistory() {\n let index = 0;\n let items: HistoryRecord[] = [];\n\n // Pending callbacks for `history.go(n)`\n // We might modify the callback stored if it was interrupted, so we have a ref to identify it\n const pending: { ref: unknown; cb: (interrupted?: boolean) => void }[] = [];\n\n const interrupt = () => {\n // If another history operation was performed we need to interrupt existing ones\n // This makes sure that calls such as `history.replace` after `history.go` don't happen\n // Since otherwise it won't be correct if something else has changed\n pending.forEach((it) => {\n const cb = it.cb;\n it.cb = () => cb(true);\n });\n };\n\n const history = {\n get index(): number {\n // We store an id in the state instead of an index\n // Index could get out of sync with in-memory values if page reloads\n const id = window.history.state?.id;\n\n if (id) {\n const index = items.findIndex((item) => item.id === id);\n\n return index > -1 ? index : 0;\n }\n\n return 0;\n },\n\n get(index: number) {\n return items[index];\n },\n\n backIndex({ path }: { path: string }) {\n // We need to find the index from the element before current to get closest path to go back to\n for (let i = index - 1; i >= 0; i--) {\n const item = items[i];\n\n if (item.path === path) {\n return i;\n }\n }\n\n return -1;\n },\n\n push({ path, state }: { path: string; state: NavigationState }) {\n interrupt();\n\n const id = nanoid();\n\n // When a new entry is pushed, all the existing entries after index will be inaccessible\n // So we remove any existing entries after the current index to clean them up\n items = items.slice(0, index + 1);\n\n items.push({ path, state, id });\n index = items.length - 1;\n\n // We pass empty string for title because it's ignored in all browsers except safari\n // We don't store state object in history.state because:\n // - browsers have limits on how big it can be, and we don't control the size\n // - while not recommended, there could be non-serializable data in state\n window.history.pushState({ id }, '', path);\n },\n\n replace({ path, state }: { path: string; state: NavigationState }) {\n interrupt();\n\n const id = window.history.state?.id ?? nanoid();\n\n if (!items.length || items.findIndex((item) => item.id === id) < 0) {\n // There are two scenarios for creating an array with only one history record:\n // - When loaded id not found in the items array, this function by default will replace\n // the first item. We need to keep only the new updated object, otherwise it will break\n // the page when navigating forward in history.\n // - This is the first time any state modifications are done\n // So we need to push the entry as there's nothing to replace\n items = [{ path, state, id }];\n index = 0;\n } else {\n items[index] = { path, state, id };\n }\n\n window.history.replaceState({ id }, '', path);\n },\n\n // `history.go(n)` is asynchronous, there are couple of things to keep in mind:\n // - it won't do anything if we can't go `n` steps, the `popstate` event won't fire.\n // - each `history.go(n)` call will trigger a separate `popstate` event with correct location.\n // - the `popstate` event fires before the next frame after calling `history.go(n)`.\n // This method differs from `history.go(n)` in the sense that it'll go back as many steps it can.\n go(n: number) {\n interrupt();\n\n // To guard against unexpected navigation out of the app we will assume that browser history is only as deep as the length of our memory\n // history. If we don't have an item to navigate to then update our index and navigate as far as we can without taking the user out of the app.\n const nextIndex = index + n;\n const lastItemIndex = items.length - 1;\n if (n < 0 && !items[nextIndex]) {\n // Attempted to navigate beyond the first index. Negating the current index will align the browser history with the first item.\n n = -index;\n index = 0;\n } else if (n > 0 && nextIndex > lastItemIndex) {\n // Attempted to navigate past the last index. Calculate how many indices away from the last index and go there.\n n = lastItemIndex - index;\n index = lastItemIndex;\n } else {\n index = nextIndex;\n }\n\n if (n === 0) {\n return;\n }\n\n // When we call `history.go`, `popstate` will fire when there's history to go back to\n // So we need to somehow handle following cases:\n // - There's history to go back, `history.go` is called, and `popstate` fires\n // - `history.go` is called multiple times, we need to resolve on respective `popstate`\n // - No history to go back, but `history.go` was called, browser has no API to detect it\n return new Promise<void>((resolve, reject) => {\n const done = (interrupted?: boolean) => {\n clearTimeout(timer);\n\n if (interrupted) {\n reject(new Error('History was changed during navigation.'));\n return;\n }\n\n // There seems to be a bug in Chrome regarding updating the title\n // If we set a title just before calling `history.go`, the title gets lost\n // However the value of `document.title` is still what we set it to\n // It's just not displayed in the tab bar\n // To update the tab bar, we need to reset the title to something else first (e.g. '')\n // And set the title to what it was before so it gets applied\n // It won't work without setting it to empty string coz otherwise title isn't changing\n // Which means that the browser won't do anything after setting the title\n const { title } = window.document;\n\n window.document.title = '';\n window.document.title = title;\n\n resolve();\n };\n\n pending.push({ ref: done, cb: done });\n\n // If navigation didn't happen within 100ms, assume that it won't happen\n // This may not be accurate, but hopefully it won't take so much time\n // In Chrome, navigation seems to happen instantly in next microtask\n // But on Firefox, it seems to take much longer, around 50ms from our testing\n // We're using a hacky timeout since there doesn't seem to be way to know for sure\n const timer = setTimeout(() => {\n const index = pending.findIndex((it) => it.ref === done);\n\n if (index > -1) {\n pending[index].cb();\n pending.splice(index, 1);\n }\n }, 100);\n\n const onPopState = () => {\n const id = window.history.state?.id;\n const currentIndex = items.findIndex((item) => item.id === id);\n\n // Fix createMemoryHistory.index variable's value\n // as it may go out of sync when navigating in the browser.\n index = Math.max(currentIndex, 0);\n\n const last = pending.pop();\n\n window.removeEventListener('popstate', onPopState);\n last?.cb();\n };\n\n window.addEventListener('popstate', onPopState);\n window.history.go(n);\n });\n },\n\n // The `popstate` event is triggered when history changes, except `pushState` and `replaceState`\n // If we call `history.go(n)` ourselves, we don't want it to trigger the listener\n // Here we normalize it so that only external changes (e.g. user pressing back/forward) trigger the listener\n listen(listener: () => void) {\n const onPopState = () => {\n if (pending.length) {\n // This was triggered by `history.go(n)`, we shouldn't call the listener\n return;\n }\n\n listener();\n };\n\n window.addEventListener('popstate', onPopState);\n\n return () => window.removeEventListener('popstate', onPopState);\n },\n };\n\n return history;\n}\n"],"mappings":";;;;;;;AACA;;AAWe,SAASA,mBAAT,GAA+B;EAC5C,IAAIC,KAAK,GAAG,CAAZ;EACA,IAAIC,KAAsB,GAAG,EAA7B,CAF4C,CAI5C;EACA;;EACA,MAAMC,OAAgE,GAAG,EAAzE;;EAEA,MAAMC,SAAS,GAAG,MAAM;IACtB;IACA;IACA;IACAD,OAAO,CAACE,OAAR,CAAiBC,EAAD,IAAQ;MACtB,MAAMC,EAAE,GAAGD,EAAE,CAACC,EAAd;;MACAD,EAAE,CAACC,EAAH,GAAQ,MAAMA,EAAE,CAAC,IAAD,CAAhB;IACD,CAHD;EAID,CARD;;EAUA,MAAMC,OAAO,GAAG;IACd,IAAIP,KAAJ,GAAoB;MAAA;;MAClB;MACA;MACA,MAAMQ,EAAE,4BAAGC,MAAM,CAACF,OAAP,CAAeG,KAAlB,0DAAG,sBAAsBF,EAAjC;;MAEA,IAAIA,EAAJ,EAAQ;QACN,MAAMR,KAAK,GAAGC,KAAK,CAACU,SAAN,CAAiBC,IAAD,IAAUA,IAAI,CAACJ,EAAL,KAAYA,EAAtC,CAAd;QAEA,OAAOR,KAAK,GAAG,CAAC,CAAT,GAAaA,KAAb,GAAqB,CAA5B;MACD;;MAED,OAAO,CAAP;IACD,CAba;;IAeda,GAAG,CAACb,KAAD,EAAgB;MACjB,OAAOC,KAAK,CAACD,KAAD,CAAZ;IACD,CAjBa;;IAmBdc,SAAS,OAA6B;MAAA,IAA5B;QAAEC;MAAF,CAA4B;;MACpC;MACA,KAAK,IAAIC,CAAC,GAAGhB,KAAK,GAAG,CAArB,EAAwBgB,CAAC,IAAI,CAA7B,EAAgCA,CAAC,EAAjC,EAAqC;QACnC,MAAMJ,IAAI,GAAGX,KAAK,CAACe,CAAD,CAAlB;;QAEA,IAAIJ,IAAI,CAACG,IAAL,KAAcA,IAAlB,EAAwB;UACtB,OAAOC,CAAP;QACD;MACF;;MAED,OAAO,CAAC,CAAR;IACD,CA9Ba;;IAgCdC,IAAI,QAA4D;MAAA,IAA3D;QAAEF,IAAF;QAAQL;MAAR,CAA2D;MAC9DP,SAAS;MAET,MAAMK,EAAE,GAAG,IAAAU,iBAAA,GAAX,CAH8D,CAK9D;MACA;;MACAjB,KAAK,GAAGA,KAAK,CAACkB,KAAN,CAAY,CAAZ,EAAenB,KAAK,GAAG,CAAvB,CAAR;MAEAC,KAAK,CAACgB,IAAN,CAAW;QAAEF,IAAF;QAAQL,KAAR;QAAeF;MAAf,CAAX;MACAR,KAAK,GAAGC,KAAK,CAACmB,MAAN,GAAe,CAAvB,CAV8D,CAY9D;MACA;MACA;MACA;;MACAX,MAAM,CAACF,OAAP,CAAec,SAAf,CAAyB;QAAEb;MAAF,CAAzB,EAAiC,EAAjC,EAAqCO,IAArC;IACD,CAjDa;;IAmDdO,OAAO,QAA4D;MAAA;;MAAA,IAA3D;QAAEP,IAAF;QAAQL;MAAR,CAA2D;MACjEP,SAAS;MAET,MAAMK,EAAE,uDAAGC,MAAM,CAACF,OAAP,CAAeG,KAAlB,2DAAG,uBAAsBF,EAAzB,2EAA+B,IAAAU,iBAAA,GAAvC;;MAEA,IAAI,CAACjB,KAAK,CAACmB,MAAP,IAAiBnB,KAAK,CAACU,SAAN,CAAiBC,IAAD,IAAUA,IAAI,CAACJ,EAAL,KAAYA,EAAtC,IAA4C,CAAjE,EAAoE;QAClE;QACA;QACA;QACA;QACA;QACA;QACAP,KAAK,GAAG,CAAC;UAAEc,IAAF;UAAQL,KAAR;UAAeF;QAAf,CAAD,CAAR;QACAR,KAAK,GAAG,CAAR;MACD,CATD,MASO;QACLC,KAAK,CAACD,KAAD,CAAL,GAAe;UAAEe,IAAF;UAAQL,KAAR;UAAeF;QAAf,CAAf;MACD;;MAEDC,MAAM,CAACF,OAAP,CAAegB,YAAf,CAA4B;QAAEf;MAAF,CAA5B,EAAoC,EAApC,EAAwCO,IAAxC;IACD,CAtEa;;IAwEd;IACA;IACA;IACA;IACA;IACAS,EAAE,CAACC,CAAD,EAAY;MACZtB,SAAS,GADG,CAGZ;MACA;;MACA,MAAMuB,SAAS,GAAG1B,KAAK,GAAGyB,CAA1B;MACA,MAAME,aAAa,GAAG1B,KAAK,CAACmB,MAAN,GAAe,CAArC;;MACA,IAAIK,CAAC,GAAG,CAAJ,IAAS,CAACxB,KAAK,CAACyB,SAAD,CAAnB,EAAgC;QAC9B;QACAD,CAAC,GAAG,CAACzB,KAAL;QACAA,KAAK,GAAG,CAAR;MACD,CAJD,MAIO,IAAIyB,CAAC,GAAG,CAAJ,IAASC,SAAS,GAAGC,aAAzB,EAAwC;QAC7C;QACAF,CAAC,GAAGE,aAAa,GAAG3B,KAApB;QACAA,KAAK,GAAG2B,aAAR;MACD,CAJM,MAIA;QACL3B,KAAK,GAAG0B,SAAR;MACD;;MAED,IAAID,CAAC,KAAK,CAAV,EAAa;QACX;MACD,CArBW,CAuBZ;MACA;MACA;MACA;MACA;;;MACA,OAAO,IAAIG,OAAJ,CAAkB,CAACC,OAAD,EAAUC,MAAV,KAAqB;QAC5C,MAAMC,IAAI,GAAIC,WAAD,IAA2B;UACtCC,YAAY,CAACC,KAAD,CAAZ;;UAEA,IAAIF,WAAJ,EAAiB;YACfF,MAAM,CAAC,IAAIK,KAAJ,CAAU,wCAAV,CAAD,CAAN;YACA;UACD,CANqC,CAQtC;UACA;UACA;UACA;UACA;UACA;UACA;UACA;;;UACA,MAAM;YAAEC;UAAF,IAAY3B,MAAM,CAAC4B,QAAzB;UAEA5B,MAAM,CAAC4B,QAAP,CAAgBD,KAAhB,GAAwB,EAAxB;UACA3B,MAAM,CAAC4B,QAAP,CAAgBD,KAAhB,GAAwBA,KAAxB;UAEAP,OAAO;QACR,CAtBD;;QAwBA3B,OAAO,CAACe,IAAR,CAAa;UAAEqB,GAAG,EAAEP,IAAP;UAAazB,EAAE,EAAEyB;QAAjB,CAAb,EAzB4C,CA2B5C;QACA;QACA;QACA;QACA;;QACA,MAAMG,KAAK,GAAGK,UAAU,CAAC,MAAM;UAC7B,MAAMvC,KAAK,GAAGE,OAAO,CAACS,SAAR,CAAmBN,EAAD,IAAQA,EAAE,CAACiC,GAAH,KAAWP,IAArC,CAAd;;UAEA,IAAI/B,KAAK,GAAG,CAAC,CAAb,EAAgB;YACdE,OAAO,CAACF,KAAD,CAAP,CAAeM,EAAf;YACAJ,OAAO,CAACsC,MAAR,CAAexC,KAAf,EAAsB,CAAtB;UACD;QACF,CAPuB,EAOrB,GAPqB,CAAxB;;QASA,MAAMyC,UAAU,GAAG,MAAM;UAAA;;UACvB,MAAMjC,EAAE,6BAAGC,MAAM,CAACF,OAAP,CAAeG,KAAlB,2DAAG,uBAAsBF,EAAjC;UACA,MAAMkC,YAAY,GAAGzC,KAAK,CAACU,SAAN,CAAiBC,IAAD,IAAUA,IAAI,CAACJ,EAAL,KAAYA,EAAtC,CAArB,CAFuB,CAIvB;UACA;;UACAR,KAAK,GAAG2C,IAAI,CAACC,GAAL,CAASF,YAAT,EAAuB,CAAvB,CAAR;UAEA,MAAMG,IAAI,GAAG3C,OAAO,CAAC4C,GAAR,EAAb;UAEArC,MAAM,CAACsC,mBAAP,CAA2B,UAA3B,EAAuCN,UAAvC;UACAI,IAAI,SAAJ,IAAAA,IAAI,WAAJ,YAAAA,IAAI,CAAEvC,EAAN;QACD,CAZD;;QAcAG,MAAM,CAACuC,gBAAP,CAAwB,UAAxB,EAAoCP,UAApC;QACAhC,MAAM,CAACF,OAAP,CAAeiB,EAAf,CAAkBC,CAAlB;MACD,CAzDM,CAAP;IA0DD,CAnKa;;IAqKd;IACA;IACA;IACAwB,MAAM,CAACC,QAAD,EAAuB;MAC3B,MAAMT,UAAU,GAAG,MAAM;QACvB,IAAIvC,OAAO,CAACkB,MAAZ,EAAoB;UAClB;UACA;QACD;;QAED8B,QAAQ;MACT,CAPD;;MASAzC,MAAM,CAACuC,gBAAP,CAAwB,UAAxB,EAAoCP,UAApC;MAEA,OAAO,MAAMhC,MAAM,CAACsC,mBAAP,CAA2B,UAA3B,EAAuCN,UAAvC,CAAb;IACD;;EArLa,CAAhB;EAwLA,OAAOlC,OAAP;AACD"}
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