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1import {
2 Rule,
3 SchematicContext,
4 Tree,
5 apply,
6 chain,
7 mergeWith,
8 schematic,
9 template,
10 url,
11} from '@angular-devkit/schematics';
14// Instead of `any`, it would make sense here to get a schema-to-dts package and output the
15// interfaces so you get type-safe options.
16export default function (options: any): Rule {
17 // The chain rule allows us to chain multiple rules and apply them one after the other.
18 return chain([
19 (_tree: Tree, context: SchematicContext) => {
20 // Show the options for this Schematics.
21 context.logger.info('My Full Schematic: ' + JSON.stringify(options));
22 },
24 // The schematic Rule calls the schematic from the same collection, with the options
25 // passed in. Please note that if the schematic has a schema, the options will be
26 // validated and could throw, e.g. if a required option is missing.
27 schematic('my-other-schematic', { option: true }),
29 // The mergeWith() rule merge two trees; one that's coming from a Source (a Tree with no
30 // base), and the one as input to the rule. You can think of it like rebasing a Source on
31 // top of your current set of changes. In this case, the Source is that apply function.
32 // The apply() source takes a Source, and apply rules to it. In our case, the Source is
33 // url(), which takes an URL and returns a Tree that contains all the files from that URL
34 // in it. In this case, we use the relative path `./files`, and so two files are going to
35 // be created (test1, and test2).
36 // We then apply the template() rule, which takes a tree and apply two templates to it:
37 // path templates: this template replaces instances of __X__ in paths with the value of
38 // X from the options passed to template(). If the value of X is a
39 // function, the function will be called. If the X is undefined or it
40 // returns null (not empty string), the file or path will be removed.
41 // content template: this is similar to EJS, but does so in place (there's no special
42 // extension), does not support additional functions if you don't pass
43 // them in, and only work on text files (we use an algorithm to detect
44 // if a file is binary or not).
45 mergeWith(apply(url('./files'), [
46 template({
47 INDEX: options.index,
48 name: options.name,
49 }),
50 ])),
51 ]);