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1import type { Event, ScopeData } from '@sentry/types';
3 * Applies data from the scope to the event and runs all event processors on it.
4 */
5export declare function applyScopeDataToEvent(event: Event, data: ScopeData): void;
6/** Merge data of two scopes together. */
7export declare function mergeScopeData(data: ScopeData, mergeData: ScopeData): void;
9 * Merges certain scope data. Undefined values will overwrite any existing values.
10 * Exported only for tests.
11 */
12export declare function mergeAndOverwriteScopeData<Prop extends 'extra' | 'tags' | 'user' | 'contexts' | 'sdkProcessingMetadata', Data extends ScopeData>(data: Data, prop: Prop, mergeVal: Data[Prop]): void;
13/** Exported only for tests */
14export declare function mergeArray<Prop extends 'breadcrumbs' | 'fingerprint'>(event: Event, prop: Prop, mergeVal: ScopeData[Prop]): void;
15//# sourceMappingURL=applyScopeDataToEvent.d.ts.map
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