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1import type { ParameterizedString } from '@sentry/types';
3 * Tagged template function which returns paramaterized representation of the message
4 * For example: parameterize`This is a log statement with ${x} and ${y} params`, would return:
5 * "__sentry_template_string__": 'This is a log statement with %s and %s params',
6 * "__sentry_template_values__": ['first', 'second']
7 * @param strings An array of string values splitted between expressions
8 * @param values Expressions extracted from template string
9 * @returns String with template information in __sentry_template_string__ and __sentry_template_values__ properties
10 */
11export declare function parameterize(strings: TemplateStringsArray, ...values: string[]): ParameterizedString;
12//# sourceMappingURL=parameterize.d.ts.map
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