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1{"version":3,"file":"IGetFocusStyles.js","sourceRoot":"../src/","sources":["interfaces/IGetFocusStyles.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":"","sourcesContent":["import { IRawStyle } from '@uifabric/merge-styles';\n\nexport interface IGetFocusStylesOptions {\n /**\n * The number of pixels to inset the border.\n * @defaultvalue 0\n */\n inset?: number;\n\n /**\n * The width of the border in pixels.\n * @defaultvalue 1\n */\n width?: number;\n\n /**\n * The positioning applied to the container.\n * Must be 'relative' or 'absolute' so that the focus border can live around it.\n * @defaultvalue 'relative'\n */\n position?: 'relative' | 'absolute';\n\n /**\n * Style for high contrast mode.\n */\n highContrastStyle?: IRawStyle;\n\n /**\n * Color of the border.\n * @defaultvalue theme.palette.white\n */\n borderColor?: string;\n\n /**\n * Color of the outline.\n * @defaultvalue theme.palette.neutralSecondary\n */\n outlineColor?: string;\n\n /**\n * If the styles should apply on `:focus` pseudo element.\n * @defaultvalue true\n */\n isFocusedOnly?: boolean;\n}\n"]}
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