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1import { Predicate } from './common';
2export declare const isUndefined: (x: any) => boolean;
3export declare const isDefined: Predicate<any>;
4export declare const isNull: (o: any) => boolean;
5export declare const isNullOrUndefined: Predicate<any>;
6export declare const isFunction: (x: any) => x is Function;
7export declare const isNumber: (x: any) => x is number;
8export declare const isString: (x: any) => x is string;
9export declare const isObject: (x: any) => boolean;
10export declare const isArray: (arg: any) => arg is any[];
11export declare const isDate: (x: any) => x is Date;
12export declare const isRegExp: (x: any) => x is RegExp;
14 * Predicate which checks if a value is injectable
15 *
16 * A value is "injectable" if it is a function, or if it is an ng1 array-notation-style array
17 * where all the elements in the array are Strings, except the last one, which is a Function
18 */
19export declare function isInjectable(val: any): boolean;
21 * Predicate which checks if a value looks like a Promise
22 *
23 * It is probably a Promise if it's an object, and it has a `then` property which is a Function
24 */
25export declare const isPromise: (x: any) => x is Promise<any>;