59.7 kBMarkdownView Raw
4### 1.22.1
6#### Core
8- **Update:** Fixed maximum call stack size exceeded error.
9- **Update:** Updated `ca-ES` locale.
11### 1.22.0
13#### Core
15- **New:** Added `sortBy` method.
16- **New:** Added `switchableLabel` column option.
17- **New:** Added support for `class` attribute in toolbar buttons.
18- **Update:** Removed title from columns button.
20#### Extensions
22- **Update(addrbar):** Fixed clear search bug when clicking clearSearch button.
23- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed pagination server side not working bug.
25### 1.21.4
27#### Core
29- **New:** Added searchable table option to enable sending searchable (columns) parameters.
30- **Update:** Fixed Maximum call stack size exceeded error.
31- **Update:** Fixed getData bug with hidden rows.
32- **Update:** Added support for `select` form to the `searchSelector` option.
34#### Extensions
36- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed inputs losing their content when using nested attributes.
37- **Update(reorder-rows):** Fixed reorder row bug when side-pagination is server.
39### 1.21.3
41#### Core
43- **New:** Added `escapeTitle` table option.
44- **New:** Added Aria Label to the search input for screenreaders.
45- **New:** Persist data attributes for the header(`th`).
46- **Update:** Fixed wrong condition for searching with server-side pagination.
47- **Update:** Fixed overwriting the `filterOptions` after rebuild.
48- **Update:** Fixed apostrophe issue when table via `html`.
49- **Update:** Updated extend util instead of `$.extend`.
50- **Update:** Updated Constructor.EVENTS to events.
51- **Update:** Updated packages to the latest version.
53#### Extensions
55- **Update(cookie):** Fixed issue with hidden and radio/checkbox columns.
56- **Update(export):** Fixed `exportTypes` option not working bug.
57- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed selector scope issues with multiple tables.
58- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed filtering values issue of select with `html` value.
59- **Update(reorder-columns):** Fixed same internal function name with `reorder-rows`.
60- **Update(treegrid):** Fixed `treegrid` not working when id is text.
62### 1.21.2
64#### Core
66- **New:** Added `sortResetPage` option to reset the page number when sorting.
67- **Update:** Fixed overwrite default option bug.
68- **Update:** Updated es-ES, es-CR locale.
69- **Update:** Improved scss style and lint.
70- **Update:** Used scss vars for sorting background image URLs.
72#### Extensions
74- **New(custom-view):** Added `onToggleCustomView` event.
75- **Update(cookie):** Fixed cookie name compare bug on using `cookiesEnabled` option.
76- **Update(custom-view):** Fixed `showCustomView` option cannot work.
77- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed bug while using a select filter and set `searchFormatter` to false.
78- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed missing class when specifying `iconSize`.
79- **Update(reorder-rows):** Updated default value to `reorder-rows-on-drag-class` of `onDragClass` option.
81### 1.21.1
83#### Core
85- **Update:** Improved `updateCell` to update one HTML cell only.
86- **Update:** Updated `fr-FR` locale.
87- **Update:** Added missing locales for aria-label.
89#### Extensions
91- **Update(export):** Added missing locales for aria-label.
93### 1.21.0
95#### Core
97- **New:** Added `sortEmptyLast` option to allow sorting empty data.
98- **Update:** Fixed bug on nested search with null child.
99- **Update:** Fixed detail view with filter click error.
100- **Update:** Fixed header does not center correctly for the sortable column.
101- **Update:** Fixed `regexpCompare` bug when filtering columns.
102- **Update:** Fixed `showToogle` title display error.
103- **Update:** Fixed `remove` and `removeByUnqiueId` using object param bug.
104- **Update:** Fixed `searchHighlight` bug while using `searchAccentNeutralise`.
105- **Update:** Fixed missing sort for `customSearch` option.
106- **Update:** Removed duplicated escaping of the column value.
107- **Update:** Updated `uk-UA` locale.
109#### Extensions
111- **New(cookie):** : Added `hiddenColumns` cookie to prevent issues with new added columns.
112- **New(editable):** Added `field` param to `noEditFormatter` option.
113- **New(export):** Added `onExportStarted` event.
114- **New(filter-control):** Added accent normalization check.
115- **New(filter-control):** Added `filterControlMultipleSearch` and `filterControlMultipleSearchDelimiter` options.
116- **Update(custom-by):** Fixed the custom view attributes.
117- **Update(group-by):** Fixed not handle complex objects bug.
118- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed select values not clear bug after search.
119- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed the select sorting error.
120- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed wrong selector for caching values with multiple tables.
121- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed the `filterDefault` option bug as filter if multiple filters exists.
122- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed filter control special char.
123- **Update(filter-control):** Updated default value to false of `filterStrictSearch`.
124- **Update(filter-control):** Supported not visible columns when using `filterControlContainer` option.
125- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed `showMultiSortButton` option bug.
126- **Update(print):** Fixed not handle complex objects bug.
127- **Update(print):** Removed switched-off columns from printed table.
129### 1.20.2
131#### Core
133- **Update:** Fixed small memory leak.
134- **Update:** Fixed the detail view bug with the `td` instead of `icon`.
136#### Extensions
138- **Update(export):** Fixed XSS vulnerability bug by onCellHtmlData.
139- **Update(export):** Fixed export footer bug without setting height.
140- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed the comparison of dates when using the `datepicker`.
142### 1.20.1
144#### Core
146- **Update:** Fixed toggle column bug with complex headers.
147- **Update:** Fixed icons option cannot work bug when it's a string.
148- **Update:** Updated TypeScript definitions.
150#### Extensions
152- **Update(cookie):** Fixed cookie extension error with multiple-sort.
153- **Update(export):** Fixed the `exportOptions` option cannot support the data attribute.
154- **Update(reorder-rows):** Fixed reorder-rows cannot work because of missing default functions.
157### 1.20.0
159#### Core
161- **New:** Used `bootstrap5` as the default theme.
162- **New:** Added column-switch-all event of toggle all columns.
163- **New:** Added hi-IN and lb-LU locales.
164- **Update:** Fixed the toolbar cannot refresh search bug.
165- **Update:** Fixed the card view align style bug.
166- **Update:** Fixed custom search filter bug if the value is Object.
167- **Update:** Fixed table border displays bug when setting height.
168- **Update:** Fixed error when the column events are undefined.
169- **Update:** Fixed escape column option doesn't override table option bug.
170- **Update:** Fixed toggle all columns error when column switchable is false.
171- **Update:** Fixed check if the column is visible on card view.
172- **Update:** Fixed hide loading bug when canceling the request.
173- **Update:** Fixed default value of `clickToSelect` column option.
174- **Update:** Fixed `onVirtualScroll` not define default method.
175- **Update:** Updated cs-CZ, ko-KR, nl-NL, nl-BE, bg-BG, fr-LU locales.
177#### Extensions
179- **New(filter-control):** New version of filter-control with new features.
180- **New(reorder-rows):**: Added `onAllowDrop` and `onDragStop` options.
181- **Update(cookie):** Fixed `sortName` and `sortOrder` bug with cookie.
182- **Update(cookie):** Fixed the toggle column bug with the cookie.
183- **Update(export):** Fixed selector error if only one export type is defined.
184- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed new input class `form-select` of bootstrap 5.
185- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed the modal cannot close after sorting.
186- **Update(print):** Fixed missing print button for bootstrap 5.
187- **Update(print):** Fixed `printPageBuilder` option cannot define in html attribute.
188- **Update(toolbar):** Fixed toolbar extension modal bug with bootstrap 5.
190### 1.19.1
192#### Core
194- **Update:** Fixed the CVE security problem.
195- **Update:** Fixed cannot search for special characters when using `searchHighlight`.
197#### Extensions
199- **Update(auto-refresh):** Updated the `showAutoRefresh` option as default.
200- **Update(export):** Fixed export with only one export type bug.
201- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed filter-control cannot work bug.
202- **Update(filter-control):** Prevent duplicated elements for filter-control.
204### 1.19.0
206#### Core
208- **New:** Added `onlyCurrentPage` param for `checkBy/uncheckBy` methods.
209- **New:** Used `bootstrap icons` as default icons for bootstrap v5.
210- **New:** Added `regexSearch` option which allows to filter the table using regex.
211- **New:** Added support for allow importing stylesheets.
212- **New:** Added `toggle-pagination` event.
213- **New:** Added `virtual-scroll` event.
214- **Update:** Fixed `vue` component cannot work.
215- **Update:** Fixed infinite loop error with wrong server-side pagination metadata.
216- **Update:** Improved the behavior of `ajax` abort.
217- **Update:** Fixed click bug when paginationLoop is false.
218- **Update:** Fixed the highlighting bug when using radio/checkboxes.
219- **Update:** Fixed width bug caused by loading css.
220- **Update:** Removed the `input-group-append` class for bootstrap v5.
221- **Update:** Fixed duplicate definition `id` bug.
222- **Update:** Fixed the comparison of search inputs.
223- **Update:** Fixed broken page-list selector.
224- **Update:** Fixed overwrite custom locale function bug.
225- **Update:** Fixed bug with server side pagination and the page size `all`.
226- **Update:** Fixed all checkbox not auto check after pagination changed.
227- **Update:** Updated the `es-MX` locate.
229#### Extensions
231- **New(cookie):** Added `Multiple Sort order` stored in cookie extension.
232- **New(cookie):** Added `Card view state` stored in cookie extension.
233- **New(copy):** Added `ignoreCopy` column option to prevent copying the column data.
234- **New(copy):** Added `rawCopy` column option to copy the raw value instead of the formatted value.
235- **Update(cookie):** Fixed `switchable` column bug with the cookie extension.
236- **Update(export):** Fixed the export dropdown cannot be closed bug.
237- **Update(filter-control):** Updated `filterMultipleSelectOptions` to `filterControlMultipleSelectOptions` option.
238- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed bug with cookie deletion of none filter cookies.
239- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed bug when using the `load` method.
240- **Update(group-by):** Fixed overwriting the column classes bug on group collapsed rows.
241- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed hide/show column error with no sortPriority defined.
242- **Update(page-jump-to):** Fixed jump-to display bug in bootstrap v3.
243- **Update(print):** Fixed print formatter bug.
244- **Update(reorder-rows):** Fixed `reorder-rows` not work property.
245- **Update(reorder-rows):** Fixed the drag selector to prevent a checkbox bug on mobile.
246- **Update(resizable):** Fixed the reinitialization after the table changed.
247- **Update(sticky-header):** Fixed sticky-header not work property with group header.
248- **Update(treegrid):** Fixed bug of treegrid from html.
250### 1.18.3
252#### Core
254- **Update:** Fixed negative number bug when searching with comparison.
255- **Update:** Fixed non-conform HTML-Standard problems.
256- **Update:** Fixed `td` width bug using card view.
257- **Update:** Fixed exact match problem when searching term with accent.
258- **Update:** Update `pt-PT` and `fa-IR` locales.
260#### Extensions
262- **New(page-jump-to):** Added `showJumpToByPages` option.
263- **Update(auth-refresh):** Fixed auto refresh not clear interval bug.
264- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed multiple-sort cannot support iconSize bug.
265- **Update(sticky-header):** Fixed `stickyHeaderOffsetY` option cannot work.
266- **Update(sticky-header):** Updated the stickyHeader `offset` options to number.
268### 1.18.2
270#### Core
272- **Update:** Fixed bootstrap5 cannot work bug.
273- **Update:** Fixed checkbox display bug when using `formatter`.
274- **Update:** Fixed search highlight bug.
275- **Update:** Updated `ru-RU` and `de-DE` locales.
277#### Extensions
279- **New(filter-control):** Added support for flat JSON.
280- **Update(cookie):** Fixed not deleted cookie bug when the sort was reset.
281- **Update(export):** Not export the detail view icon column.
282- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed not working when using `filterControlContainer`.
283- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed multiple-sort cannot work bug.
284- **Update(resizable):** Fixed resizable cannot work in modal.
286### 1.18.1
288#### Core
290- **New(locale):** Added short locales based on [ISO Language](http://www.lingoes.net/en/translator/langcode.htm).
291- **Update:** Updated `sk-SK`, `fr-FR`, `de-DE`, and `es-*` locales.
292- **Update:** Fixed `toggleCheck`, `getSelections` and `remove` bug.
293- **Update:** Fixed `buttons` option bug using in data attribute.
294- **Update:** Fixed custom `icons` option bug.
295- **Update:** Fixed `cellStyle` column option not work in card view.
296- **Update:** Fixed getSelection bug when using search.
297- **Update:** Fixed `pageList` option with `all` display bug using `smartDisplay`.
298- **Update:** Fixed search highlight cannot work bug when data field is number.
299- **Update:** Fixed `updateColumnTitle` is undo bug after pagination.
300- **Update:** Fixed `multipleSelectRow` option bug.
301- **Update:** Fixed `icon-size` option bug with pagination.
303#### Extensions
305- **New(page-jump-to):** Added `min`, `max` and enter support for jump input.
306- **Update(export):** Fixed export cannot work with `materialize` and `foundation` themes.
307- **Update(filter-control):** Updated `filterDatepickerOptions` to support datepicker option.
308- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed select bug when using `&` in the value.
309- **Update(fixed-columns):** Fixed `toggleView` display bug.
310- **Update(group-by):** Fixed not collapse detail view expanded row bug.
311- **Update(group-by):** Fixed display error using `formatter` column option.
312- **Update(group-by):** Fixed `groupByFormatter` option bug using in data attribute.
313- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed cannot work bug using in server `sidePagination`.
314- **Update(page-jump-to):** Fixed page jump input and button bug with `icon-size` option.
315- **Update(print):** Fixed print with `rowspan` or `colspan`.
316- **Update(reorder-columns):** Fixed reorder column when a column is removed or added.
318### 1.18.0
320#### Core
322- **New(option):** Added `buttons` to add custom buttons to the button bar.
323- **New(option):** Added `footerField` to support `server` side pagination.
324- **New(option):** Added new parameter `value` to `footerFormatter`.
325- **New(option):** Added `searchHighlight` and `searchHighlightFormatter`.
326- **New(option):** Added `searchSelector` to custom the search input.
327- **New(event):** Added `BootstrapTable` object as last parameter to all `event`.
328- **New(css):** Added CSS transitions for loading style.
329- **New:** Added support for `style` attribute of `tr` or `td`.
330- **New:** Added ability to use `colspan` in the footer.
331- **Update:** Updated search input type from `text` to `search`.
332- **Update:** Fixed `normalize` not string bug when using `searchAccentNeutralise`.
333- **Update:** Fixed complex group header bug.
334- **Update:** Fixed `resize` and `scroll` event bug with multiple tables.
335- **Update:** Fixed `getScrollPosition` bug when using group-by extension.
336- **Update:** Fixed `updateRow` with `customSearch` and `sortReset` bug.
337- **Update:** Fixed `colspan` and `mergeCell` bug when using `detailFormatter`.
338- **Update:** Fixed `init` bug when using `onPostBody`.
339- **Update:** Fixed sort bug when the `field` is set to `0`.
340- **Update:** Fixed `showFooter` display bug after resize table width.
341- **Update:** Fixed not update selected rows bug when using `checkAll`/`uncheckAll`.
342- **Update:** Fixed `checked` property bug using `formatter` when the field has a value.
343- **Update:** Fixed default data shared bug with multiple tables.
344- **Remove(method):** Removed `getAllSelections` method.
346#### Extensions
348- **New(addrbar):** Added support for `client` side pagination.
349- **New(cookie):** Added `cookieSameSite` option to prevent breaking changes.
350- **New(group-by):** Added `groupByToggle` and `groupByShowToggleIcon` options.
351- **New(group-by):** Added `groupByCollapsedGroups` option to allow collapse groups.
352- **Update(cookie):** Fixed cookie size is too big bug when saving columns.
353- **Update(cookie):** Fixed checkbox column disappears bug.
354- **Update(export):** Fixed cannot export `all` data bug with pagination.
355- **Update(group-by):** Fixed `scrollTo` not working properly bug.
356- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed cannot work bug.
357- **Update(sticky-header):** Fixed vertical scroll cannot work bug.
359### 1.17.1
361#### Core
363- **New:** Added `bootstrap-table` theme without any framework.
364- **New:** Added support for Bootstrap v5.
365- **New:** Added `$index` field for `remove` method.
366- **New:** Added `on-all` event for vue component.
367- **New:** Added `bg-BG` locale.
368- **New:** Added `loadingFontSize` option.
369- **New:** Added `loadingTemplate` option.
370- **New:** Added `detailView` support for `cardView`.
371- **New:** Added the `searchable` columns to the query params for server side.
372- **New:** Added `collapseRowByUniqueId` and `expandRowByUniqueId` methods.
373- **New:** Added `detailViewAlign` option for the detail view icon.
374- **New:** Added tr `class` support for `thead`.
375- **New:** Added `formatted` parameter for `getData` method to get formatted data.
376- **New:** Added `paginationParts` option instead of `onlyInfoPagination`.
377- **New:** Added `sortReset` option to reset sort on third click.
378- **New:** Added support for auto merge the table body cells.
379- **Update:** Fixed `updateByUniqueId` method cannot update multiple rows bug.
380- **Update:** Fixed `insertRow` not write to source data array bug.
381- **Update:** Fixed events bug with `detailViewIcon` option.
382- **Update:** Fixed server side pagination sort bug.
383- **Update:** Fixed the `page-change` event before init server.
384- **Update:** Fixed no records found `colspan` error.
385- **Update:** Fixed the `page-change` event before init server.
386- **Update:** Fixed `font-size` of the loading text.
387- **Update:** Fixed table `border` bug when table is hidden.
388- **Update:** Fixed `showRow` method show all hidden rows bug.
389- **Update:** Fixed columnsSearch non-unique id warning.
390- **Remove:** Removed the `onlyInfoPagination` option.
391- **Remove:** Removed accent neutralise extension and moved it to core.
393#### Extensions
395- **New(cookie)**: Added support for toggle all columns options.
396- **New(custom-view):** Added `custom-view` extension.
397- **New(editable):** Added `alwaysUseFormatter` option.
398- **New(export):** Added `forceHide` column option.
399- **New(filter-control):** Added `filterOrderBy` column option support order by `server`.
400- **New(filter-control):** Added radio support for `filterControlContainer`.
401- **New(filter-control):** Added support for array filter.
402- **New(filter-control):** Added `filterControlVisible` option and `toggleFilterControl` method.
403- **New(filter-control):** Added `showFilterControlSwitch` option.
404- **New(fixed-columns):** Added support for sticky-header.
405- **New(pipeline):** Added `pipeline` extension.
406- **New(print):** Added support for print footer and merge cells.
407- **Update(accent-neutralise):** Fixed comparison with arrays.
408- **Update(cookie):** Updated cookie columns to always visible when `switchable` is `false`.
409- **Update(cookie):** Fixed cookie value from existing options bug.
410- **Update(copy-rows):** Fixed copy rows bug with fixed-column.
411- **Update(editable):** Fixed not handle quotation marks bug.
412- **Update(editable):** Updated `noeditFormatter` to `noEditFormatter`.
413- **Update(export):** Fixed export error with `maintainMetaData` and `clientSidePagination`.
414- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed not work with `height` option.
415- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed not work in multiple tables.
416- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed ignore default search text bug.
417- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed not work with html formatter.
418- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed reset `filterBy` method bug.
419- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed issue with a custom filter control container.
420- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed filter control disappear after column switched.
421- **Update(fixed-columns):** Fixed loading message not hide bug.
422- **Update(group-by):** Fixed params error of `checkAll`/`uncheckAll`.
423- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed not working with multiple level field bug.
424- **Update(reorder-columns):** Fixed cannot work bug.
425- **Update(reorder-rows):** Fixed `this` context of `onPostBody` error.
426- **Update(treegrid):** Fixed treegrid `destroy` bug.
428### 1.16.0
430#### Core
432- **New:** Added `buttonsOrder` option.
433- **New:** Added `headerStyle` option.
434- **New:** Added `showColumnsSearch` option.
435- **New:** Added `serverSort` option.
436- **New:** Added `unfiltered` parameter for `getData` method.
437- **Update:** Updated `event` name to lowercase hyphen format for vue component.
438- **Update:** Updated `es-AR` locale.
439- **Update:** Updated the default classes of semantic theme.
440- **Update:** Improved the `resize` problem with multiple tables.
441- **Update:** Fixed `checkAll` event bug with sortable checkbox field.
442- **Update:** Fixed `checkbox` and not-found td style errors.
443- **Update:** Fixed `customSearch` return empty array bug.
444- **Update:** Fixed column checkboxes not being disabled when using `toggleAll`.
445- **Update:** Fixed `flat` not polyfilled error in vue cli3.
446- **Update:** Fixed `height` and `border` not aligned bug.
447- **Update:** Fixed `jqXHR` `undefined` error using custom ajax.
448- **Update:** Fixed `pageSize` set to all bug with filter.
449- **Update:** Fixed `refreshOptions` bug with radio and checkbox.
450- **Update:** Fixed `removeAll` bug in the last page when sidePagination is server.
451- **Update:** Fixed `search` not always trigger in IE11 bug.
452- **Update:** Fixed `search` width `escape` bug.
453- **Update:** Fixed `showColumns` cannot work of foundation theme.
454- **Update:** Fixed `showFullscreen` bug when setting height.
455- **Update:** Fixed `sort` cannot work after searching.
456- **Update:** Fixed `sortable` style error when using `table-sm`.
457- **Update:** Fixed `sortStable` not work bug.
458- **Update:** Fixed `triggerSearch` not work bug.
459- **Update:** Supported build cross all platforms.
460- **Remove:** Removed `resetWidth` method and use `resetView` instead.
462#### Extensions
464- **New(cookie):** Added new options to get/set/delete the values by a custom function.
465- **New(cookie):** Added save re-order and resize support.
466- **New(filter-control):** Added `filterControlContainer` option.
467- **New(filter-control):** Added `filterCustomSearch` option.
468- **New(filter-control):** Added object and function support in `filterData` column option.
469- **New(filter-control):** Added support for using sticky-header extension.
470- **New(filter-control):** Added support comparisons search(<, >, <=, =<, >=, =>).
471- **New(fixed-columns):** Added all themes support.
472- **New(fixed-columns):** Added `fixedRightNumber` option.
473- **New(fixed-columns):** Added support for using filter-control extension.
474- **New(group-by):** Add `Array` support for `groupByField` option.
475- **New(group-by):** Added `customSort` option support.
476- **New(multiple-sort):** Added custom `sorter` support.
477- **New(multiple-sort):** Added `multiSortStrictSort` option.
478- **New(multiple-sort):** Added `multiSort` method.
479- **New(print):** Added `printFormatter` data-attribute support.
480- **New(reorder-columns):** Added `orderColumns` method.
481- **New(reorder-rows):** Added `search` and `cardView` supported.
482- **New(sticky-header):** Added support for all themes.
483- **New(toolbar):** Added support for all themes.
484- **New(reorder-rows):** Added `search` and `cardView` support.
485- **Update(cookie):** Fixed cookie localeStorage not work bug with filter-control.
486- **Update(cookie):** Fixed `minimumCountColumns` not working bug.
487- **Update(cookie):** Improved `cookiesEnabled` to support ' in `data-attribute`.
488- **Update(editable):** Fixed `formatter` bug if the column was edited.
489- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed `hideUnusedSelectOptions` not work bug.
490- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed filter not work bug with `undefined`.
491- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed missing parameter of `resetSearch` and `filterDataType`.
492- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed `search` with filter-control `search` bug.
493- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed the `value` of select display error using editable.
494- **Update(fixed-columns):** Fixed checkbox bug with fixed columns.
495- **Update(fixed-columns):** Updated default value to `0` of `fixedNumber` option.
496- **Update(group-by):** Improved `number` type support.
497- **Update(group-by):** Fixed new table using modal bug.
498- **Update(group-by):** Fixed `scrollTo` method using group-by.
499- **Update(mobile):** Fixed input keyboard bug.
500- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed not destroy bug.
501- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed sort not work with `boolean` bug.
502- **Update(print):** Improved to use `undefinedText` option.
503- **Update(print):** Fixed IE11 not work bug.
504- **Update(reorder-columns):** Fixed detail view column reorder bug.
505- **Update(resizable):** Fixed columns resizing not work bug.
506- **Update(resizable):** Fixed not work via JavaScript.
507- **Update(sticky-header):** Fixed not work bug with fullscreen.
508- **Update(treegrid):** Fixed `virtualScroll` option bug.
509- **Remove:** Removed natural-sorting extension.
511### 1.15.5
513- **New:** Added `jqXHR` for `responseHandler` option and `onLoadSuccess` event.
514- **New:** Added `stickyHeaderOffsetLeft` and `stickyHeaderOffsetRight` for sticky-header.
515- **New:** Added Serbian RS cyrillic and latin locales.
516- **Update:** Improved `export` button when there is only one type.
517- **Update:** Fixed column events click error with `detailView`.
518- **Update:** Fixed bug for `searchOnEnterKey` and `showSearchButton` are true.
519- **Update:** Fixed `onScrollBody` event and added parameter.
520- **Update:** Fixed search input size bug with `iconSize` option.
521- **Update:** Fixed filter control select cannot work more than one table.
522- **Update:** Fixed virtual scroll to top error when using `append` method.
523- **Update:** Fixed `events` cannot work on virtual scroll.
524- **Update:** Fixed bottom border bug with `height` option.
525- **Update:** Fixed min version throw cannot convert object to primitive value error.
527### 1.15.4
529- **New:** Added `query` to `queryParams` option.
530- **New:** Added `filter` parameter of `customSearch` option.
531- **Update:** Fixed search bug in hidden columns.
532- **Update:** Fixed table zoom width calculating bug.
533- **Update:** Fixed events of column formatted by nested table.
534- **Update:** Fixed checkbox style display bug.
535- **Update:** Fixed stack overflow error of `checkBy` method.
536- **Update:** Fixed `showSearchButton` and `showSearchClearButton` style bug.
537- **Update:** Fixed filter-control select `null` value handle error.
538- **Update:** Fixed `showSearchClearButton` bug in filter-control extension.
539- **Update:** Fixed `print` button appears twice bug.
541### 1.15.3
543- **New:** Added nl-BE, fr-CH and fr-LU locale.
544- **Update:** Updated nl-NL, pt-BR, fr-BE, fr-FR, nl-BE and nl-NL locale.
545- **Update:** Fixed treegrid duplicate rows bug.
546- **Update:** Fixed `updateCellByUniqueId` method bug on a filtered table.
547- **Update:** Fixed colspan group header display bug.
548- **Update:** Fixed table footer display bug in some case.
549- **Update:** Fixed `getOptions` bug.
550- **Update:** Fixed `detailView` bug when hiding columns.
551- **Update:** Fixed IE minify bug.
552- **Update:** Fixed full screen scrolling bug.
554### 1.15.2
556#### Core
558- **New:** Added `virtualScroll` and `virtualScrollItemHeight` options to support large data.
559- **New:** Added vue component support.
560- **New:** Added support comparisons search(<, >, <=, =<, >=, =>).
561- **New:** Added `detailViewByClick` table option and `detailFormatter` column option.
562- **New:** Added `showExtendedPagination` and `totalNotFilteredField` table options.
563- **New:** Added `widthUnit` option to allow any unit.
564- **New:** Added `multipleSelectRow` option to support ctrl and shift select.
565- **New:** Added `onPostFooter`(`post-footer.bs.table`) event.
566- **New:** Added `detailViewIcon` and `toggleDetailView` method to hide the show/hide icons.
567- **New:** Added `showSearchButton` and `showSearchClearButton` options to improve the search.
568- **New:** Added `showButtonIcons` and `showButtonText` options to improve the icons display.
569- **New:** Added `visibleSearch` option search only on displayed/visible columns.
570- **New:** Added `showColumnsToggleAll` option to toggle all columns.
571- **New:** Added `cellStyle` to support checkbox field.
572- **New:** Added checkbox and radio auto checked from html support.
573- **New:** Added screen reader support for pagination.
574- **New:** Added travis lint src and check docs scripts.
575- **New:** Added webpack support and user rollup to build the src.
576- **New:** Added a version number property.
577- **New:** Improved `filterBy` method with `or` condition and custom filter algorithm.
578- **New:** Improved `showColumn` and `hideColumn` methods with array of fields.
579- **New:** Improved `scrollTo` method to allow `rows` units.
580- **Update:** Rewrote all code to ES6.
581- **Update:** Improved `pageList` options to support localization.
582- **Update:** Improved the `totalRows` option.
583- **Update:** Improved table footer.
584- **Update:** Improved `getSelections` and `getAllSelections` methods.
585- **Update:** Improved css frameworks themes.
586- **Update:** Updated parameters of the `getData` method.
587- **Update:** Updated parameters of the (un)checkAll events to `rowsAfter, rowsBefore`.
588- **Update:** Updated parameters of the `updateRow` method to support `replace`.
589- **Update:** Updated page number to 1 while making a server side sort.
590- **Update:** Renamed table `maintainSelected` option to `maintainMetaData`.
591- **Update:** Renamed method `refreshColumnTitle` to `updateColumnTitle`.
592- **Update:** Fixed card view value to be aligned incorrectly bug.
593- **Update:** Fixed `smartDisplay` option pagination bug.
594- **Update:** Fixed data-* attribute is an object bug.
595- **Update:** Fixed page separators click bug.
596- **Update:** Fixed scrolling bug in IE11.
597- **Update:** Fixed initHeader error caused by toggleColumn.
598- **Update:** Fixed search input trigger multiple times bug.
599- **Update:** Fix Pagination/totalRows not updated on `hideRow`.
600- **Update:** Fixed columns title error.
602#### Extensions
604- **New(editable):** Added `onExportSaved` event.
605- **New(export):** Added `forceExport` column option force export columns with hidden.
606- **New(export):** Added function support of `fileName` option.
607- **New(filter-control):** Added `filterDataCollector` to control the filter select options.
608- **New(filter-control):** Added `filterOrderBy` and filterDefault column options.
609- **New(multiple-sort):** Added bootstrap v4 theme support.
610- **New(print):** Added RTL dir support.
611- **Remove:** Removed group-by, multi-column-toggle, multiple-search, multiple-selection-row, select2-filter and tree-column extensions.
612- **Update(cookie):** Fixed cookie search cannot work bug.
613- **Update(editable):** Updated parameters of `onEditableSave` to `field, row, rowIndex, oldValue, $el`.
614- **Update(editable):** Fixed editable rerender bug after saving data.
615- **Update(export):** Updated to only export table header.
616- **Update(export):** Fixed bug with the footer extensions while sorting.
617- **Update(filter-control):** Added ability to handle boolean.
618- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed DatePicker of filter-control does not work bug.
619- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed clear filterControl with Cookie bug.
620- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed loading screen with filter control.
621- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed overwriting the searchText bug.
622- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed filtering does not work json sub-object.
623- **Update(filter-control):** Fixed select filter with formatter.
624- **Update(multiple-sort):** Fixed multiple-sort does not work with data-query-params bug.
625- **Update(page-jump-to):** Fixed `click` bug when paginationVAlign is 'both'.
626- **Update(reorder-columns):** Fixed reorder columns cannot work bug.
627- **Update(reorder-columns):** Fix search and columns bug after reorder columns.
628- **Update(treegrid):** Fixed treegrid cannot work bug.
630### 1.14.2
632- **New(fixed-columns extension):** Added new version fixed-columns extension.
633- **New(js):** Updated the style of loading message.
634- **Update(js):** Updated refresh event params.
635- **Update(locale):** Updated all locale translation with English as default.
636- **Update(export extension):** Fixed export all rows to pdf bug.
637- **Update(export extension):** Disabled export button when exportDataType is 'selected' and selection empty.
638- **Update(addrbar extension):** Fixed addrbar extension remove hash from url bug.
640### 1.14.1
642- **New(css):** Added CSS Frameworks supported.
643- **New(css):** Added [Semantic UI](http://semantic-ui.com) theme.
644- **New(css):** Added [Bulma](http://bulma.io) theme.
645- **New(css):** Added [Materialize](https://materializecss.com/) theme.
646- **New(css):** Added [Foundation](https://foundation.zurb.com/) theme.
647- **New(js):** Added data attribute support for `ignoreClickToSelectOn` option.
648- **Update(js):** Fixed `detailView` find td elements bug.
649- **Update(js):** Fixed `showColumns` close dropdown bug when item label clicking.
650- **Update(js):** Fixed reset width error after `toggleFullscreen`.
651- **Update(js):** Fixed `cardView` click event bug.
653### 1.13.5
655- **New(auto-refresh extension):** Rewrote auto-refresh extension to ES6.
656- **Update(js):** Fixed showFullscreen cannot work bug.
657- **Update(js):** Redefined customSearch option.
658- **Update(js):** Fixed show footer cannot work bug.
659- **Update(js):** Updated the parameter of `footerStyle`.
660- **Update(js):** Added classes supported for `footerStyle`.
661- **Update(js):** Fixed IE11 transform bug.
662- **Update(js):** Removed beginning and end whitespace from td.
663- **Update(export extension):** Fixed export selected bug.
665### 1.13.4
667- **New(sticky-header extension):** Rewrote sticky-header extension to ES6.
668- **New(sticky-header extension):** Added to support bootstrap v4 and `theadClasses` option.
669- **New(auto-refresh extension):** Icons update to font-awesome 5.
670- **New(examples):** Added examples Algolia search.
671- **Update(js):** Fixed `theadClasses` is not set when a `thead` exists.
672- **Update(js):** Fixed table resize after mergeCell the first row.
673- **Update(cookie extension):** Fixed cookie extension broken bug.
674- **Update(cookie extension):** Fixed cookie extension unicode encode bug.
675- **Update(package):** Added `sass` devDependencies.
677### 1.13.3
679- **New(js):** Supported full table classes of bootstrap v4.
680- **New(css):** Rewrote bootstrap-table.css to scss.
681- **New(accent-neutralise extension):** Rewrote accent-neutralise extension to ES6.
682- **New(addrbar extension):** Rewrote addrbar extension to ES6 and supported attribute option.
683- **New(group-by-v2 extension):** New `groupByFormatter` option.
684- **New(pipeline extension):** New pipeline extension `bootstrap-table-pipeline`.
685- **Remove(js):** Removed `striped` option and use classes instead.
686- **Update(js):** Fixed `locale` option bug.
687- **Update(js):** Fixed `sortClass` option bug.
688- **Update(js):** Fixed `sortStable` option cannot work bug.
689- **Update(js):** Improved built-in sort function and `customSort` logic.
690- **Update(js):** Fixed horizontal scrollbar bug.
691- **Update(cookie extension):** Improved cookie extension code.
693### 1.13.2
695- **New(js):** Added `paginationSuccessivelySize`, `paginationPagesBySide` and `paginationUseIntermediate` pagination options.
696- **New(cookie extension):** Rewrote cookie extension to ES6.
697- **New(cookie extension):** Saved `filterBy` method.
698- **New(filter-control extension):** Added `placeholder` as a empty option to the select controls.
699- **New(filter-control extension):** Added `clearFilterControl` method in order to clear all filter controls.
700- **New(docs)** Added Algolia search.
701- **Update(js):** Fixed sort column shows hidden rows in `server` side pagination bug.
702- **Update(js):** Fixed `scrollTo` bug.
703- **Update(css):** Fixed no-bordered problem of bootstrap v4.
704- **Update(filter-control extension):** Added bootstrap v4 icon support.
706### 1.13.1
708- feat(js): add `theadClasses` option to support bootstrap v4
709- feat(js): fix #3727, icons update to font-awesome 5
710- feat(locale): rewrite all locales to ES6
711- feat(editable extension): rewrite bootstrap-table-editable to ES6
712- feat(filter-control extension): rewrite bootstrap-table-filter-control to ES6
713- feat(treegrid extension): add `rootParentId` option
714- fix(js): fix #3653, getHiddenRows method bug
715- fix(js): fix #4066, `getOptions` method remove data property
716- fix(js): fix #4088, no matches display error
717- fix(js): fix eslint warning and error
718- fix(locale): fix #3999, improve es-ES locale
719- fix(filter-control extension): fix #3474, multiple choice bug
720- fix(filter-control extension): fix #4008, select all rows and `keyup` event error
721- fix(export extension): fix #4086, export in cardView display error
723### 1.13.0
725- feat(js): rewrite bootstrap-table to ES6
726- feat(locale): add fi-FI.js locale
727- feat(build): use babel instead grunt
728- feat(filter-control): add `created-controls.bs.table` event to filter-control
729- feat(export extension): rewrite export extension to ES6
730- feat(export extension): export extension support bootstrap v4
731- feat(export extension): add `exportTable` method
732- feat(toolbar extension): rewrite toolbar extension to ES6
733- feat(toolbar extension): toolbar extension supports bootstrap v4
734- feat(toolbar extension): add server sidePagination support
735- feat(resizable extension): new resizable extension version 2.0.0
736- feat(editable extension): allow different x-editable configuration per table row
737- feat(addrbar extension): add addrbar extension
738- fix(js): fix #1769, improve check/uncheck methods
739- fix(js): fix #1983, cookie with pageNumber and searchText bug
740- fix(js): fix #2485, selections bugs
741- fix(js): fix #2545, customSearch support data attribute
742- fix(js): fix #3696, can't search data with formatter
743- fix(js): fix #4081, getRowByUniqueId error when row unique id is undefined
744- fix(js): fix older bootstrap version bug
745- fix(css): fix #1848, remove toolbar line-height
746- fix(css): limit fullscreen CSS rule scope
747- fix(editable extension): fix #1819, #2072, editable formatter bug
748- fix(extension): fix #3720, fix #3682, bug with export extension together
749- fix(extension): remove lick-edit-row and flat-json extensions
751### 1.12.2
753- fix(js): fix #3656, toggle icon typo release error
755### 1.12.1
757- fix(js): fix #3656, toggle icon typo
758- fix(js): fix #3657, opencollective postinstall error
759- fix(group-by-v2 extension): fix #3598, detailView display bug
760- feat(tree-grid extension): fix #3607, add `rowStyle` support
762### 1.12.0
764- fix(js): fix zoom header width bug
765- fix(js): fix #3452, reset the table data when url loaded error
766- fix(js): fix #3380, check-all was wrong with the sub-table
767- fix(js): fix #2963, singleSelect, maintainSelected and pagination bug
768- fix(js): fix #3342, remove limit when it is 0
769- fix(js): fix #3472, group header style bug
770- fix(js): fix #3310, searchText causes two requests
771- fix(js): fix #3029, IE8 does not support getOwnPropertyNames
772- fix(js): fix #3204, sortName cannot work in server side pagination
773- fix(js): fix #3163, `showToolbar` bug when using extensions
774- fix(js): fix #3087, only send pagination parameters when `sidePagination` is `server`
775- fix(export extension): fix #3477, server pagination mode cannot export all data
776- fix(filter-control extension): fix #3271, duplicate select option with fixed header and client pagination
777- feat(js): add `detailFilter` option
778- feat(js): add `rememberOrder` option
779- feat(js): improve pageList `All` option locale independent
780- feat(js): add `Bootstrap v4.0` support
781- feat(js): add `row` data to sorter function
782- feat(js): add `ignoreClickToSelectOn` option
783- feat(js): add `onScrollBody` / `scroll-body.bs.table` event
784- feat(js): add `showFullscreen` option
785- feat(js): add `showSelectTitle` column option
786- feat(js): add `$el` to collapse-row
787- feat(locale): add `eu-EU` locale
788- feat(export extension): add `exportFooter` option
789- feat(multiple-sort extension): add `showMultiSortButton` option
790- feat(filter-control extension): add `searchOnEnterKey` option
791- feat(page-jump-to extension): add `page-jump-to` extension
792- feat(resizable extension): add `resizeMode` option
793- feat(sticky-header extension): add `Bootstrap v4.0` support
794- feat(treegrid extension): add `treegrid` extension
795- feat(print extension): add support to print complex table
796- feat(extension): add cookie in combination with filter-control and strict search
798#### Breaking changes in 1.12.0
800- feat(js): add `toggleOn` and `toggleOff` icons instead `toggle` icon
803### 1.11.1
805- fix(js): fix #2439, `filterBy` cannot filter array keys
806- fix(js): fix #2424, from html with checkbox bug
807- fix(js): fix #2385, checkbox render bug with formatter
808- fix(js): fix #750, showRow and hideRow bug
809- fix(js): fix #2387, page list bug
810- fix(js): decrement totalRows on remove if using server side pagination
811- fix(js): bug in the calculation of toolbar and pagination heights
812- feat(js): fix #2414, add `paginationLoop` option
813- feat(js): update method `getRowsHidden` to `getHiddenRows`
814- feat(js): add `sortClass` option
815- feat(js): add `totalField` Option
816- feat(js): add 'pageNumber' and 'pageSize' to 'refresh' method
817- feat(js): add `escape` column option
818- fix(js): fix #2461, adding the initPagination call to updateByUniqueId and updateRow methods
819- fix(js): fix #2879, IE8 bug
820- fix(js): fix #2719, remove `tabindex`
821- fix(css): fix #2208, dropdown-menu style bug
822- fix(filter-control extension): fix #2418, `height` cause datepicker not display the selected date
823- fix(export extension): fix #2220, selected rows does not work when data-pagination-side is server
824- fix(reorder-row extension): fix #1343, reorder rows bug with pagination
825- fix(cookie extension): correction regex to match 'mi'
826- feat(locale): fix #2759, add es-CL and uz-UZ locales
827- feat(cookie extension): fix #2386, add `getCookies` method
828- feat(cookie extension): fix #2371, add `cookieStorage` option
829- feat(multiple-selection-row extension): add multiple-selection-row extension
830- feat(filter-control extension): fix #1540, disable unnecessary/unused values from select options
831- feat(filter-control extension): fix #2448, create a css file which contains the style for this extension
832- feat(filter-control extension): fix #2189, set placeholder of the filter-control input
833- feat(print extension): add print extension
834- feat(auto-refresh extension): add auto refresh extension
835- feat(tree-column extension): add tree column extension
837#### Breaking changes in 1.11.1
839- **Filter-Control extension**: deleted the inline-style and now this extension is using a separated css file.
842### 1.11.0
844- fix(js): fix cardVisible doesn't work bug
845- fix(js): int field break toggleColumn
846- fix(js): table elements inside bootstrap table bug
847- fix(js): move formatter after cellStyle
848- fix(js): the footer is hidden in card view
849- fix(js): fix sorting rows not working bug
850- fix(js): return field from visible cells
851- fix(js): onSearch event is not fire when we press the arrows keys
852- fix(js): fix fromHtml error
853- fix(js): fix event cannot work when some columns are hidden
854- fix(js): remove page size and number when pagination is false
855- fix(js): remove getFieldIndexFromColumnIndex because it cause events bug
856- fix(js): fix getSelections method bug
857- fix(js): update records to rows
858- fix(locale): update it-IT locale
859- fix(locale): add formatAllRows in template locale
860- fix(filter-control extension): add check for null values on existsOptionInSelectControl
861- fix(filter-control extension): fix show-clear button bug
862- fix(editable extension): fix editable formatter error when refreshOptions
863- feat(js): add support for transfer from rowspan / colspan table
864- feat(js): add data variable to post-body event
865- feat(js): add `buttonsClass` option
866- feat(js): add `getVisibleColumns` method
867- feat(js): add resize event to fit the header
868- feat(js): add `onRefresh` event
869- feat(js): add field parameter in the click and dblClick row events
870- feat(js): add div.card-views surrounds all the card view div
871- feat(js): add `field` parameter to cellStyle
872- feat(js): add `sortStable` option
873- feat(js): add `footerStyle` option
874- feat(extension): add select2 filter and i18n enhance extensions
875- feat(extension): add multi-column-toggle extension
876- feat(filter-control extension): add select list data to be passed in as JSON string and filter control starts with search
877- feat(angular extension): add constant in order to get it from angular scope
878- feat(export extension): add `formatExport` locale
879- feat(multiple-sort extension): add `formatSortOrders` option
880- feat(multiple-sort extension): support pagination server
881- refactor(filter-control extension): refactor the filterDataType method
882- refactor(filter-control extension): adding all unique values to select control and performance improvements
883- refactor(extension): refactor filter cookies extension to avoid double calls
884- docs(filter-control extension): add documentation for filterData
887### 1.10.1
889- revert: feat: update escape to false
890- feat: add `checkInvert` method
891- feat: add `bootstrap-table-he-IL.js`
892- bug: update grunt to development dependency
893- bug: press on toolbar elements, the key-events it will not run
894- bug: remove bogus conditions that will always be true
895- bug: refactor filter control select input initialization
896- bug: typo in Slovak translation
898### 1.10.0
900- [bug] Fixed #1619: sub-table checkbox selects all the table.
901- [bug] Fixed icons for ability customizing.
902- [bug] Fixed #1677: paginationSwitch for server-side.
903- [bug] Fixed #1613: padding in footer.
904- [bug] Fixed #1742: showRow & hideRow param checks.
905- [bug] Fixed getItemField bug.
906- [bug] Fixed #617: server side pagination uses `this.options.searchText`.
907- [bug] Fixed class name does not apply to checkbox field bug.
908- [bug] Fixed clear function and searchFormatter option of filter-control extension.
909- [bug] Fixed year computation on cookie extension.
910- [bug] Fixed ReorderRows init when reorderable is false.
911- [bug] Fix #1660: removed PowerPoint type of export extension.
912- [enh] Added `title` attribute to pagination controls defining the page number.
913- [enh] Added `escape` option.
914- [enh] Added `searchOnEnterKey` option.
915- [enh] Added `updateFormatText` method.
916- [enh] Added a third parameter to `detailFormatter` method passing the jQuery element.
917- [enh] Added new param for `updateCell` method to avoid table reinitialization.
918- [enh] Removed outline of th.
919- [enh] Added extension.json and composer.json files.
920- [enh] Added alternative group-by extension.
921- [enh] Added sticky-header extension.
922- [enh] Added filterLocal option to filter-control extension.
923- [enh] Enabled data attributes for editable column.
924- [enh] Added IconSize option to export extension.
925- [enh] Added tooltip for filter-control toolbar button.
927### 1.9.1
929- [bug] Removed no records events.
930- [bug] Fixed cardView fieldIndex error.
931- [bug] Fixed #1130: table-condensed is not working.
932- [bug] Fixed #1482: export all server sidePagination bug(export extension).
933- [bug] Fixed #1248: IE8 does not support indexOf function.
934- [bug] Fixed #1491: (un)check event element argument missing.
935- [bug] Fixed Italian translation.
936- [bug] Unified naming of MS in type names(export extension).
937- [bug] Fixed selectPage method fails(cookie extension).
938- [bug] Add ja-JP and ms-MY translation for formatAllRows.
939- [enh] UniqueId can also be stored in a row's data property.
940- [enh] Use default settings when cookie settings don't exist(cookie extension).
941- [enh] Expand `filterBy` to accept and array of values.
942- [enh] Added `updateByUniqueId` method.
943- [doc] Added `iconSize` docs.
945### 1.9.0
947- [enh] Update bootstrap-table-cookie.js.
948- [enh] Use options for detailView's open/close icons.
949- [enh] Added `refreshOptions` and `gtHiddenColumns` method.
950- [enh] Added `datepicker` option to Filter Control.
951- [bug] Fix #936 Sort carets should not be inline-styled by JS.
952- [bug] Fix table header width bug when setting table to no bordered.
953- [bug] Fix #938, fix #940: Multiple Sort and Hide/Show column.
954- [bug] Fix #970: `click`and `dblclick` bug on no-rows table.
955- [bug] Fix #967: unselected column while column sorted display error.
956- [enh] Support title feature in cells.
957- [enh] Improved cookie, mobile extension.
958- [enh] Added group-by, angular extension.
959- [enh] Added option for setting locale.
960- [enh] Added `exportDataType` option for export extension.
961- [enh] Add fa-IR, ca-ES, es-ES, et-EE and af-ZA locales.
962- [enh] Supported complex header with `rowspan` and `colspan`.
963- [enh] Added `searchFormatter` column option.
964- [bug] Fixed ResetRow function and undefined column search bug.
965- [bug] Fixed #639: footer resizing problem.
966- [enh] Added resetSearch method to reset the search text.
967- [enh] Supported flat json.
968- [enh] Improved reorder-columns extension.
969- [enh] Added multiple-search, accent-neutralise extension.
970- [enh] Added fixed-columns extension.
971- [enh] Added `$.fn.bootstrapTable.utils` tools.
972- [enh] Added `expandRow` and `collapseRow` methods.
973- [enh] Updated `showRow`, `hideRow` and `updateCell` methods.
974- [bug] Fix #1390: radio maintainSelected bug.
975- [bug] Fix #1421: checkBy filter enabled.
976- [bug] Remove `bootstrap-table-all.js` and `bootstrap-table-all.min.js`.
978### 1.8.1
980- [enh] Accessing field name in formatter.
981- [enh] Improve function option to support string format for example formatter.
982- [enh] Added multiple sort extension.
983- [enh] Improve filter control extension.
984- [enh] Added jsdelivr CDN.
985- [bug] Fix #912: Bug when switching to card view.
986- [bug] Fix #914: extra empty toolbar div bug.
987- [bug] Fix bootstrap-table-pt-PT.js typo.
989### 1.8.0
991- [enh] Added state saving for visible columns and the ability to use extension with multiple simultaneous tables.
992- [enh] Added `ajax` option to replace jquery ajax method.
993- [enh] Added `resetWidth` method to reset header and footer width.
994- [enh] Added key-events, mobile, filter-control, reorder-columns, reorder-rows, resizable, natural-sorting, toolbar extensions, and update the extensions name.
995- [enh] Added `onToggle`, `onCheckSome` and `onUncheckSome` events.
996- [enh] Added `getScrollPosition`, `removeAll`, `removeByUniqueId` methods.
997- [bug] Fix double header bug after table show from hidden.
998- [bug] Fix #279: scrollWidth bug.
999- [enh] `getData` method support to get the current page data.
1000- [enh] Added 'getAllSelections' method to get checked rows across all pages.
1001- [enh] Added `ro-RO` locale.
1002- [enh] Added `table-no-bordered` class to remove table-bordered style.
1003- [enh] Added `bootstrap-table-all.js` and `bootstrap-table-locale-all.js` files to dist.
1004- [enh] Added detail view feature.
1005- [enh] Added `updateCell` method.
1006- [enh] Added `onClickCell` and `onDblClickCell` events.
1007- [bug] Fix #672: Column Fixed Width in Percentage bug.
1008- [bug] Fix row state field value bug when there are disabled rows.
1009- [bug] Fix #762: save data-* attributes of tr.
1010- [bug] Fix #823, #850: break rowspan bug, data-attribute bug.
1012### 1.7.0
1014- [enh] Add `showFooter`, `keyEvents`, `searchText` and `uniqueId` options.
1015- [enh] Add `cardVisible` column options.
1016- [enh] Add `checkBy` and `uncheckBy`, `showRow` and `hideRow` and `getRowsHidden` methods.
1017- [enh] Add nb-NO, ar-SA, es-MX, ka-GE locales.
1018- [enh] Add cookie, resizable, natural-sorting, toolbar extensions.
1019- [enh] Add exportOptions to export extension.
1020- [enh] Fix #263: prepend method support object and array.
1021- [enh] Card View support checkbox and radio.
1022- [bug] Fix Card View events bug.
1023- [enh] Keep all `data-*` attributes when transform from normal table.
1024- [enh] Load method support fixedScroll param.
1025- [enh] Added 'all' option in pagination.
1026- [enh] Added pagination detail align.
1028### 1.6.0
1030- [bug] Fix queryParams bug when use `sidePagination='server'`.
1031- [enh] Add uk-UA, sv-SE, pt-PT, ms-MY, ja-JP locales.
1032- [enh] Add `searchTimeOut` option.
1033- [bug] Fix #220: state column hideColumn bug.
1034- [bug] Fix #221: cellStyle bug.
1035- [enh] Add `iconsPrefix` and `icons` options to support custom icons.
1036- [enh] Add i18n support for docs.
1037- [enh] Allow `query` params to be specified during refresh.
1038- [bug] Fix bug of ellipsis string.
1039- [bug] Fix pageList smartDisplay.
1040- [bug] Fix #188: Export Button is not shown only use `showExport=true`.
1041- [bug] Fix page-change event params bug.
1042- [enh] Add limit and offset params only if pagination is activated.
1043- [enh] Add `ajaxOptions` option to custom $.ajax options.
1044- [enh] Add a toggle pagination toolbar button.
1045- [enh] Add `iconSize` option.
1046- [enh] Add `buttonsAlign` option and update `toolbarAlign` option.
1047- [enh] Add `prepend`, `insertRow` and `toggleView` methods.
1048- [enh] Add `editable-save.bs.table` event to editable extension.
1049- [enh] #431: load method support pagination.
1051### 1.5.0
1053- [bug] Fix #144: `onCheck` and `onUncheck` events are reversed when using `clickToSelect` option. (jQuery 1.7.2 bug).
1054- [bug] Fix IE browser display header bug when use `mergeCells` method.
1055- [bug] Fix #269: array as row bug.
1056- [bug] Fix #314: `rowStyle` bug.
1057- [enh] Add de-DE, hu-HU, sk-SK locales.
1058- [enh] Fix #261: add namespace to `.table` style.
1059- [bug] Fix #160, #323: operate events don't work in card view.
1060- [enh] Add `filterBy`, `scrollTo`, `prevPage` and `nextPage`, `check` and `uncheck` methods.
1061- [enh] Add `onPreBody` and `onPostBody` events.
1062- [enh] Add `searchable` column option.
1063- [enh] Fix #59: support load multiple locale files.
1064- [enh] Modify the scope of the column events.
1065- [enh] Improve editable extension.
1067### 1.4.0
1069- [enh] Fix #119, #123: Save all `id` and `class` of `tr` and `td` for html table.
1070- [enh] Fix #149: Hide empty data on Card view.
1071- [enh] Fix #131: Add `onPageChange` event.
1072- [enh] Add `onSearch` event.
1073- [enh] Apply `width` column option to row style.
1074- [enh] Add bootstrap-table-filter extension.
1075- [enh] Add cs-CZ, es-CR, es-NI, pl-PL, ur-PK, ko-KR, th-TH locales.
1076- [bug] Fix `minimumCountColumns` option init error.
1077- [bug] Fix #161: `undefined` or `null` string sort bug.
1078- [bug] Fix #171: IE disabled button can be clicked bug.
1079- [bug] Fix #185: Reset the page to the first page when changing the url with `refresh` method.
1080- [bug] Fix #202: updateRow method keep the scroll position.
1081- [enh] Add `smartDisplay` option.
1082- [enh] Add `searchAlign` and `toolbarAlign` options.
1083- [enh] Fix #193: Add `dataType` option.
1084- [enh] Add flatJSON and editable extensions.
1085- [enh] Add `rowAttributes` option.
1086- [enh] Update documentation.
1088### 1.3.0
1090- [enh] Take `showHeader` option effect to the card view.
1091- [enh] Rename and update locale files.
1092- [bug] Fix #102: Wrong `options.columns` initialization.
1093- [enh] Fix #121: Add extensions for bootstrap table.
1094- [bug] Fix #138: IE8 search data and remove method error.
1095- [bug] Fix bug: sorter and check all do not work in some case.
1096- [enh] Add `bootstrap-table-nl-NL.js` and `bootstrap-table-el-GR.js`.
1097- [enh] Support search without data-field set, trim search input.
1098- [enh] Fix #81: Allow the `class` to be applied to the radio or checkbox row.
1099- [bug] Fix #135, #142: Search use formatted data.
1100- [enh] Verify search text before send queryParams.
1101- [bug] Fix #148: column events support namespace.
1102- [enh] Support to disable radio or checkbox column by formatter.
1104### 1.2.4
1106- [enh] Fix #23: Add css and classes parameters to column cell.
1107- [enh] Fix #64: Add support for change remote url.
1108- [enh] Fix #112: update the `refresh` method.
1109- [bug] Fix #113: Using radio type and cardView error.
1110- [enh] Fix #117: Add `updateRow` method.
1111- [enh] Fix #96, #103: apply `class` option to td elements.
1112- [enh] Fix #97: add `sortable` class to header cells instead of `cursor: pointer`.
1113- [enh] Fix #124: change `queryParams` and `queryParamsType` default option.
1114- [enh] Remove the `eval` method.
1115- [enh] Add `bootstrap-table-it-IT.js` locale.
1117### 1.2.3
1119- [bug] Fix the selected row class reset after toggle column bug.
1120- [bug] Fix #86: invisible column are still searchable.
1121- [bug] Fix search result error when toggle column display.
1122- [enh] Add `clickToSelect` to columns.
1123- [bug] Fix click-row event bug.
1124- [enh] When field is undefined, use index instead.
1125- [enh] Add `cache` option for AJAX calls.
1126- [enh] Improve zh-TW translation.
1127- [enh] #82: Add `getData` method.
1128- [enh] #82: Add `remove` method.
1130### 1.2.2
1132- Fix #68: Add `showColumn`/`hideColumn` methods.
1133- Fix #69: Add `bootstrap-table-es_AR.js` locale.
1134- Fix #88: Add `bootstrap-table-fr_BE.js` locale.
1135- Fix #85: Select row and add row class.
1136- Add `halign` column option.
1138### 1.2.1
1140- Fix #56: Pagination issue in bootstrap 2.3.
1141- Fix #76: After refreshing table data, search no longer works.
1142- Fix #77: After searching and then clearing the search field, table is no longer sortable.
1143- Add `sortable` option, `false` to disable sortable of all columns.
1144- Support localization for docs.
1146### 1.2.0
1148- Fix bootstrap 2 table border bug.
1149- Fix loading and not found record display bug.
1150- Rename `minimumCountColumns`.
1151- Fix sort order bug.
1153### 1.1.5
1155- Fix the bottom border bug on Chrome.
1156- Add horizontal scroll for support.
1157- Fix scroll header width error.
1158- Add `showRefresh` and `showToggle` options.
1160### 1.1.4
1162- Fix `destroy` method bug.
1163- Initialize table data from HTML.
1164- Fix the hidden table reset header bug.
1166### 1.1.3
1168- Add `events` column option.
1169- Add `checkboxHeader` option.
1170- Add `queryParamsType` option.
1171- Fix ie class bug, and fix duplicated data error.
1173### 1.1.2
1175- Add switchable column option.
1176- Add `data-toggle` attribute.
1177- Add support for number search.
1178- Use html function instead of text in header th.
1180### 1.1.1
1182- Remove `bootstrapVersion` option.
1183- Add `data-page-list` attribute.
1184- Fix search data error.
1185- Non case sensitive search in client side.
1186- Added support for Danish translation.
1188### 1.1.0
1190- Fix old firefox browser display error.
1191- Add minimumCountColumns option.
1192- Update the table body header implementation and resetView method.
1193- Remove bootstrapVersion option.
1194- Fix search data error.
1196### 1.0.6
1198- Add jQuery events.
1199- Add `onDblClickRow` event and `onAll` event.
1200- Add `singleSelect` option.
1201- Search improve: add a timeout and trigger the search event when the text has changed to improve the search.
1202- Scroll to top after data loaded.
1203- Add `toolbar` option.
1204- Add `rowStyle` option.
1205- Add `bootstrapVersion` option.
1207### 1.0.5
1209- Update the pagination list position.
1210- Update `queryParams` option.
1211- Add `contentType` and `onBeforeLoad` options.
1212- Add server side pagination(`pageSize, pageNumber, searchText, sortName, sortOrder`).
1214- Add `refresh` method.
1215- Add `index` argument in `formatter` function.
1216- Update card view display.
1218### 1.0.4
1220- Add `showLoading` and `hideLoading` methods.
1221- Add `onLoadSuccess` and `onLoadError` events.
1222- Add `clickToSelect` option.
1223- Add `cardView` option.
1224- Add loading with `formatLoadingMessage` function.
1225- Add `idField` option.
1227### 1.0.3
1229- Update fixed headers.
1230- Add zh-TW locale file.
1231- Add `showColumns` option and `visible` column option.
1232- Update `hideHeader` option to `showHeader`.
1233- Add `formatNoMatches` locale function.
1234- Add table events.
1236### 1.0.2
1238- Add i18n support.
1239- Add `selectItemName` option.
1240- Update the `pageList` default.
1241- Add `search` option.
1242- Add `destroy` method.
1243- Add page list support.
1245### 1.0.1
1247- Add `pagination` support.
1249### 1.0.0
1251- Initial release