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1# Changelog
3## [1.9.0] - 2023-04-11
5* Support for generalized inline event handling via the new [`hx-on`](/attributes/hx-on) attribute, which addresses
6 the shortcoming of limited [`onevent` properties](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Events/Event_handlers#using_onevent_properties) attributes in HTML.
7* Support for [view transitions](/docs#view-transitions), based on the experimental [View Transitions API](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/View_Transitions_API)
8 currently available in Chrome 111+ and coming to other browsers soon.
9* Support for "naked" [`hx-trigger`](/attributes/hx-trigger) attributes, where an `hx-trigger` is present on an element
10 that does not have an `hx-get`, etc. defined on it. Instead, it will trigger the new `htmx:triggered` event, which can
11 be responded to via your [preferred scripting solution](/docs#scripting).
12* A memory leak fix by [@croxton](https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/commit/8cd3a480a7388877628ce8b9b8e50cd5df48bb81)
13* The htmx website has been migrated from 11ty to [zola](https://www.getzola.org/) by [@danieljsummers](https://github.com/danieljsummers), cutting
14 way down on the number of "development" javascript dependencies
15* Many other smaller bug fixes
17## [1.8.6] - 2023-03-02
19* ESM support!
20* Sass has been vanquished from the htmx.org website, which should set us up for some good progress going forward
21* Fixed a bug where the `changed` modifier on `keyup` did not work properly if an input was tabbed into
22* Many other smaller bug fixes and doc fixes
24## [1.8.5] - 2023-01-17
26* Support a new optional cache-busting configuration option, `getCacheBusterParam`, to allow browsers to disambiguate
27 between `GET` requests from htmx and from the raw browser
28* Support new `hx-history='false'` attribute, to prevent sensitive data from being stored in the history cache. (Thank you @croxton!)
29* Extensive new event-oriented features are available in the [Web Socket](/extensions/web-sockets/) extension (Thank you @Renerick!)
30* A bug fix for when a form contains multiple empty input values with the same name (Thank you @bluekeyes!)
31* A bug fix around inputs that throw exceptions when calling `setSelectionRange()` (Thank you @gone!)
32* A bug fix to pass through the proper event for the `htmx:configRequest` event
33* A bug fix/improvement for the `preload` extension
34* Many other small bug fixes
36## [1.8.4] - 2022-11-05
38* Fix the _exact same_ regression in `revealed` logic as in 1.8.2
40## [1.8.3] - 2022-11-04
42* A new [`htmx:confirm` event](/events#htmx:confirm) was added that allows for asynchronous confirmation dialogs to
43 be integrated into htmx requests
44* The new [head-support](/extensions/head-support) extension allows for more elaborate head tag merging than standard htmx
45 supports. This functionality may be integrated into htmx 2.0, depending on feedback.
46* The new [multi-swap](/extensions/multi-swap) provides more elaborate swapping of multiple elements on a screen using
47 a custom swap strategy
48* Many doc fixes (thank you to everyone who contributed!)
50## [1.8.2] - 2022-10-12
52* Fix regression in `revealed` logic
54## [1.8.1] - 2022-10-11
56* We now keep a count of outstanding requests for an indicator, so more than one overlapping request can share the same
57 indicator without issues
58* We now track the attribute state of an element and re-initialize it if `htmx.process()` is called on the element and
59 the attributes have changed
60* [Idiomorph](https://github.com/bigskysoftware/idiomorph) is now available for all your morph-swapping needs
61* The `unset` directive now works properly for `hx-vals` and `hx-vars`
62* The title of the page is now properly set on a history cache miss
63* The new [`hx-validate`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-validate) attribute will force elements to validate before a request, even if
64 they are not within a form being submitted
65* Many smaller bug and docs fixes
67## [1.8.0] - 2022-7-12
69* **NOTE**: This release involved some changes to touchy code (e.g. history support) so please test thoroughly and let
70 us know if you see any issues
71* Boosted forms now will automatically push URLs into history as with links. The [response URL](https://caniuse.com/mdn-api_xmlhttprequest_responseurl)
72 detection API support is good enough that we feel comfortable making this the default now.
73 * If you do not want this behavior you can add `hx-push-url='false'` to your boosted forms
74* The [`hx-replace-url`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-replace-url) attribute was introduced, allowing you to replace
75 the current URL in history (to complement `hx-push-url`)
76* Bug fix - if htmx is included in a page more than once, we do not process elements multiple times
77* Bug fix - When localStorage is not available we do not attempt to save history in it
78* [Bug fix](https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/issues/908) - `hx-boost` respects the `enctype` attribute
79* `m` is now a valid timing modifier (e.g. `hx-trigger="every 2m"`)
80* `next` and `previous` are now valid extended query selector modifiers, e.g. `hx-target="next div"` will target the
81 next div from the current element
82* Bug fix - `hx-boost` will boost anchor tags with a `_self` target
83* The `load` event now properly supports event filters
84* The websocket extension has had many improvements: (A huge thank you to Denis Palashevskii, our newest committer on the project!)
85 * Implement proper `hx-trigger` support
86 * Expose trigger handling API to extensions
87 * Implement safe message sending with sending queue
88 * Fix `ws-send` attributes connecting in new elements
89 * Fix OOB swapping of multiple elements in response
90* The `HX-Location` response header now implements client-side redirects entirely within htmx
91* The `HX-Reswap` response header allows you to change the swap behavior of htmx
92* The new [`hx-select-oob`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-select-oob) attribute selects one or more elements from a server response to swap in via an out of band swap
93* The new [`hx-replace-url`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-replace-url) attribute can be used to replace the current URL in the location
94 bar (very similar to `hx-push-url` but no new history entry is created). The corresponding `HX-Replace-Url` response header can be used as well.
95* htmx now properly handles anchors in both boosted links, as well as in `hx-get`, etc. attributes
97## [1.7.0] - 2022-02-22
99* The new [`hx-sync`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-sync) attribute allows you to synchronize multiple element requests on a single
100 element using various strategies (e.g. replace)
101 * You can also now abort an element making a request by sending it the `htmx:abort` event
102* [Server Sent Events](/extensions/server-sent-events) and [Web Sockets](/extensions/web-sockets) are now available as
103 extensions, in addition to the normal core support. In htmx 2.0, the current `hx-sse` and `hx-ws` attributes will be
104 moved entirely out to these new extensions. By moving these features to extensions we will be able to add functionality
105 to both of them without compromising the core file size of htmx. You are encouraged to move over to the new
106 extensions, but `hx-sse` and `hx-ws` will continue to work indefinitely in htmx 1.x.
107* You can now mask out [attribute inheritance](/docs#inheritance) via the [`hx-disinherit`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-disinherit) attribute.
108* The `HX-Push` header can now have the `false` value, which will prevent a history snapshot from occuring.
109* Many new extensions, with a big thanks to all the contributors!
110 * A new [`alpine-morph`](/extensions/alpine-morph) allows you to use Alpine's swapping engine, which preserves Alpine
111 * A [restored](/extensions/restored) extension was added that will trigger a `restore` event on all elements in the DOM
112 on history restoration.
113 * A [loading-states](/extensions/loading-states) extension was added that allows you to easily manage loading states
114 while a request is in flight, including disabling elements, and adding and removing CSS classes.
115* The `this` symbol now resolves properly for the [`hx-include`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-include) and [`hx-indicator`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-indicator)
116 attributes
117* When an object is included via the [`hx-vals`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-vals) attribute, it will be converted to JSON (rather
118 than rendering as the string `[Object object]"`)
119* You can now pass a swap style in to the `htmx.ajax()` function call.
120* Poll events now contain a `target` attribute, allowing you to filter a poll on the element that is polling.
121* Two new Out Of Band-related events were added: `htmx:oobBeforeSwap` & `htmx:oobAfterSwap`
123## [1.6.1] - 2021-11-22
125* A new `HX-Retarget` header allows you to change the default target of returned content
126* The `htmx:beforeSwap` event now includes another configurable property: `detail.isError` which can
127 be used to indicate if a given response should be treated as an error or not
128* The `htmx:afterRequest` event has two new detail properties: `success` and `failed`, allowing you to write
129 trigger filters in htmx or hyperscript:
130 ```applescript
131 on htmx:afterRequest[failed]
132 set #myCheckbox's checked to true
133 ```
134* Fixed the `from:` option in [`hx-trigger`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-trigger) to support `closest <CSS selector>`
135 and `find <CSS selector>` forms
136* Don't boost anchor tags with an explicit `target` set
137* Don't cancel all events on boosted elements, only the events that naturally trigger them (click for anchors, submit
138 for forms)
139* Persist revealed state in the DOM so that on history navigation, revealed elements are not re-requested
140* Process all [`hx-ext`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-ext) attributes, even if no other htmx attribute is on the element
141* Snapshot the current URL on load so that history support works properly after a page refresh occurs
142* Many, many documentation updates (thank you to all the contributors!)
145## [1.6.0] - 2021-10-01
147* Completely reworked `<script>` tag support that now supports the `<script src="...'/>` form
148* You can now use the value `unset` to clear a property that would normally be inherited (e.g. hx-confirm)
149* The `htmx-added` class is added to new content before a swap and removed after the settle phase, which allows you
150 more flexibility in writing CSS transitions for added content (rather than relying on the target, as with `htmx-settling`)
151* The `htmx:beforeSwap` event has been updated to allow you to [configure swapping](https://htmx.org/docs/#modifying_swapping_behavior_with_events)
152 behavior
153* Improved `<title>` extraction support
154* You can listen to events on the `window` object using the `from:` modifier in `hx-trigger`
155* The `root` option of the `intersect` event was fixed
156* Boosted forms respect the `enctype` declaration
157* The `HX-Boosted` header will be sent on requests from boosted elements
158* Promises are not returned from the main ajax function unless it is an api call (i.e. `htmx.ajax`)
160## [1.5.0] - 2021-7-12
162* Support tracking of button clicked during a form submission
163* Conditional polling via the [hx-trigger](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-trigger) attribute
164* `document` is now a valid pseudo-selector on the [hx-trigger](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-trigger) `from:` argument, allowing you
165 to listen for events on the document.
166* Added the [hx-request](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-request) attribute, allowing you to configure the following aspects of the request
167 * `timeout` - the timeout of the request
168 * `credentials` - if the request will send credentials
169 * `noHeaders` - strips all headers from the request
170* Along with the above attribute, you can configure the default values for each of these via the corresponding `htmx.config`
171 properties (e.g. `htmx.config.timeout`)
172* Both the `scroll` and `show` options on [hx-swap](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-swap) now support extended syntax for selecting the
173 element to scroll or to show, including the pseudo-selectors `window:top` and `window:bottom`.
175## [1.4.1] - 2021-6-1
177* typo fix
179## [1.4.0] - 2021-5-25
181* Added the `queue` option to the [hx-trigger](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-trigger) attribute, allowing you to specify how events
182 should be queued when they are received with a request in flight
183* The `htmx.config.useTemplateFragments` option was added, allowing you to use HTML template tags for parsing content
184 from the server. This allows you to use Out of Band content when returning things like table rows, but it is not
185 IE11 compatible.
186* The `defaultSettleDelay` was dropped to 20ms from 100ms
187* Introduced a new synthetic event, [intersect](https://htmx.org/docs#pecial-events) that allows you to trigger when an item is scrolled into view
188 as specified by the `IntersectionObserver` API
189* Fixed timing issue that caused exceptions in the `reveal` logic when scrolling at incredible speeds - <https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/issues/463>
190* Fixed bug causing SVG titles to be incorrectly used as page title - <https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/issues/459>
191* Boosted forms that issue a GET will now push the URL by default - <https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/issues/485>
192* Better dispatch of request events when an element is removed from the DOM
193* Fixed a bug causing `hx-prompt` to fail
194* The `htmx.config.withCredentials` option was added, to send credentials with ajax requests (default is `false`)
195* The `throttle` option on `hx-trigger` does not delay the initial request any longer
196* The `meta` key is ignored on boosted links
197* `<script>` tags are now evaluated in the global scope
198* `hx-swap` now supports the `none` option
199* Safari text selection bug - <https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/issues/438>
201## [1.3.3] - 2021-4-5
203* Added the [`hx-disabled`](https://htmx.org/docs#security) attribute to allow htmx to be turned off for parts of the DOM
204* SSE now uses a full-jitter exponential backoff algorithm on reconnection, using the `htmx.config.wsReconnectDelay`
205 setting
207## [1.3.2] - 2021-3-9
209* Bug fixes
211## [1.3.1] - 2021-3-9
213* IE11 fixes
215## [1.3.0] - 2021-3-6
217* Support a `target` modifier on `hx-trigger` to filter based on the element targeted by an event. This allows
218 lazy binding to that target selector.
219* Events are no longer consumed by the first element that might handle them, unless the `consume` keyword is
220 added to the `hx-trigger` specification
221* Added the `htmx:beforeSend` event, fired just before an ajax request begins
222* SSE swaps are properly settled
223* Fixed bug that was improperly cancelling all clicks on anchors
224* `htmx.ajax()` now returns a promise
226## [1.2.1] - 2021-2-19
228* Fixed an issue with the history cache, where the cache was getting blown out after the first navigation backwards
229* Added the `htmx.config.refreshOnHistoryMiss` option, allowing users to trigger a full page refresh on history cache miss
230 rather than issuing an AJAX request
232## [1.2.0] - 2021-2-13
234### New Features
236* `hx-vars` has been deprecated in favor of `hx-vals`
237* `hx-vals` now supports a `javascript:` prefix to achieve the behavior that `hx-vars` provided
238* The new `hx-headers` attribute allows you to add headers to a request via an attribute. Like `hx-vals` it supports
239 JSON or javascript via the `javascript:` prefix
240* `hx-include` will now include all inputs under an element, even if that element is not a form tag
241* The [preload extension](https://htmx.org/extensions/preload/) now offers a `preload-images="true"` attribute that will aggressively load images in preloaded content
242* On requests driven by a history cache miss, the new `HX-History-Restore-Request` header is included so that the server
243 can differentiate between history requests and normal requests
245### Improvements & Bug fixes
247* Improved handling of precedence of input values to favor the enclosing form (see [here](https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/commit/a10e43d619dc340aa324d37772c06a69a2f47ec9))
248* Moved event filtering logic *after* `preventDefault` so filtering still allows events to be properly handled
249* No longer trigger after swap events on elements that have been removed via an `outerHTML` swap
250* Properly remove event handlers added to other elements when an element is removed from the DOM
251* Handle the `scroll:` modifier in `hx-swap` properly when an `outerHTML` swap occurs
252* Lots of docs fixes
254## [1.1.0] - 2021-1-6
256* Newly added [preload extension](https://htmx.org/extensions/preload/) allows you to preload resources for lower
257 latency requests!
258* Support the `ignore:` modifier for extensions
259* Updated form variable order inclusion to include the enclosing form *last* so that, in the presence of multiple
260 values, the most relevant value is the most likely to be selected by the server
261* Support for the [`htmx.ajax()`](https://dev.htmx.org/api/#ajax) javascript function, to issue an htmx-style ajax
262 request from javascript
263* Removed the following htmx request headers for better cache behavior: `HX-Event-Target`, `HX-Active-Element`,
264 `HX-Active-Element-Name`, `HX-Active-Element-Value`
265* Added the [`hx-preserve`](https://dev.htmx.org/attributes/hx-preserve) attribute, which allows
266 you to preserve elements across requests (for example, to keep a video element playing properly)
267* The [path-deps](https://dev.htmx.org/extensions/path-deps/#refresh) now surfaces a small api
268 for refreshing path dependencies manually in javascript
269* Now support the `from:` clause on [`hx-trigger`](https://dev.htmx.org/attributes/hx-trigger) to
270 allow an element to respond to events on other elements.
271* Added the `htmx:beforeProcessNode` event, renamed the (previously undocumented) `htmx:processedNode` to `htmx:afterProcessNode`
272* Added `closest` syntax support for the [`hx-indicator`](https://dev.htmx.org/attributes/hx-indicator) attribute
273* Added `on load` support for the newest version of [hyperscript](https://hyperscript.org)
274* Added the `htmx.config.allowEval` configuration value, for CSP compatibility
275* Bug fixes & improvements
277## [1.0.2] - 2020-12-12
279* Extend all API methods to take a string selector as well as an element
280* Out of band swap elements need not be top level now
281* [`hx-swap-oob`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-swap-oob) now can accept a CSS selector to retarget with
283## [1.0.1] - 2020-12-04
285* AJAX file upload now correctly fires events, allowing for [a proper progress bar](https://htmx.org/examples/file-upload)
286* htmx api functions that expect an element now can accept a string selector instead:
287 ```js
288 htmx.on('#form', 'htmx:xhr:progress', function(evt) {
289 htmx.find('#progress').setAttribute('value', evt.detail.loaded/evt.detail.total * 100)
290 });
291 ```
292* htmx now properly handles the `multiple` attribute on `<select>` elements
294## [1.0.0] - 2020-11-24
296* Bumped the release version :)
298## [0.4.1] - 2020-11-23
300* Fixed bug with title tag support when title tag contained HTML entities
301* Pass properties for the `loadstart`, `loadend`, `progress`, `abort` events through properly to the htmx equivalents
303## [0.4.0] - 2020-11-16
305* Now support the `HX-Redirect` and `HX-Refresh` response headers for redirecting client side and triggering a page refresh, respectively
306* `hx-vars` now overrides input values
307* `<title>` tags in responses will be used to update page titles
308* All uses of `eval()` have been removed in favor of `Function`
309* [`hx-vals`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-vals) is available as a safe alternative to `hx-vars`. It uses `JSON.parse()` rather than evaluation, if you wish to safely pass user-provided values through to htmx.
311## [0.3.0] - 2020-10-27
313* `hx-trigger` parsing has been rewritten and now supports [trigger filters](https://htmx.org/docs/#trigger-filters) to filter
314 events based on arbitrary javascript expressions
315* htmx now supports two additional response headers `HX-Trigger-After-Swap` and `HX-Trigger-After-Settle` allowing
316 an event to be triggered after a given life cycle event (instead of before the swap)
317* The `requestConfig` is now passed out to events surrounding the AJAX life cycle
318* htmx now evaluates `<script>` tags as javascript when no language is defined on them
319* A new [`event-header`](https://htmx.org/extensions/event-header) extension, which will include a serialized JSON representation of the triggering event in requests
321## [0.2.0] - 2020-9-30
323* AJAX file upload [support](https://htmx.org/docs#files)
324* The HTML validation API is [respected](https://htmx.org/docs#validation)
326## [0.1.0] - 2020-9-18
328* *BREAKING CHANGE*: The SSE attribute [`hx-sse`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-sse/) and the Web Sockets attribute [`hx-ws`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-ws) have changed syntax to now use colon separators: `hx-sse='connect:/chat swap:message'`
329* The SSE attribute [`hx-sse`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-sse/) allows for swapping content directly on an event, in addition to triggering an htmx element,
330with the new `swap:<event name>` syntax.
331* [`hx-target`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-target) now supports a `find` syntax to find elements below the element by a CSS selector
332* htmx plays better with deferred loading and many package managers
333* All htmx events are dispatched in both camelCase as well as kebab-case, for better compatibility with AlpineJS and other frameworks. (e.g. `htmx:afterOnLoad` will also be triggered as
335* [hypeerscript](https://hyperscript.org) is now initialized independently of htmx
337## [0.0.8] - 2020-7-8
339* The `view` modifier on `hx-swap` has been renamed to `show`: `hx-swap='innerHTML show:top'`
341## [0.0.7] - 2020-6-30
343* The [`hx-swap`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-swap) attribute now supports two new modifiers:
344 * `scroll` - allows you to scroll the target to the `top` or `bottom`
345 * `view` - allows you to scroll the `top` or `bottom` of the target into view
346* The [`hx-push-url`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-push-url) attribute now can optionally take a URL to push, in addition to `true` and `false`
347* Added the [`hx-vars`](https://htmx.org/attributes/hx-vars) attribute that allows you to dynamically add to the parameters that will be submitted with a request
349## [0.0.6] - 2020-6-20
351* Custom request/response headers no longer start with the `X-` prefix, which is no longer recommended
352* empty verb attributes are now allowed and follow the anchor tag semantics (e.g. `<div hx-get></div>`)
353* nunjuks inline rendering is now supported in the `client-side-templates` extension
354* the new `ajax-header` extension includes the `X-Requested-With` header
355* bad JSON is now handled more gracefully
356* `hx-swap="none"` will cause no swap to take place <https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/issues/89>
357* `hx-trigger` now supports a `throttle` modifier <https://github.com/bigskysoftware/htmx/issues/88>
358* the focused element is preserved if possible after a replacement
359* perf improvements for large DOM trees with sparse `hx-` annotations
361## [0.0.4] - 2020-5-24
363* Extension mechanism added
364* SSE support added
365* WebSocket support added
367## [0.0.3] - 2020-5-17
369* Renamed to htmx
370* A bug fix for the `hx-prompt` attribute
371* A bug fix for multiple `hx-swap-oob` attributes
372* Moved the default CSS indicator injection into its own sheet to avoid breaking
373* Added the `htmx.config.includeIndicatorStyles` configuration option so people can opt out of injecting the indicator CSS
376## [0.0.1] - 2020-5-15
378* Initial release (originally named kutty)
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