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1# Contributing
3## How can I contribute?
4- Fix a bug you found or already reported on the [GitHub Issues Tracker](https://github.com/techlab/jquery-smarttab/issues/).
5- Add new features to the project.
6- Create new themes
7- Add new test cases.
8- Add documentation.
9- Add a demo page.
10- [Donate](https://www.paypal.me/dipuraj) money for the project on [![Paypal](https://img.shields.io/badge/PayPal-dipuraj-blue.svg)](https://www.paypal.me/dipuraj)
12## How to contribute code?
13Here are the basic steps to get started contributing code:
151. Fork the [repo](https://github.com/techlab/jquery-smarttab/) and get development running on your computer.
162. Install gulp and karma `npm install gulp-cli karma-cli -g`
173. Install the npm development dependencies by the command `npm install` on the project folder (Should have NodeJS installed).
184. Replicate the issue you're trying to fix or spec out the feature you're trying to add.
195. Run `gulp watch` before start changing code. It will auto build and bundle the `.js` and `.css` files when you change.
206. Change the code to fix the bug or add the feature. All changes should happen in the relevant `src/js/*.js` and `src/css/*.css` files.
217. Build the code by running `npm run build` or `gulp build`.
228. Run the test cases by running `npm test` or `gulp test`, you can also add more test cases based on your new change.
239. Verify that your fix or feature works.
2410. Commit your changes with an informative description.
2511. Open a pull request to the [dev](https://github.com/techlab/jquery-smarttab/tree/dev) branch of the [repo](https://github.com/techlab/jquery-smarttab/) with your new commit and a descriptive message about what the PR does.
27Thank you for your contribution!
29##### Notes for pull request
30- Follow the same code style as the library.
31- Run the test suites in the `test` directory first by running `npm test` or `gulp test`.
32- Don't modify any files in the `dist` directory.
33- Don't alter the licence headers.
35## Reporting bugs
36#### Make sure it is a bug related to this project
37Before reporting the bug, please make sure that the bug is in the project and not from your own code or any other library used.
39#### Try the latest version
40Bugs in the older versions of the project may have already been fixed.
41In order to avoid reporting known issues, make sure you are always testing against the latest release.
42Also make sure the problem hasn't already been reported on the [GitHub Issues Tracker](https://github.com/techlab/jquery-smarttab/issues/).
43If not, create a new issue there and include your test case.
45## Contributors
46Million thanks to all our [Code Contributors](https://github.com/techlab/jquery-smarttab/graphs/contributors) and Supporters.