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2 * Utility module to work with strings.
3 *
4 * @module string
5 */
6export const fromCharCode: (...codes: number[]) => string;
7export const fromCodePoint: (...codePoints: number[]) => string;
9 * The largest utf16 character.
10 * Corresponds to Uint8Array([255, 255]) or charcodeof(2x2^8)
11 */
12export const MAX_UTF16_CHARACTER: string;
13export function trimLeft(s: string): string;
14export function fromCamelCase(s: string, separator: string): string;
15export function utf8ByteLength(str: string): number;
16export function _encodeUtf8Polyfill(str: string): Uint8Array;
17export const utf8TextEncoder: TextEncoder;
18export function _encodeUtf8Native(str: string): Uint8Array;
19export function encodeUtf8(str: string): Uint8Array;
20export function _decodeUtf8Polyfill(buf: Uint8Array): string;
21export let utf8TextDecoder: TextDecoder | null;
22export function _decodeUtf8Native(buf: Uint8Array): string;
23export function decodeUtf8(buf: Uint8Array): string;
24export function splice(str: string, index: number, remove: number, insert?: string): string;
25export function repeat(source: string, n: number): string;
26//# sourceMappingURL=string.d.ts.map
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