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1{"version":3,"file":"popover.directive.d.ts","sources":["popover.directive.d.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":"AAAA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;;;AACA","sourcesContent":["import { ElementRef, EventEmitter, OnDestroy, OnInit, Renderer2, TemplateRef, ViewContainerRef } from '@angular/core';\nimport { PopoverConfig } from './popover.config';\nimport { ComponentLoaderFactory } from 'ngx-bootstrap/component-loader';\nimport { PositioningService, AvailbleBSPositions } from 'ngx-bootstrap/positioning';\n/**\n * A lightweight, extensible directive for fancy popover creation.\n */\nexport declare class PopoverDirective implements OnInit, OnDestroy {\n private _elementRef;\n private _renderer;\n private _positionService;\n /** unique id popover - use for aria-describedby */\n popoverId: number;\n /** sets disable adaptive position */\n adaptivePosition: boolean;\n /**\n * Content to be displayed as popover.\n */\n popover?: string | TemplateRef<any>;\n /**\n * Context to be used if popover is a template.\n */\n popoverContext: any;\n /**\n * Title of a popover.\n */\n popoverTitle?: string;\n /**\n * Placement of a popover. Accepts: \"top\", \"bottom\", \"left\", \"right\"\n */\n placement: AvailbleBSPositions;\n /**\n * Close popover on outside click\n */\n outsideClick: boolean;\n /**\n * Specifies events that should trigger. Supports a space separated list of\n * event names.\n */\n triggers: string;\n /**\n * A selector specifying the element the popover should be appended to.\n */\n container?: string;\n /**\n * Css class for popover container\n */\n containerClass: string;\n /**\n * Returns whether or not the popover is currently being shown\n */\n get isOpen(): boolean;\n set isOpen(value: boolean);\n /**\n * Delay before showing the tooltip\n */\n delay: number;\n /**\n * Emits an event when the popover is shown\n */\n onShown: EventEmitter<unknown>;\n /**\n * Emits an event when the popover is hidden\n */\n onHidden: EventEmitter<unknown>;\n protected _popoverCancelShowFn?: () => void;\n protected _delayTimeoutId?: number;\n private _popover;\n private _isInited;\n private _ariaDescribedby?;\n constructor(_config: PopoverConfig, _elementRef: ElementRef, _renderer: Renderer2, _viewContainerRef: ViewContainerRef, cis: ComponentLoaderFactory, _positionService: PositioningService);\n /**\n * Set attribute aria-describedBy for element directive and\n * set id for the popover\n */\n setAriaDescribedBy(): void;\n /**\n * Opens an element’s popover. This is considered a “manual” triggering of\n * the popover.\n */\n show(): void;\n /**\n * Closes an element’s popover. This is considered a “manual” triggering of\n * the popover.\n */\n hide(): void;\n /**\n * Toggles an element’s popover. This is considered a “manual” triggering of\n * the popover.\n */\n toggle(): void;\n ngOnInit(): void;\n ngOnDestroy(): void;\n}\n"]}
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