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1{"version":3,"file":"sortable.component.d.ts","sources":["sortable.component.d.ts"],"names":[],"mappings":"AAAA;AACA;AACA;AACA;;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;;;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA;AACA","sourcesContent":["import { EventEmitter, TemplateRef } from '@angular/core';\nimport { ControlValueAccessor } from '@angular/forms';\nimport { DraggableItem } from './draggable-item';\nimport { DraggableItemService } from './draggable-item.service';\nexport declare class SortableComponent implements ControlValueAccessor {\n private static globalZoneIndex;\n /** field name if input array consists of objects */\n fieldName?: string;\n /** class name for items wrapper */\n wrapperClass: string;\n /** style object for items wrapper */\n wrapperStyle: Record<string, string>;\n /** class name for item */\n itemClass: string;\n /** style object for item */\n itemStyle: Record<string, string>;\n /** class name for active item */\n itemActiveClass: string;\n /** style object for active item */\n itemActiveStyle: Record<string, string>;\n /** class name for placeholder */\n placeholderClass: string;\n /** style object for placeholder */\n placeholderStyle: Record<string, string>;\n /** placeholder item which will be shown if collection is empty */\n placeholderItem: string;\n /** used to specify a custom item template. Template variables: item and index; */\n itemTemplate?: TemplateRef<unknown>;\n /** fired on array change (reordering, insert, remove), same as <code>ngModelChange</code>.\n * Returns new items collection as a payload.\n */\n onChange: EventEmitter<unknown[]>;\n showPlaceholder: boolean;\n activeItem: number;\n get items(): SortableItem[];\n set items(value: SortableItem[]);\n onTouched: any;\n onChanged: any;\n private transfer;\n private currentZoneIndex;\n private _items;\n constructor(transfer: DraggableItemService);\n onItemDragstart(event: DragEvent, item: SortableItem, i: number): void;\n onItemDragover(event: DragEvent, i: number): void;\n cancelEvent(event?: DragEvent | MouseEvent): void;\n onDrop(item: DraggableItem): void;\n resetActiveItem(event?: DragEvent | MouseEvent): void;\n registerOnChange(callback: () => void): void;\n registerOnTouched(callback: () => void): void;\n writeValue(value: any[]): void;\n updatePlaceholderState(): void;\n getItemStyle(isActive: boolean): Record<string, string>;\n private initDragstartEvent;\n}\nexport declare interface SortableItem {\n id: number;\n value: string;\n initData: any;\n}\n"]}
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