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5# Release process
7When releasing a new version of the library, make sure to follow these steps:
9Pre-release recommendations:
11* Make sure to check if there are any styling or code errors by running lint tools defined in package.json
13Release steps:
151. Make sure the tests pass for your branch in CI
161. Merge your branch to main
171. Determine the next version of the library by following the [SemVer](https://semver.org/) guidelines
181. Update version in package.json
191. Compile the latest version (details how to run command are in the package.json)
201. Make sure the tests pass locally (details how to run them in the package.json)
211. Update CHANGELOG.md with the latest release details
221. Compile the docs (details in the package.json - unless it's a very small change)
231. Push the changes to Github and wait for tests to pass in CI
241. Push the changes to NPM with `npm publish`
251. Update any related content in the [Github wiki](https://github.com/ActiveCampaign/postmark.js/wiki)
261. Add release version in the [Github releases](https://github.com/ActiveCampaign/postmark.js/releases) so it has a tag.