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1# [Prism](https://prismjs.com/)
3[![Build Status](https://github.com/PrismJS/prism/workflows/CI/badge.svg)](https://github.com/PrismJS/prism/actions)
6Prism is a lightweight, robust, and elegant syntax highlighting library. It's a spin-off project from [Dabblet](https://dabblet.com/).
8You can learn more on [prismjs.com](https://prismjs.com/).
10[Why another syntax highlighter?](https://lea.verou.me/2012/07/introducing-prism-an-awesome-new-syntax-highlighter/#more-1841)
12[More themes for Prism!](https://github.com/PrismJS/prism-themes)
14## Contribute to Prism!
16### **Important Notice**
18We are currently working on [Prism v2](https://github.com/PrismJS/prism/discussions/3531) and will only accept security-relevant PRs for the time being.
20Once work on Prism v2 is sufficiently advanced, we will accept PRs again. This will be announced on our [Discussion](https://github.com/PrismJS/prism/discussions) page and mentioned in the [roadmap discussion](https://github.com/PrismJS/prism/discussions/3531).
23<summary>Prism v1 contributing notes</summary>
25Prism depends on community contributions to expand and cover a wider array of use cases. If you like it, consider giving back by sending a pull request. Here are a few tips:
27- Read the [documentation](https://prismjs.com/extending.html). Prism was designed to be extensible.
28- Do not edit `prism.js`, it’s just the version of Prism used by the Prism website and is built automatically. Limit your changes to the unminified files in the `components/` folder. `prism.js` and all minified files are generated by our build system (see below).
29- Use `npm ci` to install Prism's dependencies. Do not use `npm install` because it will cause non-deterministic builds.
30- The build system uses [gulp](https://github.com/gulpjs/gulp) to minify the files and build `prism.js`. With all of Prism's dependencies installed, you just need to run the command `npm run build`.
31- Please follow the code conventions used in the files already. For example, I use [tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment](http://lea.verou.me/2012/01/why-tabs-are-clearly-superior/). Opening braces are on the same line, closing braces on their own line regardless of construct. There is a space before the opening brace. etc etc.
32- Please try to err towards more smaller PRs rather than a few huge PRs. If a PR includes changes that I want to merge and also changes that I don't, handling it becomes difficult.
33- My time is very limited these days, so it might take a long time to review bigger PRs (small ones are usually merged very quickly), especially those modifying the Prism Core. This doesn't mean your PR is rejected.
34- If you contribute a new language definition, you will be responsible for handling bug reports about that language definition.
35- If you [add a new language definition](https://prismjs.com/extending.html#creating-a-new-language-definition) or plugin, you need to add it to `components.json` as well and rebuild Prism by running `npm run build`, so that it becomes available to the download build page. For new languages, please also add a few [tests](https://prismjs.com/test-suite.html) and an example in the `examples/` folder.
36- Go to [prism-themes](https://github.com/PrismJS/prism-themes) if you want to add a new theme.
38Thank you so much for contributing!!
40### Software requirements
42Prism will run on [almost any browser](https://prismjs.com/#features-full) and Node.js version but you need the following software to contribute:
44- Node.js >= 10.x
45- npm >= 6.x
49## Translations
51* [简体中文](https://www.awesomes.cn/repo/PrismJS/prism) (if unavailable, see [here](https://deepmind.t-salon.cc/article/113))