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1import * as path from 'path';
2export declare const home: string;
3export { path };
5 * easier to use version of path.join()
6 * flattens args so you can pass things in like join(['foo', 'bar']) or join('foo', 'bar')
7 * the point of this is to make it so all the different qqjs tools can take in arrays as arguments to be joined
8 * defaults to process.cwd()
9 */
10export declare function join(filepath?: string | string[]): string;
11export declare function join(...filepath: string[]): string;
13 * cd into a directory
14 */
15export declare function cd(filepaths: string | string[]): void;
16export declare function pushd(filepaths: string | string[]): void;
17export declare function popd(): void;
18export declare function cwd(): string;