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1import { OperatorFunction, ObservedValueOf, ObservableInput } from '../types';
2/** @deprecated Will be removed in v9. Use {@link mergeMap} instead: `mergeMap(() => result)` */
3export declare function mergeMapTo<O extends ObservableInput<unknown>>(innerObservable: O, concurrent?: number): OperatorFunction<unknown, ObservedValueOf<O>>;
5 * @deprecated The `resultSelector` parameter will be removed in v8. Use an inner `map` instead.
6 * Details: https://rxjs.dev/deprecations/resultSelector
7 */
8export declare function mergeMapTo<T, R, O extends ObservableInput<unknown>>(innerObservable: O, resultSelector: (outerValue: T, innerValue: ObservedValueOf<O>, outerIndex: number, innerIndex: number) => R, concurrent?: number): OperatorFunction<T, R>;
9//# sourceMappingURL=mergeMapTo.d.ts.map
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