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1import { Tree } from '@angular-devkit/schematics';
2import { WorkspaceProject } from '../angular';
3import { typescript } from '../cdk';
4/** Reads file given path and returns TypeScript source file. */
5export declare function getSourceFile(host: Tree, path: string): typescript.SourceFile;
6/** Import and add module to root app module. */
7export declare function addModuleImportToRootModule(host: Tree, moduleName: string, src: string, project: WorkspaceProject): void;
9 * Import and add module to specific module path.
10 * @param host the tree we are updating
11 * @param modulePath src location of the module to import
12 * @param moduleName name of module to import
13 * @param src src location to import
14 */
15export declare function addModuleImportToModule(host: Tree, modulePath: string, moduleName: string, src: string): void;