1.8 kBJavaScriptView Raw
2 * Swiper 11.1.4
3 * Most modern mobile touch slider and framework with hardware accelerated transitions
4 * https://swiperjs.com
5 *
6 * Copyright 2014-2024 Vladimir Kharlampidi
7 *
8 * Released under the MIT License
9 *
10 * Released on: May 30, 2024
11 */
13import { S as Swiper } from './shared/swiper-core.mjs';
14import Virtual from './modules/virtual.mjs';
15import Keyboard from './modules/keyboard.mjs';
16import Mousewheel from './modules/mousewheel.mjs';
17import Navigation from './modules/navigation.mjs';
18import Pagination from './modules/pagination.mjs';
19import Scrollbar from './modules/scrollbar.mjs';
20import Parallax from './modules/parallax.mjs';
21import Zoom from './modules/zoom.mjs';
22import Controller from './modules/controller.mjs';
23import A11y from './modules/a11y.mjs';
24import History from './modules/history.mjs';
25import HashNavigation from './modules/hash-navigation.mjs';
26import Autoplay from './modules/autoplay.mjs';
27import Thumb from './modules/thumbs.mjs';
28import freeMode from './modules/free-mode.mjs';
29import Grid from './modules/grid.mjs';
30import Manipulation from './modules/manipulation.mjs';
31import EffectFade from './modules/effect-fade.mjs';
32import EffectCube from './modules/effect-cube.mjs';
33import EffectFlip from './modules/effect-flip.mjs';
34import EffectCoverflow from './modules/effect-coverflow.mjs';
35import EffectCreative from './modules/effect-creative.mjs';
36import EffectCards from './modules/effect-cards.mjs';
38// Swiper Class
39const modules = [Virtual, Keyboard, Mousewheel, Navigation, Pagination, Scrollbar, Parallax, Zoom, Controller, A11y, History, HashNavigation, Autoplay, Thumb, freeMode, Grid, Manipulation, EffectFade, EffectCube, EffectFlip, EffectCoverflow, EffectCreative, EffectCards];
42export { Swiper, Swiper as default };