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1{"version":3,"file":null,"sources":["../node_modules/throttleit/index.js"],"sourcesContent":["module.exports = throttle;\n\n/**\n * Returns a new function that, when invoked, invokes `func` at most once per `wait` milliseconds.\n *\n * @param {Function} func Function to wrap.\n * @param {Number} wait Number of milliseconds that must elapse between `func` invocations.\n * @return {Function} A new function that wraps the `func` function passed in.\n */\n\nfunction throttle (func, wait) {\n var ctx, args, rtn, timeoutID; // caching\n var last = 0;\n\n return function throttled () {\n ctx = this;\n args = arguments;\n var delta = new Date() - last;\n if (!timeoutID)\n if (delta >= wait) call();\n else timeoutID = setTimeout(call, wait - delta);\n return rtn;\n };\n\n function call () {\n timeoutID = 0;\n last = +new Date();\n rtn = func.apply(ctx, args);\n ctx = null;\n args = null;\n }\n}\n"],"names":[],"mappings":"mXAAA"}
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