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1import { ExpoConfig } from '@expo/config';
2export declare function isDebug(): boolean;
3export declare function isStaging(): boolean;
4export declare function isLocal(): boolean;
5export declare function getFeatureGateOverrides(): {
6 enable: string[];
7 disable: string[];
9export declare function isInterstitiaLPageEnabled(): boolean;
10export declare function maySkipManifestValidation(): boolean;
12 * Returns true if we should use Metro using its JS APIs via @expo/dev-server (the modern and fast
13 * way), false if we should fall back to spawning it as a subprocess (supported for backwards
14 * compatibility with SDK39 and older).
15 */
16export declare function shouldUseDevServer(exp: Pick<ExpoConfig, 'sdkVersion'>): boolean;
17export declare function shouldEnableAnalytics(): boolean;