CrossBrowdy ============ by [Joan Alba Maldonado]( "Joan Alba Maldonado's home page") (joanalbamaldonadoNO_SPAM_PLEASE AT gmail DOT com, without NO_SPAM_PLEASE) Your cross-browser brodie! [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy web site") is a Multimedia JavaScript framework that can be used to create real cross-platform and hybrid game engines, games, emulators, multimedia libraries and apps. It is compatible with web browsers, desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices (phones, tablets), desktop and handheld video game consoles, TV sets, smart watches, embedded devices and many others. It is open source and free. Main web site: []( "CrossBrowdy web site") # About & FAQ Visit the [About & FAQ section]( "About & FAQ") to know more about [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy web site"). # Download To include it in your project and start using it, the most common way to download [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy web site") for production is through the [Download section]( "Download CrossBrowdy") from the official web site. You can also download [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy web site") from [the GitHub repository]( "CrossBrowdy's GitHub repository") directly. Just download the whole content of the **[dist/](** folder. Alternatively, from the command line (shell), you can also use one of the following commands to download [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy web site") while you are in your project folder: ## Using **[Yarn]( "CrossBrowdy's Yarn package")**: ``` yarn add crossbrowdy ``` ## Using **[npm]( "CrossBrowdy's npm package")**: ``` npm i crossbrowdy ``` ## Using **pnpm**: ``` pnpm i crossbrowdy ``` ## Using **Bower**: ``` bower install jalbam/crossbrowdy --save ``` **Note**: [Yarn]( "CrossBrowdy's Yarn package"), [npm]( "CrossBrowdy's npm package"), pnpm and Bower will also download the [API documentation]( "CrossBrowdy API documentation"). # Hotlinking Instead of downloading CrossBrowdy, you can [hotlink]( it by directly pointing to a version available online. For instance this way you will be pointing to the last version: ```html ``` You can find a list of some [CDN providers]( in the [Download section]( "CDN providers for CrossBrowdy") of the official web site. Thanks to them, you will be able to always use the last up-to-date version or even to point to a specific version you may prefer. Have in mind that including the CrossBrowdy main file from a [CDN provider]( should never be done for production. This [hotlinking method]( can be useful just for testing purposes. Some features might not work properly using this way and availability cannot be always guaranteed. # Getting started Just include the main JavaScript file, which is called _CrossBrowdy.js_, in your HTML file. The recommended place to include this main JavaScript file is inside the head section (inside the [<head> tag]( of the document. ## Here you have a simple example: ```html My first CrossBrowdy project! ``` Visit the [Getting started topic]( "Getting started with CrossBrowdy") from the [Basic tutorial]( "CrossBrowdy's Basic tutorial") to learn more. # Usage Visit the [Guides & Tutorials section]( "Guides & Tutorials for CrossBrowdy") to get all the information you may need. # Learn Check the [Basic tutorial]( "CrossBrowdy's Basic tutorial") to learn how to use it. # Examples Check the [Examples section]( "CrossBrowdy examples") to see some live examples and learn through their code. # API documentation For more technical documentation, visit the [API documentation section]( "CrossBrowdy API documentation"). There is also a [structure diagram]( that can be useful to get an abstract idea about the logic structure used by [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy web site"). # News Visit the [News section]( "CrossBrowdy News") to keep up to date. # Help Check ["_I still have a problem, doubt or suggestion. What can I do?_"]( # Community & Get Involved Visit the [Community & Get Involved section]( "Community & Get Involved") to access the [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy web site") community through different ways and also to get involved and contribute with its development. Please, before contributing, do not forget to read first the [code of conduct]( and [contributing]( documents. # Credits CrossBrowdy project was created by [Joan Alba Maldonado (aka Juan Alba Maldonado)]( "Joan Alba Maldonado's home page"). It also uses some external libraries and "third-party" code. The name of these libraries and the name of the authors of these libraries and that other code can be found in the source code as well as in the splash screen (if it was no disabled) and in the console when CrossBrowdy is loading. As this information may vary with each version, it is not included here. # License The content from the [API documentation]( "CrossBrowdy API documentation"), the content from the [official web site]( "CrossBrowdy web site"), including tutorials, examples, etc. created by [Joan Alba Maldonado (aka Juan Alba Maldonado)]( "Joan Alba Maldonado's home page") is licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license]( (SPDX short identifier: "_CC BY 4.0_"). The code written by [Joan Alba Maldonado (aka Juan Alba Maldonado)]( "Joan Alba Maldonado's home page"), which genuinely belongs to the [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy project") project, is licensed under the [2-Clause BSD License]( (aka "_Simplified BSD License_" or "_FreeBSD License_", SPDX short identifier: "_BSD-2-Clause_"). Apart from that, it is important to have into account that [CrossBrowdy]( "CrossBrowdy web site") uses some external libraries and some code which may have their own license each. It is important to respect each license properly as the responsibility will always lie with you. See more at ["_What is the CrossBrowdy's copyright and license?_"](