[![npm][npm]][npm-url] [![node][node]][node-url] [![chat][chat]][chat-url] [![size][size]][size-url] # html5-entry-webpack-plugin The `html5-entry-webpack-plugin` allows using an HTML file as an entry module. It looks for resources in the file and includes them properly. ## Getting Started To begin, you'll need to install `html5-entry-webpack-plugin`: ```sh npm install html5-entry-webpack-plugin --save-dev ``` Use an HTML file with all the necessary references: **index.html** ```html My App
``` The references to the files `index.tsx` and `style.scss` will be resolved, handled, and replaced with their outputs. Then add the plugin to your `webpack` config. For example: **webpack.config.js** ```js const { resolve } = require('path'); const { Html5EntryWebpackPlugin } = require('html5-entry-webpack-plugin'); module.exports = { entry: { main: resolve(__dirname, 'src/index.html'), }, plugins: [new Html5EntryWebpackPlugin()], }; ``` And run `webpack` via your preferred method. This will emit `index.html` as a file along the other files, script and style bundles. ## Options (No options yet.) ## Contributing Contributions in any form are appreciated and much welcome! Just make sure to post an issue or reach out to me on [Gitter](https://gitter.im/piral-io/community) before starting actual work on anything. It really helps to avoid problems. ## License This plugin is released using the MIT license. [npm]: https://img.shields.io/npm/v/html5-entry-webpack-plugin.svg [npm-url]: https://npmjs.com/package/html5-entry-webpack-plugin [node]: https://img.shields.io/node/v/html5-entry-webpack-plugin.svg [node-url]: https://nodejs.org [chat]: https://img.shields.io/badge/gitter-piral.io%2Fcommunity-brightgreen.svg [chat-url]: https://gitter.im/piral-io/community [size]: https://packagephobia.now.sh/badge?p=html5-entry-webpack-plugin [size-url]: https://packagephobia.now.sh/result?p=html5-entry-webpack-plugin