graph LR; alert`xss`-->B; click B "javaSc ript:alert`salt`" "This is a tooltip for a link"
graph LR; alert`xss`-->B; click B "java script:alert`xss`" "This is a tooltip for a link"
graph LR; alert`base64`-->B; click B ""
graph TD A["If bold then xssChristmas"] -->|Get If bold then xss money| B(Go If bold then xss shopping) B --> C{Let me thinksssss
sssssssssssssssssssssssssss} C -->|One| D[Laptop] C -->|Two| E[iPhone] C -->|Three| F[Car]
graph TB subgraph "If bold then xss" a1-->a2 end
graph TD A[Click on] -->|Get happines| BBBB(Clickable) BBBB --> C{Let me think} C -->|One| D[Laptop] C -->|Two| E[iPhone] C -->|Three| F[Car] click A "http://localhost:9000/index.html#link-clicked" "link test" click BBBB testClick "click test" click C "javascript:alert" "link test" classDef someclass fill:#f96; class A someclass;
graph LR; alert`md5_salt`-->B; click alert`md5_salt` eval "Tooltip for a callback" click B "javascript:alert`salt`" "This is a tooltip for a link"
gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD axisFormat %d/%m title Adding GANTT diagram to mermaid excludes weekdays 2014-01-10 section A section Completed task :done, des1, 2014-01-06,2014-01-08 Active task :active, des2, 2014-01-09, 3d Future task : des3, after des2, 5d Future task2 : des4, after des3, 5d section Critical tasks Completed task in the critical line :crit, done, 2014-01-06,24h Implement parser and jison :crit, done, after des1, 2d Create tests for parser :crit, active, 3d Future task in critical line :crit, 5d Create tests for renderer :2d Add to mermaid :1d section Documentation Describe gantt syntax :active, a1, after des1, 3d Add gantt diagram to demo page :after a1 , 20h Add another diagram to demo page :doc1, after a1 , 48h section Clickable Visit mermaidjs :active, cl1, 2014-01-07,2014-01-10 Calling a Callback (look at the console log) :cl2, after cl1, 3d click cl1 href "javascript:alert`salt`" click cl2 call ganttTestClick("test", test, test) section Last section Describe gantt syntax :after doc1, 3d Add gantt diagram to demo page : 20h Add another diagram to demo page : 48h
sequenceDiagram participant "Alice" participant Bob participant John as John
Second Line Alice ->> Bob: Hello Bob, how are you? Bob-->>John: How about you If bold then xssJohn? Bob--x Alice: I am good thanks! Bob-x John: I am good thanks! Note right of John: Bob thinks a long
long time, so long
that the text does
not fit on a row. Bob-->Alice: Checking with John... alt either this Alice->>John: Yes else or this Alice->>John: No else or this will happen Alice->John: Maybe end par this happens in parallel Alice -->> Bob: Parallel message 1 and Alice -->> John: Parallel message 2 end
classDiagram Class01 <|-- AveryLongClass : CoIf bold then xssol Class03 "0" *-- "0..n" Class04 Class05 "1" o-- "many" Class06 Class07 .. Class08 Class09 "many" --> "1" C2 : Where am i? Class09 "0" --* "1..n" C3 Class09 --|> Class07 Class07 : equals() Class07 : Object[] elementData Class01 : size() Class01 : int chimp Class01 : int gorilla Class08 <--> C2: Cool label
graph LR SavePropertyController --> SavePropertyCommand SavePropertyCommand --> SavePropertyCommandHandler SavePropertyCommandHandler --> EventElastica[elastica.postupdate] SavePropertyCommandHandler --> EventProperty[property.postdisable] SavePropertyController --> Exceptions Exceptions --> ExceptionList(SecurityException
Throwable) classDef Ui fill:#FFFFFF classDef object fill:#1E98EC classDef event fill:#ECB11E class EventElastica,EventProperty event class SavePropertyCommand,SavePropertyCommandHandler object class SavePropertyController Ui