A collection of node modules for The Really Project

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Hello, World!

`; ``` ```sh $ node -r esm index.js # Run script with `esm` to transpile ES Modules on the fly. ``` ## Available modules * [calendar] - Minimal module to compute a calendar * [deep-clone] - Simple and fast deep cloning * [delay-until] - A typical delay function but Promise based * [fetch-as] - Simple fetch helper with type resolver * [lit-ntml] - Expressive HTML Templates * [normalize-diacritics] - Remove accents/ diacritics in string * [polling-observer] - A new way of running polling function with observer pattern * [scryptify] - A stronger encryption and decryption in Node.js * [signatur] - Sign and unsign HTTP request with ease * [utc-date] - Generate UTC date with various offsets * [utc-time] - Generate UTC time with various offsets ## Deno equivalent Showing some ❤️ and support for [deno]. * [deno_mod] ## License [MIT License]( © Rong Sen Ng [typescript-url]: [nodejs-url]: [npm-url]: [node-releases-url]: [deno]: [deno_mod]: [esm]: [ES Modules]: [calendar]: /src/calendar [deep-clone]: /src/deep-clone [delay-until]: /src/delay-until [fetch-as]: /src/fetch-as [lit-ntml]: /src/lit-ntml [normalize-diacritics]: /src/normalize-diacritics [polling-observer]: /src/polling-observer [scryptify]: /src/scryptify [signatur]: /src/signatur [utc-date]: /src/utc-date [utc-time]: /src/utc-time [tippin-me-badge]: [follow-me-badge]: [version-badge]: [node-version-badge]: [mit-license-badge]: [downloads-badge]: [total-downloads-badge]: [packagephobia-badge]: [bundlephobia-badge]: [ga-badge]: [codecov-badge]: [coc-badge]: [tippin-me-url]: [follow-me-url]: [version-url]: [node-version-url]: [mit-license-url]: [downloads-url]: [packagephobia-url]: [bundlephobia-url]: [ga-url]: [codecov-url]: [coc-url]: