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Interface TextDocumentDecoration

A text document decoration changes the appearance of a range in the document and/or adds other content to it.




Optional after

Content to display after the range.

Optional backgroundColor

backgroundColor: undefined | string

The CSS background-color property value for the line.

Optional border

border: undefined | string

The CSS border property value for the line.

Optional borderColor

borderColor: undefined | string

The CSS border-color property value for the line.

Optional borderWidth

borderWidth: undefined | string

The CSS border-width property value for the line.

Optional dark

Overwrite style for dark themes.

Optional isWholeLine

isWholeLine: undefined | false | true

If true, the decoration applies to all lines in the range (inclusive), even if not all characters on the line are included.

Optional light

Overwrite style for light themes.


range: Range

The range that the decoration applies to. Currently, decorations are only applied only on the start line, and the entire line. Multiline and intra-line ranges are not supported.

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