Type alias TokenAllowanceRequest

TokenAllowanceRequest: {
    chainId: ChainId;
    accountAddress: Web3Address;
    tokenAddress?: Web3Address;
    fromToken: Web3Address;
    toToken: Web3Address;
    tokenId?: string;

Type declaration

  • chainId: ChainId
  • accountAddress: Web3Address
  • Optional tokenAddress?: Web3Address

    Alias for fromToken. This will be deprecated in the future: use fromToken.


    in favor of fromToken. This parameter will be removed in the future, please migrate.

  • fromToken: Web3Address

    Address of fromToken, the token you wish to zap with.

  • toToken: Web3Address

    Address of toToken, the token you wish to zap into.

  • Optional tokenId?: string

    ERC-721 tokenId.

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