Type alias QuoteRequest

QuoteRequest: {
    fromChainId: ChainId;
    fromToken: Web3Address;
    toChainId: ChainId;
    toToken: Web3Address;
    amount?: string;
    user?: Web3Address;
    slippagePercentage?: number;
    recipient?: Web3Address;
    varsOverride?: Record<string, number | string | unknown>;
    partner?: Web3Address;
    lowerTick?: Web3Address;
    upperTick?: Web3Address;
    tokenId?: string;
    gaslessType?: GaslessType;
    providers?: Providers[];

Type declaration

  • fromChainId: ChainId

    ChainId of fromToken. See https://chainlist.org/.

  • fromToken: Web3Address

    Address of fromToken, the token you wish to zap with.

  • toChainId: ChainId

    ChainId of the to_token. See https://chainlist.org/.

  • toToken: Web3Address

    Address of the to token.

  • Optional amount?: string

    Amount of the fromToken to spend on the user's behalf.

  • Optional user?: Web3Address

    Address of user placing the order. Required to receive a valid unsigned tx.

  • Optional slippagePercentage?: number

    The maximum acceptable slippage of the to_token amount. A number between 0 and 1. E.g.: 0.01 for 1% slippage tolerance.



  • Optional recipient?: Web3Address

    Address of where the zapped funds should be sent after the order executes.

  • Optional varsOverride?: Record<string, number | string | unknown>
  • Optional partner?: Web3Address

    Address of partner referring the user.

  • Optional lowerTick?: Web3Address

    For Uniswap V3 zaps.

  • Optional upperTick?: Web3Address

    For Uniswap V3 zaps.

  • Optional tokenId?: string

    ERC-721 tokenId.

  • Optional gaslessType?: GaslessType

    Gas-less type of transaction

  • Optional providers?: Providers[]

    Specific swap providers

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